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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - POPULATION

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Autobiography, 70:of its multiple languages and races, its teeming population and its many creeds. I do not know itAutobiography, 71:a very few collaborated with the Japs, out of a population in India and Burma of over 550 millions.Autobiography, 71:real problem is not between the British and the population of India but between the Moslems, whoAutobiography, 203:impossible to put them into a public school. The population of Stamford at that time was largelyAutobiography, 236:were made in the endeavor so to do; the over-population of the world steadily increased theBethlehem, 241:Fifty million people are more than the entire population of Great Britain, and constitute a largeDestiny, 30:to life, to death, to leisure and to the population. The result of the increasing flow of seventhDestiny, 89:than with France, and hence the large Italian population, for Sagittarius rules both Italy andDestiny, 127:a mismanaged world and which has brought the population of the planet into its present seriousEducation, 135:the necessity to provide for the unduly large population of the planet lies behind much of theEducation, 138:the unthinking procreation of children. The vast population of the world today is the result of anExternalisation, 120:herds, leaving the countryside denuded of its population and creating serious problems ofExternalisation, 175:but not one that involved the entire planetary population. There have been periods of danger,Externalisation, 184:stalks the inhabitants of Europe; the civilian population of cities, the women and children, are inExternalisation, 189:from fear, as must the women in other lands; the population of Germany must also be liberated fromExternalisation, 197:in the world to meet the need of the entire population. The problem, therefore, is basically one ofExternalisation, 197:will know their national requirements (based on population and internal resources, etc.) and willExternalisation, 209:will here be needed and proper consideration of population desires. It is not the restoration ofExternalisation, 254:fluid movement of whole sections of the world population and through the effects of vast economicExternalisation, 388:few in number, when compared with the world's population, but because they are to be found focusedExternalisation, 460:involved the people of all lands and masses of population, so must the reconstruction of the world.Externalisation, 496:of the use of the atomic bomb upon the Japanese population. The first use of this released energyExternalisation, 683:presence on earth two thousand years ago, the population of the world was relatively small comparedExternalisation, 684:different; there are today no empty spaces; the population of the world is enormously enlarged andGlamour, 184:create better living conditions for the entire population [185] of the world, the question arises:Healing, 64:though their numbers, in relation to the world population, is still negligible. But that they existHealing, 227:tendencies, but to the extraordinarily dense population of its civilization and to the closeHealing, 278:a major world problem - the problem of the over-population of the planet, leading to the herd lifeHercules, 49:Lust, self-gratification, disease, and over-population will die out in the world. Matter will noMagic, 78:affects the etheric bodies of the contacted population. These two facts, of time and of highProblems, 22:own business, to stabilize and integrate a vast population, and to lead her peoples still furtherProblems, 39:man is intended to be. In relation to the total population of the planet, such men are few and farProblems, 74:the condition of the laboring elements of the population became acutely bad; living conditions wereProblems, 87:wars. It has today brought the entire planetary population to its present dire and dreadfulProblems, 108:In Africa the Negro greatly outnumbers the white population; the latter is in so small a minorityProblems, 108:do in the midst of an overpoweringly vast black population. In the West and in America, theProblems, 114:is inevitable promiscuity and a resultant new population; the world today is producing and willProblems, 114:of mixed parentage, forming part of the world population in the next generation and immediate cyclePsychology1, 270:are resulting (and have always resulted) in over-population and an over-production of human beings.Psychology1, 283:world, and primarily in our large centers of population, of an increase in sexual relations, butPsychology1, 283:at this time by no corresponding increase in population. This is due to the modern understanding ofPsychology1, 365:the potent movements of the great centers of population, the coming and the going of trains, ofPsychology2, 259:the unawakened human beings and the bulk of the population of the world. In every phase of humanPsychology2, 398:Even today, in relation to the entire planetary population, there is only a very small group (a fewPsychology2, 453:stimulation is comparatively rare, if the total population of the planet is considered;Psychology2, 639:this there are obvious objective reasons. Over-population, trade barriers, the inequalities ofPsychology2, 640:liberalism and conservatism, creative living, population problems, sterilization, utopias, theRays, 627:purpose and of intention within the mind of the population; this will largely be the result of theReappearance, 109:only a small minority in relation to the Earth's population are struggling for those conditionsTelepathy, 116:few persons in proportion to the planetary population who use the sacral center as the major
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