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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - POLARIZATION

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Fire, 558:Man, and a planetary scheme. As His cosmic polarization becomes more mental, and as His cosmicFire, 639:transferring the point of centralization, or of polarization in the case of man into his ethericFire, 661:connected at this time owing to his astral polarization, and to the place desire and feeling playFire, 721:Logos [721] in His dense physical body, and His polarization therein. It is likewise the same for aFire, 721:occult sense of the term. It has relation to the polarization of the Logos in His astral body, andGlamour, 13:technique and meditation work is mainly one of polarization and goal. In the study of symbolsGlamour, 69:with the problems that result from mental polarization and awareness, and with the energies whichGlamour, 197:of the war will be distinguished by its mental polarization and consequent freedom from glamor;Glamour, 212:constantly to these phases in the art of polarization, if I might so call it. They must have anGlamour, 228:presumed to have acquired some measure of inner polarization and to be able to withdraw themselvesHealing, 43:mass potency, the mass emphasis, and the mass polarization. This is also augmented by energiesHealing, 50:first type because we are still Atlantean in our polarization, and that civilization was the fourthHealing, 77:of the incarnate soul, by the specific polarization of the soul in incarnation, and by the raysHealing, 116:disciple, according to his ray and his specific polarization in this incarnation. As each center isHealing, 184:relation and interrelation and their sequential polarization. He seeks not to narrow the teachingHealing, 319:based at this time on knowledge and on mental polarization, or upon an achieved continuity ofHealing, 329:is too great for effective work, owing to the polarization of humanity at this time and to the lackHealing, 404:of a powerful thought-form. It indicates polarization upon the astral plane; this is the plane uponHealing, 419:in form, and turns his attention inward. His polarization changes, and the physical is eventuallyHealing, 433:intention, plan, purpose, and fixed polarization, will clarification come. The Law of AttractionHealing, 467:those activities which produce a focusing or a polarization in one of two directions; it resemblesHealing, 486:Owing to the strongly emotional and sentient polarization of the average man, the idea has takenHealing, 512:realization in consciousness of the spiritual polarization of the planetary Life. As evolutionHealing, 551:see, intensely practical. When the personality polarization is known, two major facts emerge: theInitiation, 7:in the higher self, ego, or soul, thence to a polarization in the Monad, or Spirit, till theInitiation, 13:inner fire and the transition from one point of polarization to another, entails the realization ofInitiation, 139:vehicle, and the transference of the lower polarization into the higher. By the application of theIntellect, 135:(designed to create mental alertness and polarization) should be taken up along with the practiceMagic, 111:mystic path having the stronger drawing power. Polarization, deciding the emotional, mental orMagic, 112:Another cause of difference can be due to the polarization of the bodies. Unless this too meetsMagic, 113:matter and an astral body of fifth subplane, the polarization will be mental. When you speak of theMagic, 113:on is of importance, and the recognition of his polarization elucidates life. The third thing youMagic, 178:his willingness to be used, his positive mental polarization, and his freedom from astralism. ToMagic, 308:- Rule Ten - Astral Energy and Fear 2. Astral polarization. Just as long as a man identifiesMagic, 308:are found. Thus illusion ends. It is his astral polarization which lays a man open to his manyMagic, 310:all that remains is right orientation and polarization in the soul. We will next consider theMagic, 379:with a humanity which was in its infancy, whose polarization was most unstable, and whoseMagic, 381:of many men and their naturally physical polarization. The work of the black adepts and theMeditation, 8:vibration. It assists in a transference of polarization. [9] Let me this morning give you some moreMeditation, 9:he is polarized entirely in the lower self, that polarization being in either the emotional orMeditation, 9:of interest I would indicate: - as long as the polarization is purely [10] physical or purelyMeditation, 11:Ego. 4. It assists in the transference of the polarization from one of the permanent atoms of theMeditation, 24:permanent atom of the physical plane holds the polarization. No attention is called for from theMeditation, 24:period covers a point in development when the polarization is largely in the emotional body andMeditation, 24:in his makeup. He suffers from extremes. The polarization lies now in the emotional permanent atomMeditation, 25:plays between the two atoms that have [25] known polarization - the emotional and the physical.Meditation, 25:that the mental unit has not known the force of polarization, the emotional is holding it, and theMeditation, 25:that compose the atom which has suffered polarization are grouped in a different geometrical formMeditation, 25:is the product of emotional and physical polarization in alignment. Alignment is now easilyMeditation, 26:work has progressed from physical to emotional polarization and remains there. Not till the seventhMeditation, 26:mental atom in the body of the Logos achieve polarization. Here and there individuals are, asMeditation, 26:there is much to be done. Two atoms have felt polarization, and one is receiving the shifting. ItMeditation, 27:life and he begins to shift consciously his polarization from the personality life to the egoic. HeMeditation, 28:the Higher Self and not the Personality. The polarization shifts during the fifth period (theMeditation, 29:and the emancipation is completed. The polarization then shifts higher into the Triad - theMeditation, 29:The physical permanent atom goes and the polarization becomes higher mental; the emotionalMeditation, 29:the emotional permanent atom goes and the polarization becomes intuitional; the mental unit goesMeditation, 29:intuitional; the mental unit goes and the polarization becomes spiritual. The man then becomes aMeditation, 30:were called in and they effected the transfer of polarization from the lower atom of the Triad toMeditation, 33:adequate. This resulted eventually a shifting of polarization from the lower to the higher andMeditation, 82:- seeks to effect a change. The shifting of polarization from emotional to mental, and thence toMeditation, 84:The throat center works radiantly when the polarization is shifting from the physical atom to theMeditation, 95:point of departure for the transference of the polarization into a higher body, first the causalMeditation, 98:physical and mental bodies; it is the center of polarization for the majority of the human family;Meditation, 98:controlled from the mental plane, and when the polarization has been transferred into the mentalMeditation, 106:the line of least resistance, owing to the polarization of the race as a whole. The work,Meditation, 160:This is due to two causes, one being that our polarization as a race is not yet in the mental body.Meditation, 161:Personality becomes merged in the Ego, and the polarization shifts from the lower to the higherMeditation, 226:in an earlier letter on the transference of polarization. There is a direct correspondence between:Meditation, 259:Wisdom is One Who has effected the transfer of polarization from the three atoms of the personalMeditation, 274:to assist the pupil to effect the transfer of polarization from the lower three atoms of theMeditation, 292:intensifies his vibration, and transfers his polarization into the body egoic, even if for a briefMeditation, 332:fairly adequately. As evolution proceeds the polarization of the race changes. Men are polarizedMeditation, 335:a few years the whole physical body shifts its polarization gradually up until ultimately you willMeditation, 336:necessarily differs, owing to the change in the polarization of the race. The polarization is nowMeditation, 336:the change in the polarization of the race. The polarization is now no longer physical, but isMeditation, 338:little the building-in process proceeds, and the polarization in the emotional body graduallyMeditation, 339:Remember that the work is gradual, and as the polarization shifts up, the moment of transition fromPatanjali, 253:in the following concise terms: Meditation, Polarization in the soul or egoic consciousness,Psychology1, 232:except in so far as they serve to shift the polarization of the aspirant off the emotional plane onPsychology1, 243:center, and consequently a shift in the animal polarization and an added activity of the brain inPsychology1, 283:and secondly to the increased mental focusing or polarization of the race, which leads to sterilityPsychology1, 318:constitute the seven major centers, with the polarization shifting ever into the higher centers,Psychology1, 388:ray. The emerging control of the egoic ray. The polarization of the nation. It is useful to bear inPsychology2, 74:to what is esoterically called a "crisis of polarization". This process is in the nature of aPsychology2, 110:in form and with form, yet holding his polarization and his consciousness in another dimension, andPsychology2, 455:frequency. As the race proceeds towards a mental polarization which will be as powerful as thePsychology2, 455:which will be as powerful as the present astral polarization from which it is emerging, it will bePsychology2, 489:(firm in his aspiration but weak in his mental polarization) upon the astral plane. These coverPsychology2, 708:and those which are the result of wrong polarization? On these matters we may not here enlarge asPsychology2, 708:They are far more apt to be the result of astral polarization, of physical unwisdom andRaysand helpful in the production of the necessary polarization: The reiterated appreciation of theRays, 361:by Him, owing to His increasing monadic polarization and His contact with Shamballa. The cosmicRays, 576:has been for untold aeons the level of his major polarization and the sphere of activity and theRays, 589:so) initiates must use the mind, and that their polarization must be mental. But what does thisRays, 596:by many thousands, and the achievement of mental polarization by aspirants all the world over, areRays, 600:the moment that the disciple has achieved mental polarization (at a midway point between the secondRays, 667:When they discover those who are seeking mental polarization and who evidence a desire andTelepathy, 33:Age. As the race achieves increasingly a mental polarization through the developing attractiveTelepathy, 97:own development consciously in hand, or once the polarization of the personality is upon the mental
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