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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - PORTRAYED

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Astrology, 197:divine [197] necessity of achieving alignment is portrayed for us in the symbolism of the sky andAstrology, 216:thus happenings which are entirely mental are portrayed as physical occurrences. A clue to thisAstrology, 548:ray. The circulating of its energies can be portrayed by the following symbol or diagram: ThisAstrology, 561:Cardinal Cross is more complicated and can be portrayed thus: Here you have the triangle ofAstrology, 568:that on Mount Golgotha, these three Crosses are portrayed: The Mutable Cross - the unrepentantAstrology, 589:A thought is given; a symbol described; an idea portrayed. Then, as the minds of men ponder upon itAstrology, 694:as 'Graduates of the Ruddy Flame' are frequently portrayed as clothed in red robes...They workAutobiography, 75:very well and never found them talking as portrayed by Rudyard Kipling. In fact, the average TommyAutobiography, 237:the expression of these five great expansions as portrayed in the five great crises in the lifeAutobiography, 246:certain basic mistakes. The Masters Whom they portrayed were characterized by an impossibleAutobiography, 255:has been of the same opinion. The Masters, as portrayed in the Theosophical Society faintlyAutobiography, 255:They are not the spectacular and illbred people portrayed by the mediocre leaders of many groups,Autobiography, 256:are a travesty of the reality. The Masters portrayed in the many theosophical movements (since theAutobiography, 262:been inadequately presented. Those Masters are portrayed as peculiarly interested [263] in theBethlehem, 3:dusty traditions? As to the perfection of the portrayed character of Christ there is never anyBethlehem, 17:result of the work of the Christ can be seen portrayed for us in His words to be found in St. JohnBethlehem, 45:But experience of each stage of illumination, as portrayed in the Gospel story, is possible to theBethlehem, 55:through the words of the Beloved Apostle as he portrayed Christ as the Son of God Who speaksBethlehem, 64:constellations, and in these three there is portrayed for us symbolically the story of the ChildBethlehem, 96:of men. He unified Himself with humanity, and portrayed the effectiveness of that divine energyBethlehem, 154:and through which it must shine, are thus portrayed. It is the same in connection with the threeBethlehem, 155:personality and His essential divinity are portrayed for us in such a way that the lesson (and theBethlehem, 159:experiences of divinity made manifest, and portrayed them for our edification and inspiration inBethlehem, 170:of the quality of God which Christ so perfectly portrayed and which carried Him in triumph from theDiscipleship1, 778:certain basic mistakes. The Masters whom they portrayed were characterized by an impossibleDiscipleship1, 787:B. has been of the same opinion. The Masters, as portrayed in the Theosophical Society faintlyDiscipleship1, 788:They are not the spectacular and illbred people portrayed by the mediocre leaders of many groups,Discipleship2, 191:the Vertical and the Horizontal Life. This was portrayed by the two crosses: To these two symbolsDiscipleship2, 429:ready, and the Hierarchy is not as it has been portrayed by earnest Theosophists and Rosicrucians.Externalisation, 188:to the glorification of Germany. Germany will be portrayed as the seed of all world glory, and asExternalisation, 593:discovered the reality of God Immanent, portrayed in Their Own lives the divine characteristics ofExternalisation, 604:of the underlying truth, nor have they portrayed a Kingdom which is attractive. Yet that KingdomFire, 155:convey may be grasped by a study of the atom as portrayed in Babbitt's "Principles of Light andFire, 171:the evolution of these centers of force can be portrayed, not only in words, but under the sameFire, 414:past, we would have seen the moon chain portrayed with the Neptune chain omitted. In the chart asFire, 421:geometrical forms allied somewhat to those portrayed upon the charts. All is ordered activity ofFire, 531:The permanent atoms are not heart-shaped as portrayed in certain books. A certain number of atomsFire, 855:into lesser units, all of them being known and portrayed under certain symbols. When we come to theFire, 899:trident which the god Neptune [899] is always portrayed as holding, the prongs being literally theFire, 1179:of the ruddy Fire," and are frequently portrayed as clothed in red robes, and carrying ebony wands.Fire, 1179:Their symbol is a robe with a full sailed boat portrayed over the heart, the significance of whichFire, 1260:and producing a unified whole. These wheels are portrayed as manifesting electric blue flame,Glamour, 269:aura of the Angel. This has been symbolically portrayed for us in the picture book of the heavensGlamour, 271:the threshold. This occult waxing and waning is portrayed for us in the phases of the moon and, forHealing, 515:attitude or state of mind has been inadequately portrayed as one of complete obliteration in theHercules, 5:that we should follow his steps", we have portrayed the five stages of the Path of Initiation,Hercules, 8:of all of us. The five great Initiations as portrayed for us in the history of Jesus the Christ areHercules, 13:and self-directed effort is initiated, which is portrayed for us in the story of Hercules, theHercules, 68:of the human being is again most strikingly portrayed. In Canis Major we find Sirius, the Dog Star,Hercules, 70:for others and serving. In Canis Major we have portrayed our future and a consummation, gloriousHercules, 82:physical plane struggle for achievement, we have portrayed for us the tremendous battle through theHercules, 91:magnetic center of attraction, are symbolically portrayed for us also in the Masonic tradition. InHercules, 106:Hydra, the serpent, in the ancient pictures is portrayed as a female serpent. It covers more than aHercules, 208:of Divinity. In the story of Hercules, we have portrayed for us the experiences of the Path ofInitiation, 120:Logos. In this fourfold apprehension you have portrayed the gradual realization that is his duringMagic, 475:in the sentence which we must consider we find portrayed a universal function, even though it is asMeditation, 212:of wisdom. Three major lines of color should be portrayed as forming the lattice work on theMeditation, 323:parchments whereon the cosmic symbols will be portrayed. The color of this shrine will be dependentPatanjali, 45:of these three groups of aspirants and they are portrayed under three symbols: The intense groupPatanjali, 299:and in A Treatise on Cosmic Fire) and they are portrayed as: Fulfiling their desires, thereforePatanjali, 416:(the individual Christ), so wonderfully portrayed as in the Bhagavad Gita and in the three books,Psychology1, 150:into forces) is not what idle speculation has portrayed it to be. Life is the synthesis of allPsychology2, 76:mind that the true significance of that which is portrayed and the meaning of what happens can onlyPsychology2, 114:World Servers. In the above tabulation, there is portrayed a little of what is implied in the wordsPsychology2, 277:place upon the Path of Initiation. It has been portrayed for us by the Buddha when He tookPsychology2, 699:of World Servers. In this tabulation, I have portrayed for you a little of what is implied in theRays, 54:for you that for this first group the OM can be portrayed in the following symbol as expressing theRays, 54:M nature whereas the second group can be portrayed by the symbol m expressive of the soul envelopedRays, 192:the establishment of the Law of God, and this is portrayed for us symbolically in The Old TestamentRays, 251:negates the old attitudes, such as that portrayed in the Theosophical literature, and it was aRays, 348:certain character developments such as those portrayed in such books (by Annie Besant) as The OpenRays, 353:clear to you why the initiate is ever portrayed as one who works with the forces and energies ofRays, 354:plane onlooker, and the subjective aspect, portrayed symbolically by the three Crosses and thoseRays, 354:them. In the three figures humanity itself is portrayed and also related to the Hierarchy, and thisRays, 561:the horizontal life"; it is therefore visually portrayed under the symbol of the Cross. I have hereRays, 685:ceremonial, and hierarchical recognition as portrayed by the major occult groups. It is far more aRays, 699:teaching so that the Crucifixion Initiation is portrayed as preceding the Resurrection Initiation;Reappearance, 38:discovered the reality of God Immanent, portrayed in Their own lives the divine characteristics ofReappearance, 51:of the underlying truth, nor have they portrayed a kingdom which is attractive. That Kingdom existsReappearance, 104:no matter what the obstacles; these obstacles He portrayed in the Twelve Labors of Hercules whichTelepathy, 165:somewhat different. You have the seven centers portrayed as lotuses, with varying numbers ofTelepathy, 183:solar system which is, as we know, esoterically portrayed as a twelve-petalled lotus. This lotus,
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