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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - PLUS

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Rays, 61:is realization, plus esoteric experience, plus again an absorption into the Whole, and for all ofRays, 93:and of the Christ, representing the Hierarchy, plus the sincere demand of Humanity, will bringRays, 96:body, a sumtotal of emotional states and a mind, plus that integrated something which we call theRays, 125:and his appreciation of himself for so doing, plus a sense of superiority to those who are not soRays, 135:of life and of more correct human attitudes, plus a sounder orientation to reality. The best is yetRays, 172:with completion and with creative sharing, plus process. It is a process of participation -Rays, 173:impersonality, to group work and to realization, plus a growing absorption in the Plan are some ofRays, 187:impact of energies and forces as listed above, plus certain other energies (latent or potent) withRays, 205:is to the Planetary Logos what the personality, plus soul, is to the disciple. He is also theRays, 221:the result of group activity, focus and tension, plus the aid of the Master, brings about threeRays, 226:purpose can be used to carry out divine purpose, plus the establishing of complete identificationRays, 237:all levels of the human consciousness, plus the inspiration of disaster and suffering, are blastingRays, 254:aid the work of the New Group of World Servers, plus an attempt to recognize the members of the NewRays, 255:the structures of world thought, world politics, plus the redistribution of the world's resourcesRays, 288:by his knowledge is that of the three worlds, plus the level upon the mental plane on which hisRays, 316:and a slowly growing response to the monad, plus an unfolding sensitivity to the impact of the willRays, 380:expression. But the life of God was there, plus an inherent "urge" and a dynamic "pull." These twoRays, 383:about through the invocative spirit in man, plus the initiatory process, carried on in the AshramsRays, 391:as they may fit Him for specialized work, plus a sense of freedom hitherto unrealized. The decisionRays, 420:the will-to-love and the will-to-know, plus the other four aspects of will (A Treatise on the SevenRays, 429:coming crisis, true vision and a new freedom, plus a wider spiritual horizon may be attained. TheRays, 433:Gradually, each one of the five senses, plus the common sense (the mind), has to demonstrate theRays, 435:- these objectives, their conscious fusion, plus a recognition of the divine planes of awareness toRays, 438:to express, all that is possible as Expansion, plus an emphasis upon the dynamic life aspect, plusRays, 438:plus an emphasis upon the dynamic life aspect, plus an ability to stand immovable in pure Being.Rays, 443:invokes the energies of the mind, and the mind, plus the imagination, becomes in time a greatRays, 447:direction of the world of spiritual realities, plus certain movements of planned and carefullyRays, 467:the power to imagine and to visualize, plus a dramatic attempt to build the Lighted Way in mentalRays, 476:that high place from whence it originally came, plus the gain of experience and of full knowledge,Rays, 502:out from the twelve petals of the three tiers plus the innermost tier of the egoic lotus, and theRays, 506:of the sacrifice petals of the egoic lotus, plus its distorted shadow in the mind nature. ThisRays, 520:by the part of its relationship to the Whole, plus a constantly growing demand for increased [521]Rays, 533:of Entered Apprentice and of Fellow Craft, plus certain little-practiced degrees, as for instanceRays, 559:organized civilizations and cultural remains, plus indications of inter-world relationships ofRays, 561:soul, is the perfecting and control of the mind, plus the demonstration of love in service; theseRays, 567:under the energy impulses of Rays 7, 6, 5, 4, plus the dynamic influence of Ray I at the time ofRays, 577:spiritual energies which will dissipate glamor, plus an understanding of the technique wherebyRays, 588:of humanity. The stage wherein pure reason, plus the spiritual will, makes him an effective serverRays, 617:for the establishing of right human relations, plus the work of all the spiritually-minded peopleRays, 628:in the political and economic fields in France, plus the difficulties which they share with all theRays, 631:freedom and choice to each related Dominion, plus an equally complete and free interrelationship.Rays, 639:The great initiation of the Renunciation, plus the many smaller renunciations, is the result ofRays, 641:the line of the first Ray of Will or Power, plus two other rays, the sixth Ray of Devotion orRays, 649:physical well-being and physical comfort, plus material possessions, as the true goal of all humanRays, 650:of energy and its conscious assimilation, plus its conscious use which distinguishes the initiateRays, 653:attention of those who should enter his Ashram, plus an esoteric process of blending himself andRays, 653:His Ashram to cyclic stimulation from Shamballa, plus certain mysterious processes which haveRays, 657:and the unknown historical periods and cycles, plus a consideration of all the evidence -Rays, 662:done and the effort which such a task entails, plus the realization of the consequences initiatedRays, 679:of the national rulers which are so disastrous, plus their ambition and their hatred of trueRays, 681:intention and great power and their victims, plus the negative reactions of the remaining nations.Rays, 701:initiation, between humanity and the Hierarchy, plus the service of establishing right humanRays, 709:of his soul ray to which he can be receptive, plus as much of the energy of the personality ray asRays, 744:by powerful men or groups for their own benefit, plus the keeping of the people in blind ignoranceRays, 747:political interest of the Catholic Church, plus its gross materialism, acts as a great handicap toReappearance, 15:of divine intention or of the will of God, plus a consideration of the World situation, may leadReappearance, 34:both head and heart, intelligence and feeling, plus an intuitive perception, hitherto lacking. TheReappearance, 41:Who embodied the perfection of God Immanent, plus awareness of God Transcendent; recognition ofReappearance, 44:World, the Ancient of Days, the Father of all, plus the Creative Energies and Living Beings WhoReappearance, 55:must present its tests and major adjustments, plus painful and unavoidable experience. He does notReappearance, 55:sorrow to the Christ; it was His Own disciples, plus the massed sorrow - spread over the entireReappearance, 86:people of the world are concerned, plus the hundreds of thousands of advanced humanity, is so toReappearance, 89:and their words (spoken or written), plus their activities, produce wide effects and momentousReappearance, 99:activities which will follow His reappearance, plus the sowing of the seed, the harvest of which HeReappearance, 154:resources, and a united spiritual effort, plus a simultaneous spiritual invocation. The potency ofReappearance, 158:the part of its relationship [158] to the Whole, plus a constantly growing demand for increasedReappearance, 165:wisdom and knowledge, and a wide inclusiveness, plus the development of that state of mind whichSoul, 34:the tangible, and through the network of nerves, plus the spinal cord and brain, we become aware ofSoul, 47:is another thyroid quality. Just as the thyroid plus is more energetic, so is he more sensitive. HeSoul, 130:mechanism is determined by his endocrine system plus the nervous system, the response apparatus.Soul, 132:who have employed aspiration and emotion, plus physical means, and there are those who are moreSoul, 132:employed the reason and practiced mind control, plus stern emotional and physical control. ThroughTelepathy, 17:was the name of the recipient, plus the name or noun form of that which was the idea to beTelepathy, 34:the development of compassion and of sympathy, plus that detachment which will enable one to takeTelepathy, 65:at the present point in human evolution, quality plus activity appear to be the two lower aspectsTelepathy, 71:also the development of the abstract mind, plus the residue of mental perception which the Son ofTelepathy, 76:soul of the good, the true and the beautiful, plus that which has entered into the personalityTelepathy, 79:by two factors: Human ignorance and selfishness, plus inability to work consciously andTelepathy, 88:those of the highest astral or spiritual nature, plus the messages received from the usuallyTelepathy, 115:has to do is to develop right receptivity, plus an intuitive intelligence which will enable him toTelepathy, 119:and the working disciples of the world, plus all spiritual sensitives of a certain degree.Telepathy, 121:of progress out of that Past into the Present, plus the effort to become sensitive to the rightTelepathy, 155:body which contains the heart, throat and head, plus the lungs, from all the rest of the organs ofTelepathy, 181:and the general nature of the informing life, plus its creative ability. Much that I have given you
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