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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - PLAYS

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Astrology, 286:not know, for I have not investigated it, but it plays a very prominent part in the horoscope ofAstrology, 288:to bear upon him when the fiery triplicity plays its part and the influence ofAstrology, 350:a kingdom in nature or of a human being. Mercury plays a part in this. The Fixed Cross - bringsAstrology, 564:into power as the lesser zodiac of the year plays its part. Later, when the practical value ofAstrology, 619:is the first; and hence the place which the will plays in our human evolutionary process; HisDestiny, 129:aspire and the forces upon which astral energy plays will then be the etheric and physical forces.Discipleship1, 388:is needed the incentive of a focused will that plays its dynamic energy through the lower threefoldDiscipleship1, 675:The soul enters "the playground of the Lord" and plays thereon until he sees the star with fiveDiscipleship1, 754:activity is enhanced as the ashramic life plays upon his vehicles until in time he becomes theDiscipleship2, 329:They have also to regulate the energy which plays upon the [330] entering disciple so that it isExternalisation, 451:aims. This ignorance throughout the world plays right into the hands of the Forces of Evil and -Fire, 71:force is felt in the following way: First. It plays upon the wall of the atom as an external forceFire, 354:is the cosmic Entity in Whose scheme our Logos plays his little part? What is the nature of theFire, 356:the cells in His body conform to that Mind which plays upon them, just as man, the intelligentFire, 446:to another kingdom, the Lord of the seventh Ray plays a similar part. Herein lies the reason forFire, 493:or vibration which produces: The force which plays upon the spheroidal wall of the atom. TheFire, 508:direct result of the work of the egoic Ray as it plays upon the atom. They hold hid the memory ofFire, 512:will account for the fact that the force that plays through that cosmic heart center will be theFire, 514:close to the positive center, and the force plays through it, and passes on to the astral permanentFire, 558:desire nature becomes transmuted, the force that plays through His centers will correspondingly beFire, 592:which we are the most intimately concerned. It plays an important part in the hands of the Lords ofFire, 593:the tremendous problem of the place love plays in the evolving scheme of things as understood byFire, 622:sufficiently studied, and are: The force which plays through all the manasic permanent atoms, andFire, 623:Cosmic Astral Plane. The force from this plane plays through our systemic astral plane, the cosmicFire, 648:the Logoi, and not only in connection with man) plays so dominant a part in the stimulation ofFire, 662:his prototype, a Heavenly Man. The astral plane plays a very real part in the evolution of man,Fire, 761:Karma, or the place which antecedent action plays in producing manifestation. We can hardlyFire, 761:and the factor the indwelling consciousness plays in producing appearance through an act of will.Fire, 1071:energy. For instance, the type of energy which plays upon iron ore, or which produces tin, isFire, 1218:of [1218] consciousness and the part each unit plays in the general progress of a group. InHealing, 97:and by detailed visualization; love also plays a great part, as does the mind in the early stage.Healing, 500:the undeveloped or the average man, the soul plays a very small part in the death process, beyondInitiation, 8:evolving personality, to the planet whereon he plays his part, to the system wherein that planetInitiation, 120:the second initiation the part his egoic group plays in the general scheme is shown to him. HeInitiation, 126:is this so should the scheme in which he plays his microscopic part be the center in the LogoicIntellect, 70:procure its opening. It is here that meditation plays its part [71] and the mind steps in to fulfilIntellect, 120:is logical and correct. The part that the brain plays in the process is ably put for us in LudwigIntellect, 124:of a Life and of Deity, and in which mankind plays its part in the greater Whole. Ludwig FischerMagic, 15:and prolonged concentration or meditation) plays in relation to the individual. Through it rightMagic, 19:sensitive reaction to the world within which it plays its part. This nervous structure,Magic, 36:and differing form manifestations. The soul plays upon matter, forcing it to assume certain shapes,Magic, 238:of selfish desire. This involutionary energy plays a big part in bringing about evolution, forMagic, 260:effort and the seeming smallness of the part he plays, let him remember that there is a steadilyMagic, 321:unit, employed by an individual human being, plays in relation to the Great Whole. We have notedMagic, 435:or harmony aspect of his life, for when it plays its part and is utilized, it produces harmony withMagic, 468:The soul enters "the playground of the Lord" and plays thereon until he sees the star with fiveMagic, 525:the part that the fourth kingdom in nature plays in relation to the whole, and the purpose forMagic, 525:progressive development and the part he plays as a human unit within the ring-pass-not of the humanMagic, 556:greater spheres of existence in which our Deity plays His part, He is any more free from cosmicMeditation, 22:we touched briefly upon the part the egoic ray plays in deciding upon that method, incidentallyMeditation, 24:this point of development is reached) a light plays between the two atoms that have [25] knownMeditation, 26:It is the middle point. At this time the light plays between the three atoms (outlining theMeditation, 102:the practice of occult meditation literally "plays with fire." I wish you to emphasize thisMeditation, 143:It is here that the practice of meditation plays its part. The true scientific meditation providesMeditation, 183:value if I touched somewhat upon the part fire plays in evolution and on the various departmentsMeditation, 183:prime importance. The departments in which fire plays its part are five. Let us therefore enumerateMeditation, 232:or unimpeded by the material through which it plays. In this sentence lies the key to the solutionPatanjali, 309:the aspirant can grasp the place that desire plays in his life, when he realizes that it is hisPatanjali, 317:of the brain. Here is where the rational mind plays its part, interpreting, formulating andProblems, 113:and a brother; he should see to it that he plays his part in changing the present condition. On theProblems, 176:has vast resources in men and arms and these she plays off against the capitalistic interests. ThusPsychology1, xxv:in the particular field of phenomena in which he plays his little part. If the truth given isPsychology1, 24:have purposes and activities in which our Earth plays only a minor part. 4. The Lord of Harmony,Psychology1, 93:human being who lives and loves and works and plays and bears children and eats food and earnsPsychology1, 177:own faiths, and to the part that Christianity plays in the same great religious program. This isPsychology1, 247:therefrom the part that the Ray of Devotion plays in bringing about the urge to evolve. It isPsychology1, 268:Sex I have stated that the incoming seventh ray plays through the planetary sacral center, and thenPsychology1, 280:according to the type of substance upon which it plays. Psychology1, 406:has been achieved. The process is as follows: It plays on the astral body externally. It stimulatesPsychology2, 411:through which or among which the consciousness plays. This consciousness is, in the early stages,Psychology2, 636:They play upon the human mind as a musician plays upon his instrument, and the power of the press,Psychology2, 696:the Law of Magnetic Impulse or Polar Union which plays an active part here. This law governs theRays, 5:of the emotional or astral body and the place it plays in the student's development. It should beRays, 5:the purpose of the solar plexus, and the part it plays as an organ of transference of energy fromRays, 90:than those which emphasize the part the Christ plays in the salvaging of man. [91] It is nowRays, 232:is the same energy, but the forms upon which it plays differ so vastly that in one case theRays, 294:is undertaken and eventually produced. He thus plays his part in bringing into objectivity theRays, 384:seventh Ray of Ceremonial Order (the ray which plays so potent and mysterious a part in the phaseRays, 421:of energy meet and blend. Our Solar Logos also plays a peculiarly interesting part in theRays, 568:energy which - according to type and quality - plays upon all forms of manifested life within ourRays, 585:to his consciousness of the group in which he plays an increasingly potent part. The groupsRays, 659:but for that greater Whole in which our planet plays its little part. That moment lies ahead in theRays, 668:of the sexes and to this our novels, plays, movies and affairs of all men bear testimony.Rays, 679:public opinion, is one who also and emphatically plays on human emotions as well as upon humanRays, 708:now deal are as follows: The part which energy plays in inducing revelation. The place the WillRays, 708:plays in inducing revelation. The place the Will plays in the revelatory sequence: Revelation.Rays, 708:and the Major Initiations The Part which Energy Plays in Inducing Revelation You will get a hint asRays, 714:the Major Initiations The Place that the Will Plays in Inducing Revelation There are three wordsRays, 727:of the Black Lodge, the place which that Lodge plays within the divine scheme of being, are allSoul, 122:by the character of the soul life which plays through them, and the soul which controls andTelepathy, 19:real understanding of the part the vital body plays as the broadcaster and as the recipient ofTelepathy, 106:lower psychism, his essential humility (which plays a major part in proper understanding), and hisTelepathy, 131:Mind, as that peculiar type of divine energy plays upon and through all atoms and upon all atomicTelepathy, 195:be done, and the [195] Ashram - as an Ashram - plays little part in their thinking; they are so
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