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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - POLICY

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Astrology, 361:through a release from its present self-centered policy, its well-meaning evasion of responsibilityAtom, 24:constant change, by the practice of a selective policy or the use of the discriminative faculty,Autobiography, 157:with the truths of the Ageless Wisdom. Their policy of admitting nobody into the E.S. for spiritualAutobiography, 161:why I simply do not continue my hitherto fixed policy of letting my work and the books speak forAutobiography, 255:or reversing myself and so changing my policy. Actually I am not doing so. The spread of theAutobiography, 285:what we are seeking to give him. It is also our policy to leave the student entirely free asAutobiography, 292:general good and welfare of humanity. The Axis policy was based on the wickedness of separation andDestiny, 8:which represents the State. For purposes of policy such powers may work behind the scenes but theirDestiny, 81:quality of this sign which dominates British policy, but primarily the Libra aspect. Great BritainDiscipleship1, 685:the present war and of errors in every national policy make it possible eventually to produce aDiscipleship1, 787:or reversing myself, and so changing my policy. Actually I am not doing so. The spread of theDiscipleship2, 84:arranged around one or other of my books. The policy of the School, its principles, curriculum andDiscipleship2, 377:and has then to follow (for several lives) a policy of non- with its phenomena. But theExternalisation, 140:conditions and of instituting those reversals of policy which will make a united world orderExternalisation, 183:the war, because a vision of the future world policy will help humanity through the present crisis.Externalisation, 196:world. Such a state of lack argues short-sighted policy and the blocking of the free circulation ofExternalisation, 199:of a new order in Asia, of the Good Neighbor policy in America, of a Federal Union of theExternalisation, 374:believe unalterably, and as a basic national policy, in the rights of the individual and that theExternalisation, 427:as I have said above, to their short-sighted policy and feeble judgment. They spread disunity,Externalisation, 650:the public consciousness, having no true or good policy, tainted by selfishness (personal orExternalisation, 675:it is an indication of hierarchical policy and a mode whereby modern science (working as it doesHealing, 261:and the Bill of Rights, determining national policy. The Atlantic Charter and the Four Freedoms,Initiation, 69:great need in the world, a slightly different policy is being pursued. An intensified training isProblems, 12:The intense isolationism and the "hands off" policy of certain groups in the United States, theProblems, 102:seek to find the way out and cease their present policy of demanding that the Gentiles andProblems, 109:matter be settled by an understanding farsighted policy on the part of the white people, plusProblems, 115:imperialisms be forgotten and ended? Can a world policy be devised which will insure justice forProblems, 130:monasteries. In order to build them, the policy down the centuries has been to drain the money outProblems, 130:under what guise they are presented. A planned policy whereby the mass of the people are kept inPsychology2, 648:relinquishing the memory of the old mistakes in policy, judgment and method, and ignoring thePsychology2, 748:constructive activity within any governmental policy or regime and it is to these constructive andPsychology2, 748:or group of nations. This means a consistent policy of non-attack. No leader or nation or race mustRays, 384:changes which have distinguished the fluid policy of the Hierarchy. Men began to demonstrateRays, 681:activities have been endorsed by the expediency policy of the U.S.A. and, in a secondary degree, by
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