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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - PORTRAYS

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Astrology, 153:the satisfaction of his aspiration. This sign portrays to us man, an ambitious animal in two sensesDiscipleship2, 192:Hierarchy. The sphere at the summit of the cross portrays the "place of the disciple'sExternalisation, 469:to us the way which all aspirants must go. It portrays a picture of a waiting, quiescent Christ,Fire, 160:the triangles formed by the fourfold cross. This portrays the fourfold revolution of any atom. ByHealing, 180:like to point out that the diagram on page 715 portrays the point in evolution of a disciple andHealing, 471:"God is love" connotes the second aspect and portrays God as incarnated existence. "God is aHercules, 29:of activity of the soul, and that the labor portrays the work of the disciple, living on theHercules, 88:of a world savior. Definitely, therefore, it portrays the struggle that goes on in the life of theHercules, 153:wrestles with the serpent. The ancient zodiac portrays the serpent in the hands of this man. HeHercules, 154:The third constellation is called Hercules and portrays the aspirant looking not at the crown butHercules, 228:through the symbolism of the three-headed dog portrays the elevation of the personality, the tripleProblems, 15:the crystallization of the idea. History portrays the fierce determination of every nation toPsychology2, 93:a life wherein, in some form or another, he portrays or works out within himself, but also beforePsychology2, 143:and from the witness to the Plan which law portrays, they are preparing that new world in which menTelepathy, 7:of telepathic interplay in the true sense; it portrays the growth of that oligarchy of elect souls
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