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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - POLES

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Astrology, 46:of this fifth group to the two contracting poles. They are the fivefold Links, the "Benign Uniters"Astrology, 270:seven Creative Hierarchies. Related as positive poles to The seven Sisters or the seven PleiadesAstrology, 353:Intermediary, carries messages between the poles with speed and light." In this most potent andAstrology, 367:exist between the two brothers, between the two poles - soul and form - and between the mortal selfAstrology, 483:appearance of Shamballa and Humanity - the two poles of divine expression - will and activity. WeAutobiography, 119:the evil criminality of the Germans or the Poles towards their Jewish citizens. I refer to allDiscipleship1, 67:as the impressing agency (thus providing the two poles between which interplay is desired), youDiscipleship1, 67:idea, playing back and forth between the two poles. You will send it out on the wings of love,Discipleship1, 117:fellow-disciple B.S.W. represent the two extreme poles in this process of theoretical recognition.Discipleship1, 723:upon the Way becomes aware of this and that. The poles appear. The two attract his daily life,Education, 92:as living energy and intelligence, are the two poles of a child's being. The task ahead of him isExternalisation, 32:to mind - Culture In these you have the two poles which distinguish the race, and it is through theExternalisation, 294:the disciple may simply swing between the two poles of his being, with no conscious effort, noFire, 83:It is connected with the location of the two poles, north and south, and is the center around whichFire, 167:the result of the bringing together of the two poles and demonstrates at the moment of completeFire, 213:one cannot, in manifestation, dissociate the two poles of Spirit and matter, so one cannot, inFire, 215:Spirit, and the gradual approximation of the two poles. It results in cohesion, in the productionFire, 227:In terms of fire, when the two electric poles are brought into definite relationship we haveFire, 227:and light are produced by the union of the two poles, or by the occult marriage of male and female,Fire, 228:approximation (at present imperfect) of the two poles of Spirit (the Father in Heaven) and ofFire, 231:becomes wholly adequate; the fusion of the two poles of Spirit and matter is fully brought about;Fire, 243:Spirit. It is produced by the union of the two poles, and the process of interplay and ofFire, 315:occur: First, the approximation of the two poles, or their blending, causes a blazing forth, orFire, 324:of the human family when these two opposite poles made electrical connection. It needed the jointFire, 325:polarity. When he has merged and blended the two poles, and produced light of a definite magnitudeFire, 338:a specified goal. Discriminate between the two poles. Choose the direction in which his activityFire, 339:but to discard, and he begins to merge the two poles intelligently. In the [340] Hall of Wisdom heFire, 340:he discards also, and perfectly blends the two poles, thereby producing that objective something weFire, 345:from the animals. At individualization the two poles are approximated, and at their meeting lightFire, 345:of an Entity. By the approximation of these two poles light is produced, a flame shines forth, aFire, 347:and to bring about the merging of the poles. The first method touched upon was that of the earlierFire, 470:upon the interplay between these two opposite poles, - the masculine and feminine aspect of theFire, 897:their negative and positive extremities, their poles, so to speak, and internally much proceedsFire, 986:- S. D., I, 274. Black magic works with opposing poles. The white magician seeks the point ofFire, 1013:seen; the two paths face the Solar Angel; the poles vibrate. A choice confronts the one whoFire, 1167:by the merging during evolution of the two poles. From the standpoint of the human being, it isFire, 1168:brings about the physical merging of the two poles in connection with the animal kingdom, and ofFire, 1171:the divine Sons of Mind, and thus linked the two poles of Spirit and matter, producing upon theFire, 1204:of this fifth group to the two contracting poles. They are the fivefold Links, the "Benign Uniters"Fire, 1209:self expression and forcing the "marriage of the poles." The whole subject is very involved andGlamour, 209:developed in meditation. When these two opposite poles are in relation then (by an act of theHealing, 303:the door to an erroneous marriage between the poles." Hercules, 42:the form and the form itself; between the two poles, positive and negative; between spirit andHercules, 60:the tremendous task of bringing together the two poles of his being and of coordinating, orHercules, 101:and man became a living soul, for the two poles were en rapport, and the vital or etheric body cameHercules, 101:and physical. They unified in themselves the two poles. They were exoteric and esoteric; they wereMagic, 8:which is the result of the union of the two poles of spirit and matter is the soul of all things;Magic, 9:apparent that through the interplay of the poles, and through the friction of the pairs ofMagic, 219:seen; the two paths face the solar Angel; the poles vibrate. A choice confronts the one whoMagic, 221:is sought. [221] The plane of the vibrating poles. The plane whereon a choice is made. One of theMagic, 230:understand the significance of "the vibrating poles", and achieve that point of equilibrium whichMagic, 293:of that body and vibrating between the two poles of happiness and misery, of satisfaction orPatanjali, 59:upon that sound as he recognizes it. The two poles of being are hinted at here: the soul and theProblems, 104:not uniquely theirs but meted out also to Poles, Greeks and the helpless of many nations. This is aPsychology1, 88:third ray. All these three rays contact the two poles, and the attainment of the goal at the end ofPsychology2, 117:higher and lower, which constitute the two poles with which he is concerned, are now united. ThePsychology2, 205:and that of the mind. They swing between the poles of experience. Their lives are spent in anRays, 4:energy and material energy (the two opposite poles) are brought into relationship, a third type ofRays, 439:the Master involves what we might call the two poles: that of the monadic consciousness, whateverRays, 452:as intelligence and living energy, are the two poles of his being. The task ahead of him now is toRays, 541:itself; the negative and the positive poles present within the consciousness of every form. TheRays, 634:strong [634] emotional bias and condition. The Poles and the Irish are prime "catalysts ofRays, 668:male and female, or of the positive and negative poles in the human family. This is right and good
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