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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - POSITION

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Fire, 234:of the Grand Man of the Heavens. The place and position of one and all to each other must be borneFire, 248:are considering the true man in his fundamental position as the Ego, with his sphere ofFire, 254:the logoic groups, and is seeking to realize His position among the seven and by realization toFire, 255:sphere of influence of the Sun. The Sun holds a position analogous to the nucleus of life at theFire, 255:His scheme of seven chains. Each chain holds a position analogous to a globe in a planetary chain.Fire, 257:Self-Consciousness; secondly to ascertain the position and place of His polar opposite; thirdly toFire, 261:physical plane. The Monad stands to him in the position of the Absolute, in the same sense as theFire, 290:the fact that the solar Logos holds an analogous position in the body of a cosmic Entity to thatFire, 302:essences in process of involution. He holds a position (in relation to a Heavenly Man) analogous toFire, 357:in mind. First, that each Heavenly Man holds the position of a center in the body of a solar Logos;Fire, 367:planetary Logos of the Venus scheme been in a position to link up closely with ours. Fire, 369:order of development or importance, or their position in relation to the central planet, the sun,Fire, 390:The Earth scheme, Mars, Mercury, into such a position in relation to each other that the followingFire, 392:the many races who are necessarily in place and position owing to their egoic polarization) andFire, 392:over material forms, and was consequently in a position - when the right time came - to apply theFire, 395:as a Cosmic, Systemic and Human Factor II. The Position of Manas 1. Manas and Karma Having seenFire, 395:even if somewhat cursorily and dimly - the true position of the manasic principle in all threeFire, 408:and they might be summed up as three in number: Position or the place of the system within itsFire, 411:in its literal sense. When these three factors: Position, Relation, Limitation, are studied withinFire, 411:parts will be brought out. As regards cosmic position, relation and limitation, little can be said,Fire, 420:abstraction. It concerns his realization of his position in the scheme. When the initiate can sayFire, 421:as holding, in the case of a Heavenly Man, a position symbolically analogous to that held by theFire, 433:of this fifth systemic Ray holds a peculiar position in the scheme of things. He is the embodimentFire, 441:(for it is necessary to keep in mind His dual position as one of the points of the five-pointedFire, 441:in the sevenfold logoic body) has a unique position as the "Ruler of the Building Devas" of theFire, 460:or moon chain, and the one holding analogous position in this the fourth or earth chain. ThisFire, 468:and are of high rank in the system, and of position equal to all the ranks and grades of theFire, 468:are conscious forces and entities and of high position: The Raja-lord of a plane. Seven devas whoFire, 490:devas play in transmutation may be achieved. The position that fire occupies in the process is ofFire, 491:and puts all [491] the factors involved in a bad position. The life (or entity) concerned receivesFire, 514:atom. The physical permanent atom has a position relatively close to the positive center, and theFire, 514:seen as dissolving. The mental unit, having a position within the causal body analogous to theFire, 518:The mental unit is in a unique and peculiar position as regards man, the Thinker in the causalFire, 527:of manifestation. It concerns the secret of the position of the different kingdoms of nature withinFire, 553:radius of certain constellations which have a position of profound importance in the generalFire, 559:are grasped, and man begins to appreciate his position as Creator, the entire aspect of the sexFire, 599:major planes demonstrate easily their unique position - on plane two we have the home of the MonadsFire, 613:of the Son. A Heavenly Man holds an analogous position in relation to a planetary scheme. He is theFire, 646:substance of his centers. They occupy this position for karmic reasons, and are, from many angles,Fire, 688:solar Angels or fire devas will then have a position analogous to that of the lunar Pitris now, forFire, 705:and the moon at one time held an analogous position in connection with our scheme. This must beFire, 738:as they enable the initiate to comprehend his position, to see somewhat the nature of the karmicFire, 745:those who find the problem of understanding the position of the Kumaras and Their relation to theFire, 745:three; study and meditate upon the place and position of these lower principles in the body of theFire, 762:are the three points of light which mark the position of the permanent atoms, and which are theFire, 772:on the cosmic etheric planes, for He is in a position to create consciously on those levels; HeFire, 775:triangle, do not always hold the same relative position as regards the center of the lotus, butFire, 775:to the stage of development so will be the position of the atoms, and so will be the apprehensionFire, 782:atom has (to the substance of a man's sheaths) a position relative to that which the physical sunFire, 790:Head. Two Arms. Two Legs. According to the position assumed by the man, he is seen as a symbol ofFire, 798:many ramifications, one eventually reaches the position where causes antedating the solar systemFire, 848:apparent use to him. Without the premise of our position within a vaster scheme, man's deductionsFire, 848:mind of the thoughtful student; one concerns the position (in connection with any particularFire, 866:yet one of the greatest tests as to the position of a man upon the probationary path is that whichFire, 984:magniloquent, to express greatness in position, in action and in speech. With the terminationFire, 999:lotus which the Ego chooses to use, or is in a position to use. This is conditioned by theFire, 1009:The "Eye of Shiva" in the human being has its position, as is already known, in the center of theFire, 1023:is working on the plane of objectivity) is in a position to use his own vital forces in the work ofFire, 1024:means literally that the magician must be in a position to discriminate between the differentFire, 1028:under the Law of Analogy, he will then be in a position to comprehend some of the major secrets ofFire, 1118:of those stupendous Existences Who [1118] hold a position in the cosmic Hierarchy similar to thatFire, 1141:books are interpreted: By their color. By their position, i.e. above, on and beneath a line. ByFire, 1142:group around the solar Logos, and hold to Him a position analogous to the three Buddha's ofFire, 1150:during some recurring cycle, a disciple of high position in a Master's group will appear inFire, 1163:as to: Type of energy, Point in evolution, Position in the general plan, Karmic opportunity, RateFire, 1163:to us here because the Logos of Saturn holds a position in the body logoic similar to that held byFire, 1206:body. The fifth Hierarchy has an interesting position as the "mediating" body between the higherFire, 1209:body in man, or of his vital body, and its position as the true form, and basic unit of the denseFire, 1214:two holding towards each other the relative position of Father-Mother. The purely human energyFire, 1248:the greater manvantara. They have their eventual position on the cosmic mental plane, but as yetFire, 1256:he can do this to perfection he is then in a position to take up office as a planetary Logos. MoreFire, 1259:this Path lies in the fact of its numerical position. These units of the fourth kingdom, the bulkGlamour, 14:you and you will increasingly find yourself in a position to move in this world of concepts withGlamour, 92:threefold personality. You will then be in a position to handle yourselves with greater wisdom, toGlamour, 138:West) to their [138] disastrous authoritarian position. The love of God, and the true spiritualGlamour, 191:can walk in its radiating light, he is then in a position (or in a state of consciousness, if youGlamour, 211:on a superficial examination. They must be in a position to recognize that an emotional or astralGlamour, 213:a hierarchical activity and are, therefore, in a position to render help even if they could not -Glamour, 227:I make no reference to the type of room, to the position of the group members, to posture assumed,Glamour, 228:exception of this, the small petty rituals of position and of physical relations in respect toGlamour, 228:so that all the members of the group occupy that position) starts the work by calling the names ofGlamour, 249:vehicle. Now comes the stage wherein he is in a position to find out the reality and the work ofHealing, 11:with the causes of disease, we will take the position that the foundational and ultimate cosmicHealing, 111:Various cultists and healers usually take the position that it is of major importance that theHealing, 116:the mystical attitude and that more definite position which the occultist assumes. I shall notHealing, 123:the organizing center of a group, or is in a position to begin to form, esoterically, his ownHealing, 146:at the time of perfected liberation retains the position of an inverted lotus, with the stem of theHealing, 192:of development of the person concerned; their position is based on wishful thinking and on theHealing, 272:old proved techniques, some so fundamentalist in position that they refuse to investigate thatHealing, 283:or necessary unfoldments), and its contradictory position of using the energy of the mind forHealing, 286:of the various organs in the body and the position and nature of the centers governing the diseasedHealing, 288:handicaps the neophyte. Assume consciously the position that nothing is as yet really known anentHealing, 290:more personal and definite, and the man in a position to make or work off more causes and effects.Healing, 296:transient, constantly changing form-nature in a position of undue prominence, whereas - from theHealing, 298:God"; this signifies that They are not yet in a position to mount the Throne, symbolicallyHealing, 359:and hallucinatory. The healer is then in the position to enable the patient to throw off illusionHealing, 370:negative to the healer, and therefore in a position to be helped. This is done through the moreHealing, 398:would immediately repudiate. Let me here make my position clear as regards the great spiritualisticHealing, 405:last possible ounce of service that he is in a position to render to those still under the Law ofHealing, 437:be a statement of which few of you will be in a position to prove the accuracy. But surely, brother
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