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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - PLIGHT

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Astrology, 215:historical story of Christianity and the dire plight of the nations today - ostensibly ChristianDiscipleship1, 82:and a sympathetic recognition of the unhappy plight of humanity are much needed by many disciplesDiscipleship2, 180:that all men everywhere were in a similar plight and that this community of shared agony broughtDiscipleship2, 655:brother of mine; be not unduly concerned at the plight of those you love. Trust their own souls andExternalisation, 302:and the imminent and waiting possibility. The plight of vast groups of people upon the planet todayExternalisation, 367:and uncertainty are as steadily dying out. The plight of humanity everywhere, as the result of AxisExternalisation, 387:have brought the world to its present desperate plight. They know also that selfless sharing andExternalisation, 473:and the reactions of millions, whilst the plight of the unthinking but helpless masses has reachedExternalisation, 478:those individuals who [478] seek to exploit the plight of suffering humanity to their own financialGlamour, 98:and glamors of the astral plane. This is the plight of many well-meaning disciples at this time andGlamour, 100:are called the "bewilderment phase of Arjuna's plight," and to racial, national and individualGlamour, 184:then evolutionary revelation is ended and the plight of humanity is hard indeed. Even the neophyteHealing, 223:the angle of military necessity and from the plight of the civilians who find themselves in theHercules, 133:on the other hand, display indifference to his plight, and he will denounce you for being callousHercules, 145:courage and discrimination: humility, to see his plight objectively and recognize his shortcomings;Magic, 524:can be more easily contacted, whose general plight can be more specifically understood, and whoProblems, 100:have, as a people, been obedient and hence their plight in a modern world. The word "love" as itProblems, 104:restricted areas are increasing everywhere; the plight of Jewish school children in the U.S.A., forPsychology2, 590:insane or on the border line of insanity. Their plight is greatly enhanced by the lack ofReappearance, 162:theirs for more than fifteen hundred years, the plight of the Jews in Europe, the desperation of
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