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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - POLE

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Astrology, 69:of the equinoxes, or the slow shift of the pole of the planet. To this should be added that - asAstrology, 194:are called the two Pointers. Leo to Polaris, the Pole Star, found in the Little Bear. Scorpio toAstrology, 195:stars called The Pointers; these point to the Pole star which is at this time a major "star ofAstrology, 195:of will energy: The Pointer furthest from the Pole Star in the constellation of the Great Bear.Astrology, 196:out God's purpose. The Pointer nearest to the Pole Star is expressive of a lower aspect of theAstrology, 196:to divine purpose. It is related to Polaris, the Pole Star (found in the Little Bear) and it isAstrology, 196:in the Great Bear which is the nearest to the Pole Star. Esoterically speaking, the Pole Star isAstrology, 196:to the Pole Star. Esoterically speaking, the Pole Star is regarded as the "star of reorientation"Astrology, 196:Then the energy of the Pointer furthest from the Pole Star begins to make its presence felt and aAstrology, 197:initiates) to consider the two Pointers and the Pole Star. They are mysteriously connected with theAstrology, 197:Direction - governing Shamballa. Later, another Pole Star will take the place of Polaris, owing toAstrology, 254:unfoldment. Virgo is, therefore, the opposite pole of spirit and stands for the relation of theseAstrology, 255:because she represents cosmically the negative pole to positive spirit; she is the receptive agentAstrology, 269:seven Rishis of the Great Bear and Their other pole, the seven Sisters of the Pleiades,Astrology, 270:to the seven Rishis. Provide the negative pole to the positive aspect of the seven Rishis. FuseAstrology, 275:these attributes or conditions of the feminine pole in existence (the material aspect), theAstrology, 408:and "pointed direction" of the Earth's pole has again been stabilized, the new conditioning,Astrology, 640:Great Bear. The little Bear (Ursa Minor). The Pole Star. The Pleiades. Constellation Capricorn.Astrology, 654:- The solar system. Receptive center - Pole of the central Sun. Surface radiation or emanation -Astrology, 655:- A planet. Receptive center - A planetary pole. Surface radiation or emanation - Planetary prana.Bethlehem, 153:and also "the southern quarter," the opposite pole to the north. Gold is the symbol of materialBethlehem, 153:the symbol of material welfare, and the opposite pole to spirit is matter, therefore in this nameDestiny, 36:animated by love and that of the opposite pole, the Black Lodge, working entirely [37] through mindExternalisation, 33:aspirants in their turn constitute the negative pole to the positive impression and energy of theExternalisation, 149:by matter in any way, or by substance (the lower pole of manifestation) but Who are related to theExternalisation, 149:but Who are related to the positive spiritual pole is a new activity, and as yet relatively anExternalisation, 189:rescued from Hitler's world order as much as the Pole, the Jew, the Czech or any captive nation. InFire, 60:its electrical ring-pass-not. It is the opposite pole to the solar electrical fluid, and theFire, 84:manifestation The solar system. Receptive center Pole of the central Sun. Surface radiation orFire, 84:A planet. Receptive center The planetary pole. Surface radiation or emanation Planetary prana.Fire, 85:The atomic sphere. Receptive center Pole of the atom. Surface radiation or emanation ContributionFire, 91:Sun and realize that they represent the feminine pole as they themselves represent the masculineFire, 155:to the point called in a planet the North Pole. Some idea of the intention that I seek to conveyFire, 215:atomic matter. It governs matter, the opposite pole of spirit. The second Aspect, the building, orFire, 215:is the law governing the Spirit, the opposite pole of matter. The first Aspect, or the will toFire, 223:and subjectively. We have somewhat studied that pole of manifestation called matter. The subject weFire, 232:of the Son must be felt by the opposite cosmic pole, that constellation which is our system'sFire, 243:manifestation. It does not involve entirely the pole of Spirit. It is produced by the union of theFire, 244:effort to clarify by visualization: [244] First Pole The Point of Union Second Pole First LogosFire, 244:[244] First Pole The Point of Union Second Pole First Logos Second Logos Third Logos. MahadevaFire, 248:cycling on the wheel of life, around his egoic pole. Discriminative capacity, or the power toFire, 251:a planetary scheme, and thus around His egoic pole. [252] Discriminating capacity, or the power toFire, 256:cycle, and revolves around its central solar pole. c. The solar Logos is distinguished by HisFire, 322:electrical reservoir, or merge in their opposite pole, and are consequently again lost. ThisFire, 322:of the vortices will approximate their masculine pole and eventually but one will be left. In man aFire, 323:the head center is left, for it is the positive pole to all the others. This question of theFire, 323:that the generative organs are the negative pole to the throat center as is the solar plexus to theFire, 335:in terms of fire), their opposite electrical pole through the activity of animal instinct, and byFire, 346:to reach up to heights where its opposite pole could be contacted. Animal-man aspired; SpiritFire, 405:by the attractive quality of its opposite pole, intelligent substance, to blend with it. TheFire, 498:(which is as unknown to Science as its opposite pole - homogeneous matter or substance) stops andFire, 531:spiral force from the standpoint of the atomic pole. It vibrates to five types of force. TheFire, 575:receptive, and corresponds to the feminine pole, just as the abstract rays were 2-4-6. This truthFire, 795:the system: The Great Bear. The Little Bear. The Pole Star, especially where our planet isFire, 1032:velocity upon their own axis or around their own pole. When we arrive at the plane of mind, andFire, 1044:the solar atom: 1. "The life pulsates, and the pole performs its function. The sphere revolves inFire, Chart:One such center is to be found at the North Pole, and two more are located within the planetaryFire, 1166:The Law of Economy is the basic law of one pole, that of the negative aspect; the Law of SynthesisFire, 1166:of Synthesis is the basic law of the positive pole, but the Law of Attraction is the law for theFire, 1169:of our solar system with its opposite cosmic pole, another constellation. The cosmic marriage ofFire, 1182:has a depression at what we might call its north pole. This is formed by the impact of logoicFire, 1208:positive, and the positive becomes the negative pole of a higher vibratory stage. There are,Fire, 1262:to which they respond may be regarded as the Pole Star. It should nevertheless be pointed out thatFire, 1263:school. The influence which emanates from the Pole Star and which is such a potent factor in ourFire, 1263:carries it to the multitude. This force from the Pole Star, via Aquarius, is of special power atFire, 1264:- A sense of cosmic direction. Source - The Pole Star via Aquarius. Hierarchies - The first and theGlamour, 67:ensue. [67] That which is the opposite pole of illusion is, as you well know, the intuition. TheHealing, 267:Italian, an American, a Britisher, a German or a Pole. This is not so at this time. The JewishHealing, 366:these three classes, acting as the opposite pole to the struggling masses, are the integratedHercules, 62:of going back into the world, the opposite pole of spirit. He had no sooner done so than he met theHercules, 91:famous because the brightest star in it is the pole star, the north star. In the symbolism of theseHercules, 123:of purpose." For Pisces, the opposite pole, the keynote given is courage, and the PisceanHercules, 182:We are told that about the year two thousand our pole star and another star (Vega) in the heavensMagic, 115:in a scientific sense and mean the contrasting pole that leads to equilibrium. Remember therefore,Magic, 297:activity are: Fear. Depression or its opposite pole, hilarity. Desire for the satisfaction of theMagic, 309:unrestrained merriment and which is the opposite pole of unrestrained weeping. I refer not here toPatanjali, 197:of the karmic law being to bring the opposite pole of Spirit, matter, into strict conformity withPatanjali, 234:upon the moon. 28. Concentration upon the Pole-Star will give knowledge of the orbits of thePatanjali, 303:and its Results 28. Concentration upon the Pole-Star will give knowledge of the orbits of thePatanjali, 304:of the triplicity formed by: a. The Pole Star b. Our Earth Planet, c. The Great Bear. OtherProblems, 11:is most effective in conditioning the people. A Pole, a Frenchman, an American, a Hindu, aPsychology2, 234:is his guarantee of union with the opposite pole to the personality - the Soul. Psychology2, 707:sign in the zodiac, and the shift of the earth's pole. 3. The development of the new art. This willRays, 427:A sense of cosmic direction Source The Pole Star via Aquarius Hierarchy The first and the secondRays, 488:expression of the astral body, is the opposite pole to buddhic sensitivity. The disciple hasRays, 541:and potency. The response from the opposite pole is (if the disciple could but realize it)Rays, 541:- as yet - a point of fusion with the positive pole. From that point of tension the disciple worksRays, 670:the land as regards its relation to its opposite pole - either negative and feminine or masculine
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