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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - PLEDGED

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Discipleship2, 631:in all Ashrams (and mine is no exception) are pledged to the work of their Ashram, and this youDiscipleship2, 631:and intention, yet disciples are definitely pledged to certain hierarchical forms of service whichDiscipleship2, 643:One of the outstanding characteristics of the pledged disciple is that he learns to stand steadyDiscipleship2, 644:all aspirants, but in the case of those who are pledged disciples there are always two major crisesDiscipleship2, 647:soul, between the Master of my life and me, his pledged disciple." [648] On retiring, before youDiscipleship2, 684:one devotion to another, from one position of pledged fealty to another. In this life, you areDiscipleship2, 697:- L.U.T. To L. U. T. August 1942 The path of the pledged disciple is one of constant rending. TheDiscipleship2, 708:This is a major asset in your life. You are a pledged and accepted disciple, with the power of yourDiscipleship2, 725:which comes between you and the simple duty of a pledged disciple - for that you unchangeably are.Discipleship2, 725:well and which the disciples in my Ashram are pledged to materialize. It is their group duty, notDiscipleship2, 727:to which your group brothers and my Ashram are pledged, played no part in your planning. You haveDiscipleship2, 732:which is unembarrassed by ambition but which is pledged to the perfecting of each day'sDiscipleship2, 736:point out to you that changes in the life of a pledged disciple can be due to two main causes: theExternalisation, 16:Each regards their own group as specifically pledged to them and to their mode of instruction, andExternalisation, 66:not so specifically of the world aspirants and pledged workers. [69] Externalisation, 84:stand the forces of ancient origin which are pledged either to the material or the spiritualExternalisation, 143:clubs, organizations and societies which are pledged to some form of effort towards humanExternalisation, 278:which becomes in time the characteristic of the pledged disciple. The new era is coming; the newExternalisation, 312:I suggested the forming of triangles of people, pledged to use the Invocation and to extend its useExternalisation, 324:goodwill, so that an inner network of people, pledged to goodwill, to the use of the power ofExternalisation, 424:groups and of isolated workers in every nation pledged to undermine righteousness and distort theExternalisation, 434:forcing France and Great Britain to fulfil their pledged obligations to that little nation and toExternalisation, 436:high place, is only now learning to handle, as a pledged Disciple of Sanat Kumara. Externalisation, 508:four groups of angels are a band of servers, pledged to the service of the Christ, and their workExternalisation, 530:[530] accepted disciples are taking initiation, pledged disciples are being accepted, and acceptingExternalisation, 597:of His disciples and workers who are unitedly pledged with Him to Earth Service. He can onlyExternalisation, 601:men of goodwill, of welfare workers and of those pledged to international cooperation, to theFire, 360:pointed out, are reserved for those who are pledged to keep silent. But some general idea may beFire, 749:the path of misunderstanding. Until a man is a pledged initiate, he cannot comprehend the matter.Fire, 868:is a disciple, and still more until he is a pledged initiate. The reason for this is to be found inFire, 1004:the Brotherhood of Light, to initiates, and to pledged chelas, owing to the great danger involved.Fire, 1067:This involves knowledge only committed to the pledged disciple; if chance students stumble upon theFire, 1218:as their true significance is only apparent to pledged disciples. They concern primarily the astralFire, 1244:keeps a man linked to the Hierarchy which is pledged to the service of our planetary scheme. ItFire, 1258:for this mystery will only be apparent to the pledged initiate, though a clue to the secret may beFire, 1260:to the average reader, but will carry to the pledged chela the hint needed to produce illumination.Fire, 1260:square." The symbol, which is first given to the pledged disciple to study but which may, however,Glamour, 127:significance of the undertaking to which he has pledged himself. Little by little, two thingsGlamour, 136:These touch and sense the divine plan and are pledged to service, and to work for the salvation ofGlamour, 144:in connection with the work that you have pledged yourselves to do. There are many otherGlamour, 254:be confined to those aspirants who are earnestly pledged to tread the Way, but it has been passedHealing, 361:He comes and to which the attendant Hierarchy is pledged is to help Him in the "healing of theHercules, 19:to undertake the tasks to which the man has pledged himself. There has been amongst aspirants forHercules, 25:impressed upon him a sense of vocation. He was pledged to the spiritual life and nothing couldHercules, 185:of the Initiate Hercules being the initiate is pledged to do three things, which can be summed upInitiation, 71:A disciple is one who above all else, is pledged to do three things: To serve humanity. ToInitiation, 186:that keeps a man linked to the Hierarchy that is pledged to the service of our planet, and to theInitiation, 192:and strives towards discipleship is in no way pledged to the same specific attitude and disciplineMagic, 5:women who have chosen a certain way and who are pledged to "walk in the light." I seek in this bookMagic, 229:soul. One path, later on (when he is a true and pledged chela) is known to him as the left handMagic, 354:of the formless levels - a Great Brotherhood, pledged to serve humanity. Movements are being set onMagic, 402:for use in the large endeavor to which They were pledged. To train the men and women who were thenMagic, 529:the interior and exterior groups. Then he is pledged to the magical work, to the salvaging ofMagic, 617:oath of secrecy which governs automatically the pledged disciple; these oaths are given to no manPatanjali, 31:Nirvanis. They are Lords of Compassion pledged to "suffer" with, and to be governed by, certainPatanjali, 188:the Mount, and the self-disciplined Christian, pledged to purity of life and unselfish service, canPatanjali, 277:by initiates and adepts in connection with their pledged disciples. [278] Through direct knowledgePatanjali, 303:but is of profound use to the initiate or pledged disciple. Suffice it here to say that this sutraPsychology1, xvii:The formation and development of a band of pledged aspirants, trained to work together and toPsychology2, 113:group, or fusion with one's inner band of pledged disciples, nor even with one's own Ray life. AllPsychology2, 134:aware of his power and capacity, and, having pledged himself to service, he begins furiously toPsychology2, 177:effect in the life of the disciple who has been pledged and accepted. When he has establishedPsychology2, 333:at first into the spiritual ambition of the pledged disciple and finally into the expression of thePsychology2, 368:The use of these words by those who are not pledged disciples in connection with their personalityPsychology2, 648:to which the New Group of World Servers is pledged and in which we are urged to participate. ToPsychology2, 658:also of the world idealists and workers, who are pledged to the working out of some ideal whichPsychology2, 682:whose aims are the same as theirs and who are pledged to the same service and activity. The samePsychology2, 697:group or fusion with one's inner band of pledged disciples, nor even with one's own Ray life. AllPsychology2, 716:working in the groups of those Masters Who are pledged to the present experiment. It should perhapsPsychology2, 737:which the leading [737] nations of the world are pledged and for which they are ready to fight ifPsychology2, 737:by the New Group of World Servers. They are all pledged to establish the kingdom of God on earth,Psychology2, 747:us quick also to recognize our brothers who are pledged to the same life of good will and who areRays, 18:of higher rules to which groups of disciples are pledged to conform, and which they must follow andRays, 64:Upon that great demand the initiate who has pledged himself to serve the world returns into thatRays, 138:with the work [138] to be done by a group of pledged disciples and initiates; they are learningRays, 152:and evocation must take as instruments in his pledged intelligent service. The blending of the fourRays, 153:aura and later as a conscious, accepted and pledged worker in some [154] Ashram - the Ashram beingRays, 211:the probationary disciple and not to that of the pledged disciple. The spontaneously emerging groupRays, 213:of them have reached the point where they are pledged and unalterably committed to the work of theRays, 213:approach to the world of men; the neophytes - pledged and dedicated though yet without experience -Rays, 240:accepted discipleship onto the shoulders of the pledged disciple and away from the immediateRays, 297:the goals for the mystic, the aspirant and the pledged disciple. The greatest physical gift is thatRays, 312:- Destroy and Resurrect - to which he is pledged: The disciplining of his lower nature so that theRays, 677:water, or rather, fire? To what is he pledged? What is to happen within "the area of livingness" (IRays, 691:endeavor and the work to which the Masters are pledged and for which They are in constant training.Reappearance, 43:of His disciples and workers Who are unitedly pledged with Him to Earth service. He can onlyReappearance, 47:men of goodwill, of welfare workers and of those pledged to international cooperation, to theReappearance, 67:with which Christ is today faced. In these, His pledged disciples share. Their task is to developReappearance, 86:as Distributor, Nourisher and Dispenser that He pledged Himself in June, 1945, and entered upon HisReappearance, 98:and the New Group of World Servers are the pledged builders of the new civilization, the new "houseTelepathy, 18:- provided it is established within a group of pledged [19] disciples, dedicated to the service ofTelepathy, 69:will energy which could be made available by the pledged and unified Hierarchy to carry out theTelepathy, 174:purity of contact should be cultivated by the pledged disciple. There is true occult teaching in
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