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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - POISON

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Atom, 102:signs of fatigue, and that it is possible to poison a mineral and to murder it, much as you canAutobiography, 147:and because I do not like a festering point of poison in my mind. I'm sure I am irritable and IExternalisation, 19:all groups, and enable him to eliminate the poison of intolerance which taints and hinders so many;Externalisation, 20:person, that thinks no thought which could poison or produce misunderstanding, and which does noGlamour, 152:source. Irritation definitely generates a poison which locates itself in the region of the stomachHealing, 111:in the tuning in of the individual to streams of poison emanating from world hate, or fromHealing, 632:healers is decidedly not so great; they oft also poison the channel by bitterness and constantMagic, 162:desire matter, which, failing to pass downward, poison the man on mental levels. This they do inMagic, 304:from their reactions and absorbs so much of the poison in their emotional and mental auras that heMagic, 474:thought if rendered into word produce a prison, poison all the springs of life, lead to disease,Magic, 489:can also act as a poisoning agent, and poison all the springs of life. It may not be potent enoughMagic, 489:or someone may act so potently as an irritant or poison that the entire life is spoilt, and serviceMagic, 489:cannot progress onward and is held back by the poison in his mental system. His vision becomesMagic, 489:and which have a life so powerful that they can poison him. He cannot rid himself of them no matterPsychology2, 617:here be remembered that criticism is a virulent poison. It damages in every case eventually the onePsychology2, 617:will be found the localization of the projected poison. Unvoiced criticism is very dangerous for itPsychology2, 618:can not only kill the leader through accumulated poison and distress but it can also kill the groupSoul, 46:poisoning and increasing resistance to poison. Above everything else, however, the thyroid gland is
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