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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - PONDER

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Education, 54:of meaning with the world of outer effects. Ponder on this sentence. Group love is, and must be,Education, 109:immediate application, but students are asked to ponder and to think along the lines which I mayEducation, 111:somewhat of the purpose of the new education. Ponder on this last phrase and deeply consider myEducation, 111:a vertical position, with a horizontal outlook. Ponder too on this phrase. Education, 119:idealism - hence the great emerging ideologies. Ponder on this point, get a wider picture of theEducation, 124:is apt to be forgotten, and I would ask you to ponder on its implications and to enquire what isEducation, 132:of two animal [132] bodies, and I would have you ponder - even if ineffectually - upon the widerEducation, 138:has been given in the West. I would ask you to ponder on these five points or statements which areEducation, 145:the individual in his environment and contacts. Ponder on these words. You will realize howExternalisation, 83:without the light and no light without the dark. Ponder on this.) I would ask you to realize thatExternalisation, 99:in its influence and produces amazing results. Ponder on this. The basic method employed, which layExternalisation, 106:indicate to you its basic truth if you will but ponder upon what I say with an open mind. The taskExternalisation, 117:Enlightenment, Pain [117] and Return. Ponder on this. They are all peculiarly active at this time,Externalisation, 120:times, desire and instinct were identical. Ponder on this, for it is interesting because itExternalisation, 145:the wise reconstruction of the individual life. Ponder upon this. If the above is true of the OMExternalisation, 151:of the Christ and of the Christ principle. Ponder on these words and see on every hand the processExternalisation, 155:as well as individuals have personalities). Ponder on this and seek enlightenment from the soul. 3.Externalisation, 161:to and sensitive to the resultant effects. Ponder on the above. Externalisation, 170:soul of divinity through the medium of humanity. Ponder on this statement. In the esotericExternalisation, 228:the point of integration. I would ask you to ponder with care upon this paragraph, stating theExternalisation, 232:- a truth which is already apparent to those who ponder the signs of the times with an unprejudicedExternalisation, 241:powers. First, I would ask you all to ponder on the vision of this new world order, preserving anExternalisation, 248:the tangible victory of the Forces of Light. Ponder on these words. The goodwill effort of theExternalisation, 263:can move and consequently contact the Earth. Ponder on this and limit not Deity through theExternalisation, 292:by countless millions. I would ask you to ponder on the potency of the nucleus of force which TheyExternalisation, 307:Master in response to avataric impression. Ponder on this. 2. Inspiration. This is more direct thanExternalisation, 308:of responsive disciples and world servers. Ponder again on this. In this way, if you will noteExternalisation, 318:practical aspects of the work. In the meantime, ponder and reflect upon what I have written here;Externalisation, 335:or distortion of love. I think that if you will ponder on this, you will see the way more clearly.Externalisation, 348:light we shall see Light." I would ask you to ponder on these two functions which the Buddha hasExternalisation, 353:world release from the Forces of Evil. Will you ponder on this and will you cooperate in everyExternalisation, 362:of truth have only been the signposts. Ponder on that statement. The signpost indicates [363] theExternalisation, 393:will put as briefly as possible, leaving you to ponder upon them and trusting you to understandExternalisation, 396:statement and one on which I would ask you to ponder. During the past six years I have given youExternalisation, 608:the task which confronts Him; I would ask you to ponder on the difficulties which He mustExternalisation, 617:another reply, upon which I would ask you to ponder, is that Christ and the spiritual HierarchyExternalisation, 676:of consciousness. Ask me not how this can be; ponder on the relation of this dual and simultaneousExternalisation, 680:and disciples and by personality tradition. Ponder on those last two words. Similarity ofFire, 24:high place, view the past, control the Now, and ponder on the Day be with us. The Lhas of theFire, 44:ray of active intelligence. It would be well to ponder on this for it holds hid a mystery. TheFire, 399:that the antahkarana is itself but illusion. Ponder on this, for it carries illumination for thoseFire, 404:[404] Hierarchies in full display. We should ponder upon the relationship (a necessarily closeFire, 512:Eves that underlie the form. If the student will ponder with care these five facts, he will get aFire, 568:does not exist in the cosmic center. We need to ponder on this, for it holds the secret of peace,Fire, 593:leave it unexhausted. Much light comes if we can ponder deeply on the three expressions of Love:Fire, 615:a few more statements upon which the student can ponder before we pass on to study specifically theFire, 745:in the body of the planetary Logos and ponder upon the correspondence between: The devachan of theFire, 854:all true activity. The student would do well to ponder upon the effect any advanced Ego would beFire, 999:It will be of value to students of meditation to ponder upon this procedure, and to study theFire, 1219:be described, and if the student will carefully ponder upon the nomenclature of the Law, its occultFire, 1236:Basic Statements III. The wise student will also ponder well the words "the mystery ofFire, 1261:of many grades. It is useless for average man to ponder upon these figures. They are too difficultGlamour, 21:- of the human mind. The activity of MINDS! Ponder on this phrase for it gives you a clue to theGlamour, 24:and usual Christian significance is not for you. Ponder on this most ancient formula of truth andGlamour, 34:for the present, for it is my desire that you ponder upon these ideas during the next few monthsGlamour, 43:intelligent will of the serving disciple. Ponder on these points for they outline your way and yourGlamour, 61:as the result of the above requirements. Ponder upon this thought. Most ideas, when of a very highGlamour, 77:to a person, to a duty, or to a responsibility. Ponder on this. This harmless desire along someGlamour, 79:of the consciousness aspect or the soul aspect. Ponder deeply on this thought. The triplicity ofGlamour, 81:the day. You would find it of real value to ponder deeply upon the purposes for which the intuitionGlamour, 82:are occultly "the glamorous characteristics." Ponder on this. If a man can free himself from theseGlamour, 88:integration which we call "initiation." Ponder upon this. Glamour, 88:This is an interesting point upon which to ponder and explains much of mystery and of difficulty inGlamour, 89:would do well to bear this in mind and to ponder upon the following phrases: Physical coordination.Glamour, 91:I have, I should judge, given you enough to ponder upon; I would close it, however, by pointing outGlamour, 127:the first three initiations and the two final. Ponder on this. It will be of real value, I believe,Glamour, 138:is awakened and revelation is his reward. Ponder on this. The true priest is rare and is not foundGlamour, 170:of truth have only been the signposts. Ponder on that statement. The signpost indicates the way toGlamour, 175:of feeling is added to the cold form of thought. Ponder on this. But at the stage with which we areGlamour, 215:ways in order to aid in the more technical work. Ponder on the implications in this sentence. AHealing, 12:and everywhere congestion, corruption and death. Ponder on these words: Inharmony, Disease, Pain,Healing, 17:source of disease. This gives you much to ponder upon. If we go slowly as regards the practicalHealing, 48:well to have this most carefully in mind as they ponder on these matters: Individual disease, dueHealing, 66:which are the initial impulses are exhausted? Ponder on this. In all the above, even in connectionHealing, 67:and of self-satisfaction. Again I would say, ponder on these terms, for these three aspects ofHealing, 123:"occultly reconciled to the emanating energy." Ponder on this. The adjustment has to come from theHealing, 132:in its three aspects. Students would do well to ponder on the distinction between the breath andHealing, 148:in the formless worlds) to the personality. Ponder on this statement, because you have here - inHealing, 157:of love, all disciples are asked at this time to ponder and reflect, for as a "man thinketh in hisHealing, 177:itself with purposes and not with desire. Ponder on this. When it is thus understood, then we shallHealing, 207:the related gland, though it is not always so. Ponder on these things and see, if you can, theHealing, 237:to the penalizing of nations. I would have you ponder on these two modes of treating wrong doing.Healing, 242:you in the above much to consider, and as you ponder and think, as you study cases and types, asHealing, 245:results of dissolution are beneficent in effect. Ponder on this beneficent activity and on theHealing, 248:implications which students would do well to ponder. Healing, 305:physical plane, the causes of disease and death. Ponder on these matters and bear in mind that youHealing, 313:It is an indicator and not a disease in itself. Ponder on this, and apply it on all planes, forHealing, 321:or where the emphasis of the life is laid. Ponder on this for I have given a hint here of realHealing, 340:on a more subjective culture. I would ask you to ponder on this last sentence. The pouring in ofHealing, 345:It is also a synthetic act of service. Ponder on this. Your question gives me an opportunity toHealing, 349:healer can always count. This is my first point. Ponder upon it. Karma is a determining factor, butHealing, 356:which makes all things whole (I would have you ponder upon this phrase), and love is all that is.Healing, 360:I trust you will find these answers suggestive. Ponder deeply upon the implications. Healing, 360:chosen seventy, and the interested five hundred. Ponder on this fact, little emphasized. Now HeHealing, 380:will occur, but esoterically They refuse "to ponder on the energies released upon the plane ofHealing, 390:this with care because I seek to have you ponder most carefully and sanely upon the so-calledHealing, 425:great act of restitution which we call death. Ponder that story and see the symbolism of the soul,Healing, 438:- Page 494. [438] A Treatise on the Seven Rays: Ponder, therefore, upon this doctrine ofHealing, 485:exist but are absorbed into the analogous whole. Ponder on this statement, for it will give you theHealing, 510:the next stage is clearly seen but not followed. Ponder on this. It is of value to you to realize
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