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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - POSITION

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Bethlehem, 228:serving, inasmuch as they establish a claim to a position of rule in the Kingdom." - The Mystery ofBethlehem, 262:would be too great, if Christ was right in the position He took and in the teaching He gave as toBethlehem, 280:for the race that only today are we in a position to grasp it. So occupied have we been with ourDestiny, 34:aspects. The Jew, with his emphasis upon his position as one of the "chosen people," has stoodDestiny, 45:They will relegate the old ideas to the same position as the ideas which governed the race oneDestiny, 59:the religious beliefs of the world again into a position of spiritual power and away from itsDestiny, 63:It is not related in any way to the geographical position of these countries but to the destinyDestiny, 105:territorial extent, but because they are in a position to fuse and blend the many types, becauseDestiny, 135:of the individual concerned and according to his position upon the ladder of evolution. Such pointsDiscipleship1, 5:that. In these more enlightened days, no such position is assumed by the teacher as in the past,Discipleship1, 7:Occidental mystic. . . . What, therefore, is the position I take? That I, one of a great group ofDiscipleship1, 45:remember, however, that any person who takes the position that the work to be done is only upon theDiscipleship1, 57:or emotional body. It leads him to assume the position that not one single thing which produces anyDiscipleship1, 76:of preparing candidates for initiation are in a position to pronounce as to time; that has to beDiscipleship1, 98:within my group aura, within my Ashram. Your position there is determined by yourself and not byDiscipleship1, 108:of the Masters and to ascertain your own position upon the ladder of evolution was - in those daysDiscipleship1, 112:will be there but at first only I will be in a position to note them. My brother, the next twoDiscipleship1, 131:definitely to group integration... You are in a position to aid and help many people. See to it, myDiscipleship1, 149:go out to others and never leave your own poised position. To stand in spiritual being - as IDiscipleship1, 156:as if you were that hub. From that central position, send out the seven streams of living love,Discipleship1, 182:glamor limit the impression which you are in a position to make as you serve within your particularDiscipleship1, 184:by inherent natural tendencies, or by executive position and the circumstances of the individualDiscipleship1, 188:brothers, you are much alone; and being in a position of the one who teaches and who gives, youDiscipleship1, 194:observer, of the one who assumes and holds the position of the perceiver. This you are beginning toDiscipleship1, 229:will find this of major interest. You are in a position where you can be of much service to others.Discipleship1, 238:yourself and if you feel, my brother, that the position is not as I have stated it to be, thenDiscipleship1, 244:you to the risk of constantly assuming the position of the "one in the center." That attitude, asDiscipleship1, 246:helping of others but never did you forget your position as the helper; therefore, there was alwaysDiscipleship1, 264:This work, they are taught by being put into a position of trust in relation to their fellowmen.Discipleship1, 309:upon results achieved. You are not in a position rightly to gauge your own progress. Continue toDiscipleship1, 316:can serve a useful group purpose. You are in a position to build a protecting wall (but not aDiscipleship1, 341:the glamor of the social world, of place and position. You are beginning to think in terms of humanDiscipleship1, 342:and prove in some ways a hindrance. Your position is clear and sound, but you fail somewhat toDiscipleship1, 380:to the group meditation.... Assume always the position of the "one behind the scenes" and sayDiscipleship1, 392:voice, and thus pay adequate attention to your position and attitude. The fourth and fifthDiscipleship1, 416:rapport between you and myself. You are in a position, my brother, both from karma and the presentDiscipleship1, 442:meantime, work steadily at the assumption of the position of the Observer, making it a habit ofDiscipleship1, 442:problem, will you endeavor to take and hold the position of the "one at the center," carrying thisDiscipleship1, 443:your meditation each morning by achieving this position as well as may be, focusing yourself in theDiscipleship1, 446:is perhaps one of the platitudes of the occult position, but it is of value at times to reiterate.Discipleship1, 452:unit, the world. Those of you who are in a position to aid unfolding minds, as you are today, andDiscipleship1, 493:I would point out that were you not in a position to triumph, were you not upon the Path ofDiscipleship1, 503:- D.E.I. September 1940 MY BROTHER: You are in a position of trust and - if you so choose - yourDiscipleship1, 504:NOTE: This disciple continues in the same position of trust and is cooperating diligently with theDiscipleship1, 518:you because (as we seek out a soul) we are in a position to note what is occultly called "the depthDiscipleship1, 546:six months. Sit erect, but relaxed, and in a position of physical comfort. Withdraw theDiscipleship1, 588:years and more, you have consistently taken the position that one of my disciples has failed toDiscipleship1, 593:that steady calm for this life, that "poised position at the center" which is the gift of yourDiscipleship1, 598:but because you had become accustomed to your position and attitude and to the room in which youDiscipleship1, 635:cannot be undertaken. You are in the difficult position of holding your co-disciples back from aDiscipleship1, 642:and will guard you from undue interest in place, position and success. During the next few months,Discipleship1, 652:of the race. Situated as you are now in a key position and meeting people [653] of every nation,Discipleship1, 654:You are, as I have already pointed out, in a position of responsibility. The place where you findDiscipleship1, 661:anxieties and successes. You would then be in a position, really, to sense the importance of theDiscipleship1, 661:at this time, and your really strategic position. But you are too full of fear and of self-interestDiscipleship1, 662:Among the chelas in my Ashram, you are in the position of the naughty, wilful child, for yourDiscipleship1, 663:has greatly helped. You have stepped into a position which has been yours subjectively for a longDiscipleship1, 691:contact the Master as a group, if you are in a position to know your group, and if you tune out allDiscipleship1, 695:to a greatly increased pressure and are in a position to participate in much wider distribution ofDiscipleship1, 706:know for what they are, those who are in high position, guiding humanity and whose responsibilityDiscipleship1, 736:is, therefore, thrown back on a self-centered position in which he feels: "Now I am loving; now IDiscipleship1, 744:and not with the Master and with his individual position in the Master's thoughts. Most disciplesDiscipleship1, 746:the result of any effort to fit oneself for this position of power and of influence in service. ItDiscipleship1, 747:human need or are you engrossed with your own position as a disciple, with your own spiritualDiscipleship1, 781:and simplicity. Status and title, place and position count for nothing. It is the teaching thatDiscipleship1, 784:This necessarily placed the Hierarchy in the position of not endorsing the Axis position in anyDiscipleship1, 784:in the position of not endorsing the Axis position in any way. Many in the goodwill work and someDiscipleship1, 784:political in import, presumably believing that a position of complete neutrality, where both goodDiscipleship1, 786:new discipleship, I necessarily took my rightful position and name. Some of these instructions haveDiscipleship1, 787:owing to this mistake, I am apparently in the position of contradicting or reversing myself, and soDiscipleship2, 35:I would not have it otherwise; this threefold position which inevitably you have to take and whichDiscipleship2, 63:fact. The Hierarchy therefore is: In a position of extreme tension. In a condition of quiescentDiscipleship2, 67:past two years and has led him to relinquish his position in my outer work and to retire into aDiscipleship2, 70:Probationary Path. When the disciple is in the position where he can pass through the first threeDiscipleship2, 78:he must perforce himself add a third: his own position as the Observer. He is thus exposed toDiscipleship2, 91:yet ready to reach a "more enlightened ashramic position," as it is called. 2. Affiliation with anDiscipleship2, 92:In many cases (as I have elsewhere told you) the position was taken that praise, commendation andDiscipleship2, 101:links and knowledge clarified her vision and her position in regard to truth. Slowly she nowDiscipleship2, 104:of the immediate ashramic enterprise. The [104] position of the Master at the center of the groupDiscipleship2, 108:- to form part of any group; they seek ever the position of leader. This is true of spiritualDiscipleship2, 108:value spiritual status, kudos or an elevated position? We cannot. All we can do is to trainDiscipleship2, 135:and Kut Humi. Lately the Master R. has taken the position of Mahachohan, and that achievement hasDiscipleship2, 137:the personal self-will; you will also take your position as a conscious, integral part of myDiscipleship2, 138:i.e., the Ashram and the soul. Now we are in a position (theoretically at least and dependentDiscipleship2, 188:of meditation, is not a correct one. The true position is that he uses both at will and at need. InDiscipleship2, 189:VII Meditation VII - The Cross - Spiritual Position It is an occult truism to say that the discipleDiscipleship2, 189:meditation on the vertical and the horizontal position of the practicing disciple. In thisDiscipleship2, 244:and necessary step. Disciples must clarify their position and must continue to learn from theirDiscipleship2, 260:the disciple has to do two things: polarize his position by establishing right human relations andDiscipleship2, 407:general education and upon a revolt from the im position of clerical authority, the radiation fromDiscipleship2, 412:for the needed higher illumination. The older position was that of understanding and following aDiscipleship2, 461:in the soul consciousness and to hold that position undeviatingly. It is dependent also upon theDiscipleship2, 465:here to enable you again to resume your active position as a pledged initiate-disciple (a positionDiscipleship2, 465:position as a pledged initiate-disciple (a position which your co-disciples have ever recognized asDiscipleship2, 482:Your soul has forced you for decades into the position of an executive, superintending andDiscipleship2, 505:the relative activity involved in each attained position should constitute another; the effectDiscipleship2, 525:probability that you will not. You may take the position (I say not you will) that you repudiate asDiscipleship2, 525:that you can see through people from a superior position - so that their faults and failures [526]Discipleship2, 542:forward from the periphery of the Ashram to a position nearer the center. See that you hold thatDiscipleship2, 542:nearer the center. See that you hold that position; it will give you a wider field of service, a
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