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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - POET

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Bethlehem, 30:that we must take? In the words of an unknown poet: "When thou canst see Beneath the outer seemingBethlehem, 68:to face before Him as the Initiator. The blind poet, [69] George Macdonald, sensed this when heBethlehem, 185:release of God from the cosmic crucifixion. The poet, Joseph Plunkett, makes this beautifully clearBethlehem, 244:Gita, II, 26, 29. [244] A modern Christian poet has expressed the same idea in the followingEducation, 113:It is this that has produced the writer, the poet, the artist and the architect. The urge toExternalisation, 636:evil that good is best," as your great initiate-poet has expressed it. All that the Hierarchy canFire, 380:The occult fact, as stated by the English poet Pope, "The proper study of mankind, is man," isIntellect, 69:the apparent folly and wickedness of Man. The poet, the artist, and the lover are seekers afterMagic, 110:knowledge a species of intellectual love? If a poet can pen an ode to intellectual beauty why mayPatanjali, 109:state or field. When the pure vision, as of the poet, the philosopher, the saint, fills the wholePsychology1, 207:the fourth ray man loves a tune. As a writer or poet, his work will often be brilliant and full ofPsychology1, 209:or orator. The sixth ray man will be the poet of the emotions (such as Tennyson) and the writer ofPsychology2, 246:sensed by the mystics, the seer, the inspired poet, the intuitive scientist and the occult
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