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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - POLITICIANS

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Externalisation, 52:countries are as much at the mercy of the politicians and of the financial forces as are the peopleExternalisation, 53:by the will of the people, or rather by the politicians of the period, but symbolic of the ultimateExternalisation, 209:collaboration. Men of vision, and not just politicians; world servers, and not just militaryExternalisation, 369:is evidenced by the utterances of leaders, politicians, lecturers and the spiritually minded menExternalisation, 433:not only their own peoples but the selfish politicians, the intolerant and the racially conditionedExternalisation, 460:problem to the trained statesmen, diplomats and politicians, standing ready to help when - but onlyExternalisation, 461:have a wide grasp of affairs and are keen politicians, but all they know is to be used and soExternalisation, 507:in and for India labors with the minds of the politicians, educators and religious dreamers andExternalisation, 545:hatreds will embroil entire populations and the politicians of all the nations will take fullExternalisation, 570:some kind or another; they will be the current politicians, business men, financiers, religiousExternalisation, 576:the scheming of reactionary and conservative politicians and churchmen, and teach the youth of theExternalisation, 645:through rulers, officials, statesmen and politicians. When the "little wills" of theInitiation, 55:esoteric and occult kind, as well as through the politicians and statesmen of the world. The MasterMeditation, 300:when they are producing scholars and workers, politicians and scientists and educational leadersProblems, 70:gives; they have stood behind governments and politicians; they have controlled the electorate;Problems, 112:line with the constitution. These short-sighted politicians attempt to sidetrack the issue andProblems, 112:vote can often be purchased by electioneering politicians so also can that of the white voter; theProblems, 116:human relations will be faced by legislators and politicians everywhere? What should the minoritiesProblems, 178:side of human welfare that leaders, statesmen, politicians, businessmen and churchmen will bePsychology2, 95:forms. They may be great rulers, or dictators, politicians, statesmen, scientists and artists.Psychology2, 206:fields of human knowledge and aspiration, politicians, religious leaders, scientists, skilledPsychology2, 672:and Protestants, agnostics and fanatics, politicians and idealists, criminals and the enforcers of
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