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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - PLAYED

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Astrology, 255:Mary." The life of the third divine aspect played then upon the ocean of quiescent matter andAstrology, 323:the reaction to sensitive emotion-feeling has played an active and an educational part in theAutobiography, 2:to the U.S.A.) was extended opportunity. I have played many parts in my life. I was an unhappy,Autobiography, 59:piece of work" - a bad soldier and a bad man. I played [60] checkers with him night after nightAutobiography, 65:and racing; they drank a lot of liquor; they played cards and - worse than all - they never saidAutobiography, 67:up the dances and arranged the theatricals; he played cards and I knew that he drank an inordinateAutobiography, 76:Atkins resents his portrayal of them. [76] I played thousands of games of checkers (draughts, as weAutobiography, 76:not to hear so as not to have to interfere. I played hymns on the harmonium for hours and these IAutobiography, 138:and no care to make me anxious. So, whilst they played, I would sit on the porch in one or other ofBethlehem, 53:of the Vision. The Plan and the part to be played by the initiate are shown to him, and he knowsBethlehem, 67:When the turning of the great wheel of life has played its part, then Mary can come out of Galilee,Bethlehem, 80:achievement that our own individual part to be played eventually and inevitably has been forgotten.Bethlehem, 153:render clear the circumstances in which they played their part? A study of their names and theBethlehem, 179:of importance for us is what part Christ really played as the World Savior, and what constitutedBethlehem, 217:be accorded. But when life experience has played its part, we have again the "babe in Christ,"Destiny, 24:level of the people (the ignorant masses) is played upon by these energies and men become victimsDiscipleship1, 199:As I review my day, what part has illumination played? How do I define the phrase "light of theDiscipleship1, 369:ground for later building, he slept and ate and played upon the outer plain. And yet at every hour,Discipleship1, 399:the soul? As I review my day, what part has joy played? How do I define the word joy? Have I beenDiscipleship1, 431:this day, what part has divine indifference played in it? Have I spoken from the angle of aDiscipleship1, 444:As I review today, what part has observation played? How do I define the word "observation"?Discipleship1, 625:only love reveals the Plan and the part to be played in it by souls at any given time and place. IDiscipleship2, 359:usually is quite satisfied with the part he has played in the various processes, and regards hisDiscipleship2, 626:work - of discovery and of differentiation has played its part in teaching us the lesson ofDiscipleship2, 699:rhythm; choose only the best music, such as that played by the great symphony orchestras. GodDiscipleship2, 727:your group brothers and my Ashram are pledged, played no part in your planning. You have beenEducation, 84:earliest days, the recognition of a part to be played and a responsibility to be assumed and thatExternalisation, 28:ideas in the past came into being and played their part in leading the race onward might beExternalisation, 159:the Christ came into touch and Whose influence played through Him at the time that He earned theExternalisation, 183:gone. Political regimes and religious forms have played their part, have persisted or disappeared.Externalisation, 607:His part in the great drama which is there being played. This time, He will play His part, not inFire, 383:the "seven parts" (as Shakespeare phrases it) as played by the midget, man. In a root-race aFire, 715:forced initiation. A third type of electricity played its part in bringing about this event, and itFire, 834:of the solar Logos is realized, then the place played by the solar Angels may become somewhatFire, 862:energy moves violently. Astral substance is played upon by two counter streams of force: first, theHealing, 289:and the glandular [289] or endocrine system have played tentatively with the subject. The field ofHercules, 4:endeavor to show how he, in his twelve labors, played the part of the aspirant upon the Path ofHercules, 16:Teacher, and watched his antics and his joy. He played before the gods, and showed his prowess,Hercules, 183:passed into Pisces, the fishes. The forces that played upon our planet at that time brought intoInitiation, 100:and a more pointed reference to the parts played by such during the ceremony. At this stage theInitiation, 120:sense of occult sight - of [120] the part he has played and has to play in the plan, and later ofIntellect, 32:motive of life. Hitherto it has not yet played that part. Yet this precisely is all-important forIntellect, 149:reason - the search for truth - apparently played a [150] part in preparation for their finalIntellect, 183:understanding of the part that intellection has played, the words of St. Paul take on a newIntellect, 231:opened within itself receptivity to power which played upon its unfulfilments, arousing secretMagic, 101:understanding of the individual part to be played in the working out of the plan and in theMagic, 406:out of activity, little groups of men emerged, played their part in group formation, andMagic, 408:centuries, group after group has appeared and played its part, and we today reap the benefit ofMagic, 408:one cultural and the other political, also played their parts, the one producing the RenaissanceMagic, 412:sixteenth century, these external groups have played their part and performed most notable service.Magic, 459:and the formula aspect of the great work has played its part. It will be seen how this work isMeditation, 235:in meditation. Early in evolution these forces played through and on the bodies of a man withMeditation, 335:The use of colored lights. These lights are played on the body of the disciple and effect aProblems, 19:in the past have warranted this charge. She has played "power politics" and has become expert inProblems, 57:earliest days, the recognition of a part to be played and a responsibility to be assumed. EducationProblems, 76:and of others, and the American Civil War all played their part in forcing the issue of the commonProblems, 105:ancient people who for thousands of years have played their part in the arena of world history andProblems, 111:more years of education, study and travel have played their part, the problem of Africa will becomeProblems, 160:way into the minds of men. Worship also has played its part and has attempted to organize groups ofPsychology1leans upon the former, makes it play, As that played off the first: and, tending up, Holds, isPsychology1, 244:kingdom, and in the understanding of the part played therein by those miraculously developedPsychology1, 370:as the Cosmic Rays (discovered by Millikan) played definitely upon our planet, and at that time thePsychology2, 76:which we call Death. But when life has played its part and age has taken its toll of interests andPsychology2, 557:in the unfolding picture. He simply looked on, played his little part, ate, reproduced, reacted toRays, 141:Christ in incarnation - all these dualities have played their part. Man has passed from oneReappearance, 55:His part in the great drama which is there being played. This time, He will play His part, not inSoul, 33:or a mere passive stage upon which the drama is played. It has been defined as "all that is not theSoul, 91:leans upon the former, makes it play, As that played off the first; and, tending up, Holds, is
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