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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - PLUS

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Astrology, 31:above influences, handling them constructively, plus those potent yet infinitely subtle forcesAstrology, 51:the personality aspect; their influence, plus inherited karmic conditions, produces thoseAstrology, 113:man whose progress we are studying, plus his reactions to zodiacal and planetary influences; we areAstrology, 130:divine potencies of matter and of substance, plus the force of Sagittarius driving them on to aAstrology, 138:symbol of substance and of material expression plus emotional motivation, Aquarius is consequentlyAstrology, 139:The Moon - Ray Four - The will to be and to know plus the fusion of heart and mind is the result ofAstrology, 144:urge to tread consciously the path of return, plus the longing to serve. Desire is developed andAstrology, 158:due to his fundamentally materialistic nature, plus the "blows of fate" which are the enactments ofAstrology, 162:in, the forces of Taurus, Leo and Scorpio, plus a general pervasive influence coming from Gemini.Astrology, 164:major aspect of divinity, active intelligence plus that of its subsidiary power, the fifth Ray ofAstrology, 182:spirit and matter and their interrelation, plus the [183] play of qualitative energies; they bearAstrology, 208:toward group awareness and group response, plus group service, are now taken. Such is the outcomeAstrology, 295:sensitivity to all subhuman soul expression, plus awareness (conscious or unconscious) of theAstrology, 304:the relation between four constellations, plus many human and divine quaternaries. There is againAstrology, 307:duality during the process of manifestation, plus the activity of the mediator. You have,Astrology, 323:(Mercury) and to the cosmic pull of Uranus, plus the intellect of Venus and the presentation ofAstrology, 340:the energies of the psychic nature and of form, plus the tendency to achieve through the medium ofAstrology, 436:the moment of crisis - a crisis of initiation plus a crisis of destruction (related primarily toAstrology, 437:by Mercury. It is this mental perception plus world participation in the "crumbling of the mountainAstrology, 507:or vital body, astral body and the mental body, plus a fusion with the fifth body, the personality.Astrology, 511:of illumination, and Venus, the endower of mind plus the embodied soul, are related and active inAstrology, 528:of the ray forces which are seeking expression, plus a knowledge of the personality and egoic rays.Astrology, 532:the structures of world thought, world politics, plus the redistribution of the world's resourcesAstrology, 539:present and for the achievement of human desire, plus the self-will of an evil few, who, because ofAstrology, 539:clarify the world issues in an amazing manner, plus an appreciation of the houses in which theseAstrology, 561:Here you have the triangle of manifested Monad, plus the three cycles of four energies, focused andAstrology, 563:and the five kingdoms in nature (7 + 5 = 12), plus the twelve lights of the zodiac will produce aAstrology, 581:sides in this conflict. There is, however, a plus, a something else, which swung the tide ofAstrology, 593:foreseen purpose of spirit-matter, life-form, plus that something which is the dream and goal ofAstrology, 608:called in some of the esoteric books kama-manas, plus the vital nature. These four are theAstrology, 627:primarily to the sustaining will of the Mother, plus the dynamic will of the Christ Child. HereAtom, 62:frees itself from form, and attains liberation plus [63] developed psychical quality and gradedAtom, 87:up, out of matter, of that life or spirit, plus all that has been gained through the utilization ofAtom, 130:deals with the return of spirit to its source, plus all that has been gained by the use of theAutobiography, 175:thousands of form letters which I have signed plus the letters which I have written to entireAutobiography, 190:the old editions of the Theosophical magazine, plus other esoteric papers which he had receivedAutobiography, 203:the point of view of the dangers of promiscuity plus a warning as to homosexuality, which is one ofAutobiography, 230:desire selflessly to serve one's fellowmen plus a definite sense of [231] spiritual guidance,Autobiography, 255:out by the various teachers and occult groups, plus the ridiculous claims put out by the ignorantAutobiography, 267:by the teacher, devotion to the Master, plus a fixed determination to merit the title of "disciple"Autobiography, 269:a life lived as dose to the truth as possible, plus the measure of truth which he can present toAutobiography, 276:of understanding possessed by the student, plus some basic instruction in the nature of meditation,Autobiography, 278:studied; their characteristics are investigated, plus their relation to the seven groups into whichAutobiography, 279:and sound discriminative judgment. Given these, plus a sense of humor, an open mind and noAutobiography, 282:The loving heart has always been emphasized, plus devotion, by the churches and the esotericAutobiography, 288:Imam Mahdi. The universality of this teaching, plus the general expectancy is a major argument forAutobiography, 289:had increased to forty-two known languages plus a great number of little known dialects.) In theBethlehem, 64:the ancient mythologies, for man is an animal, plus a god, and therefore a human being. Then He WhoBethlehem, 69:in Mary and Joseph, with the human unity plus the duality which are so essential to existenceBethlehem, 94:mineral - are found in man; and their synthesis, plus another factor, the divine intellect, we callBethlehem, 94:awareness - consciousness, sentiency, instinct - plus that mysterious human faculty which we callBethlehem, 95:being synthesizes in himself all that has been, plus his own peculiar constitution and qualities,Bethlehem, 157:reality. It is love and intellect combined, plus the power to know, which is inherent in the soul,Destiny, 19:being built and the Shamballa potencies, plus hierarchical guidance, are working towards ends whichDestiny, 21:between the petty concerns of the individual plus his interest in himself and the necessities andDestiny, 26:the imposed present conditions and civilization, plus the mental concern, the terror of marchingDestiny, 30:of the increasing flow of seventh ray energy plus the decreasing influence of the sixth ray - whichDestiny, 32:the sense of speed as registered by the brain, plus the capacity or incapacity of a human being toDestiny, 35:"the black forces"); the forces of spirituality plus the thought of a handful of advanced men inDestiny, 38:His close relationship with the Master Jesus), plus a first ray mind. [39] These three all embodiedDestiny, 55:faculty, expressing itself as illumination, plus the power to fuse and blend. Brazil will - at someDestiny, 75:combination of Piscean power in the Piscean Age, plus a potent Leo nature, enabled France at oneDestiny, 75:and third rays with their intellectual bias, plus the opportunity offered by Saturn, ruling Paris.Destiny, 103:of the ray forces which are seeking expression, plus a knowledge of the personality and egoic rays.Destiny, 106:the structures of world thought, world politics, plus the redistribution of the world's resourcesDestiny, 113:an intense devotion to his own particular ideal, plus the effort, fanatically, to impose hisDestiny, 118:have the appearance of alchemy in its many forms plus its search for the Philosopher's Stone andDestiny, 141:Himself. All these qualities will focus in Him, plus another quality or divine principle of whichDiscipleship1, 23:It is stable relationship, unity of thought, plus diversity of method, of effort and of functionDiscipleship1, 28:and its formulation into concepts by the mind, plus the later process of materializing that whichDiscipleship1, 70:understanding of the disease and its cause, plus the karmic status of the patient and the conditionDiscipleship1, 75:influence and understanding and your group love, plus the strength which you can each bring to theDiscipleship1, 81:personality levels and also on soul levels, plus right group impression or responsiveness to theDiscipleship1, 87:is carried out correctly and with deliberation, plus regularity, it will eventually bring about aDiscipleship1, 87:the goal and the problem of the disciple, plus the resultant effect of conscious, intelligent,Discipleship1, 89:to use the creative powers of the imagination, plus mental energy, as a measure to further the endsDiscipleship1, 93:and the presence of these capacities, plus a freedom of movement "within the bounds of theDiscipleship1, 173:[173] Go forward with courage, hope and joy, plus understanding, my brother. Train those who workDiscipleship1, 211:with the group of Masters and the Hierarchy, plus the knowledges you share with those who walkDiscipleship1, 234:of the significance of the loving heart, plus an active understanding of the significance of humanDiscipleship1, 273:this will involve right preliminary meditation, plus correct thinking; then you will find that thatDiscipleship1, 312:many years of reflection and of thought control, plus (in this life) academic training. For theDiscipleship1, 320:and intelligent consciousness with your group, plus mastering the technique of the new work whichDiscipleship1, 332:definitely - is the solution for both of you, plus a trained and cultivated self-forgetfulness. InDiscipleship1, 340:in the illumining control of the lower mind, plus normal concrete thinking. This is by no means anDiscipleship1, 395:The struggle with sickness and with fatigue, plus an equally constant urge to serve and to help,Discipleship1, 396:differing kinds, basic bad health at all times, plus the serious accident of the immediate past,Discipleship1, 403:and it is the interplay of these opposites, plus the energies released by the individual, whichDiscipleship1, 414:work, your daily life, and your home problems, plus all your life interests, with too heavy a hand.Discipleship1, 505:cause of occult truth and steadfast endeavor (plus selfless thought) are yours and these qualitiesDiscipleship1, 525:made progress and your eyes are open. Only fear, plus the deliberate refusal to take the strong andDiscipleship1, 526:your life expression on the physical plane, plus the second glamor of physical disability. UponDiscipleship1, 541:and the fulfilment of your home duties, plus your executive work in the group, your life is not yetDiscipleship1, 541:your social obligations. You lack as yet that "plus" which indicates spiritual efficiency; much ofDiscipleship1, 541:doings of some kind or another. It is that "plus" for which I am looking in you, my brother, andDiscipleship1, 550:life cycle. The way to that is through love, plus mental study of esoteric psychology which you canDiscipleship1, 560:contacts and less interest in the personality, plus less interest in your teacher, the Tibetan. I,Discipleship1, 581:you (that of expansion and inclusiveness, plus the power to synthesize and to understand) is, inDiscipleship1, 587:observation. Your first ray personality, plus your first ray mind, evokes in you a love of powerDiscipleship1, 592:from the tendency to criticize and to judge, plus a willingness to serve wherever the need is
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