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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - POOR

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Autobiography, 5:nations. I have known the very rich and the very poor, intimately and from the angle of closeAutobiography, 6:words which I can fully understand. Here lies a poor woman who always were tired. She lived in aAutobiography, 12:the interests of the very rich and the very poor. Autobiography, 19:Peter Fairbairn started life as the sons of a poor Scotch farmer in the 18th century. Both ended upAutobiography, 27:possible time we were taught to care about the poor and the sick and to realize that fortunateAutobiography, 59:spread the report that my buns were so heavy the poor donkey could not move and they would comeAutobiography, 84:they congregated among the roses to laugh at the poor [85] little fool. I was left with a smallAutobiography, 105:for all men but that (through the poll tax and poor education) we most carefully saw to it that theAutobiography, 130:people in similar difficulties to their own. The poor are usually kind to the poor. Autobiography, 130:to their own. The poor are usually kind to the poor. Autobiography, 134:the lecture very dull and the lecturer very poor. I can imagine no worse lecturer anywhere. HeAutobiography, 152:health. I shall not care whether I am rich or poor, and having a popularity with otherAutobiography, 167:over the years. He dictated a cumbersome, poor English in the beginning, but between us we haveBethlehem, 179:well known) when Cortes appeared, the Mexicans, poor things, greeted him as the returning god! InBethlehem, 211:and wrought miracles, and gathered together the poor and the hungry. He fed them, and sought inDiscipleship1, 145:They are not yet ready and would constitute poor stones in the building and weak links in yourDiscipleship1, 505:your emotional or astral body has also been very poor. Lately, you have changed that condition andDiscipleship1, 601:his style) a brother of dedicated emotions but poor intuitive mentality and a befogged aspirant. InDiscipleship1, 610:brothers. This is the reason why you are such a poor, such a very poor psychologist. You do notDiscipleship1, 610:the reason why you are such a poor, such a very poor psychologist. You do not love enough. EveryDiscipleship2, 68:exists, for instance between the rich and the poor, or between the classes and the castes. It wouldDiscipleship2, 93:enough to show my reasons why there is so poor an exoteric showing of a truly esoteric, innerDiscipleship2, 568:in its quantity... You have had the handicap of poor health which is not, in your case, a realDiscipleship2, 680:may turn out to be a big thing numerically but a poor little thing specifically because you are notDiscipleship2, 709:all who come your way - high and low, rich and poor, the socially important and the under classes,Externalisation, 6:and humanity's equipment of knowledge is so poor that the majority have not sense enough to proceedExternalisation, 179:the aggressor nations, though not against their poor deluded or subdued peoples. They too must beExternalisation, 198:embrace the high and the low, the rich and the poor, thus serving all men alike. Externalisation, 234:order, where class is ranged against class, poor against rich, and man against his brother; it isExternalisation, 305:disciples and aspirants; not the decision of poor bewildered, deluded humanity. Will the worldExternalisation, 369:and separative barriers between rich and poor, between [370] the oriental and the occidental, andExternalisation, 427:down national and military morale, and lay a poor foundation for the work of the postwar world.Externalisation, 530:did not in reality refer to His sufferings for poor miserable humanity (as orthodox theology soExternalisation, 574:information the significance will emerge. The poor and destitute candidate emerges into the light.Externalisation, 620:life. Perhaps he hides behind the alibi of poor health, and frequently behind that of imaginaryFire, 99:be slowed down and lowered if the man is in a poor condition of health. These three centers are inFire, 106:best receptive condition, though owing to the poor condition of the spinal column (which in so manyFire, 673:waves." They are representatives for us (the poor children of the dust of the ground) of the twoGlamour, 60:yet what he is offering to the idea is but a poor thing at the best. This leads to illusion throughGlamour, 186:only the simple faith of the uncultured and the poor has preserved any semblance of the truth inHealing, 79:man to sickness or ill health. The connection is poor in certain directions or aspects of theHealing, 79:connection can also be so basically loose and poor that the soul has very little hold upon itsHealing, 108:complaints, lack of vitality, senile decay, poor circulation and similar ills. This too will resultHealing, 338:as it expresses sound psychological causes, or poor health, as it expresses the reverse. It is theHealing, 353:to end wrong ways of living, and change poor modes of psychological expression as far as you seeHealing, 443:here to the work of clairvoyants, no matter how poor, nor to the taking possession of the body byHealing, 661:for the masses of men. From the rich to the poor, from the intelligent to the ignorant, one thingHercules, 114:a monster of the deep, holding between his jaws poor Hesione. Her shrieks and sighs rose to highHercules, 164:of the truth. Just so much of the truth as your poor little brain can grasp, and yet such aHercules, 166:him; not from a superior standpoint of saving "poor thing, some day he will be where I am", butIntellect, 253:between races and groups, between rich and poor. Let the true student of meditation remember thatMagic, 301:here to the work of clairvoyants no matter how poor, nor to the taking possession of the body byMagic, 590:in his life, or when the physical body is in poor condition or is diseased. Neither should it beMagic, 637:the physical body. Where the physical body is in poor condition, the disciple has to add theMeditation, 176:of humanity. It is not safe for human beings, poor foolish things, to tamper with the forces ofMeditation, 299:of many minds into the environment of the very poor, the ability of all to read and write in such aProblems, 70:existing between the very rich and the very poor; they love money and the power which money gives;Problems, 74:have been in power; they exploited the poor; they searched for the maximum output at the minimumProblems, 74:own and the sharp distinction between the very poor and the very rich became the outstandingProblems, 75:their superior status in the faces of the very poor, paralleled with a patronizing paternalism. TheProblems, 78:and a determination to wield power. Bad housing, poor pay and evil conditions still existProblems, 83:of this kingdom recognize neither rich nor poor, neither high nor low, neither labor nor capitalProblems, 94:so as to control the finances of the world; the poor are fighting for their rights and betterProblems, 126:the world Scriptures are now seen to be based on poor translations and no part of them - afterProblems, 130:drain the money out of the pockets of rich and poor alike. The Roman Catholic Church is a strictlyPsychology1, 81:upon the sphere of earth? Is it too small, too poor? Why kick it as a ball upon a playing field?Psychology1, 324:it to such an extent that it becomes a dead poor thing. The true motive is to train the threefoldPsychology2, 121:Service is viewed as something we render to the poor, the afflicted, the diseased and the unhappy,Psychology2, 174:that he can now enter; but, this time, not as a poor blind candidate, but as an initiate in thePsychology2, 265:inner development and yet have such a poor instrument on the physical plane that coordination isPsychology2, 478:should be closed. If human beings make so poor a success of living consciously on the physicalPsychology2, 488:of the possible directing agencies to which the poor and ignorant neophyte may fall a victim. Psychology2, 500:of dream. They indicate physical nervousness and poor sleeping capacity but have no deepPsychology2, 610:Much of the physical blindness and the poor sight to be found in the world today (unless the resultReappearance, 167:life. Perhaps he hides behind the alibi of poor health and frequently behind that of imaginarySoul, 51:the glands and to the nervous system, and to the poor or good development and functioning of man's
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