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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - POSITION

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Healing, 483:- with its equally foolish cult of hereditary position. By the use of fire, all forms areHealing, 504:kingdom in nature, the human. We are now in a position (after this attempt to argue from theHealing, 568:The man, in his turn, no matter how low his position on the ladder of evolution, is conscious everHealing, 614:but today should be relegated to a minor position and below the threshold of consciousness. I haveHealing, 649:complains of distress. They are held in this position as long as the healer can hold the triangleHealing, 662:the form. This is the good in the Russian position as it wars on capitalism and lays an emphasisHealing, 700:one of the lower bodies, and therefore be in a position to distribute the healing force through twoHealing, 700:you should work and whether you are in a position to use a secondary technique. Then, havingHealing, 704:must himself determine) he should lie in such a position that the healer can hold his hands aboveHercules, 11:the form to find truth, and have brought us to a position of wide knowledge and at the same time toHercules, 63:to release Prometheus, thus putting him in a position to drive away the vultures. We come now toHercules, 72:are taught to be masters and are brought to the position of membership in the band of world serversHercules, 75:the aspirant to achieve. They bolster up their position by promises; they build up a strongHercules, 109:cycle, the aspirants of the race are in a position to begin to learn the lesson of service andHercules, 117:to serve, but only to obtain money, security or position. One seldom hears a sermon on the womanHercules, 182:goats, climb the mountain and exchange the position of follower to that of independent seekers.Hercules, 192:which we can call strictly human. That is the position of the humanist, as I interpret it; he takesHercules, 192:of the humanist, as I interpret it; he takes the position "Let us be truly human" before we attemptInitiation, 30:with the six other Kumaras, holds a similar position. These central seven are as the seven headInitiation, 39:considering them one might sum up their work and position as follows: They each embody one of theInitiation, 45:with Sanat Kumara - but he took hold of his position during the second subrace of the AtlanteanInitiation, 54:and for many decades held an authoritative position in Indian affairs. He works in closeInitiation, 79:yet one of the greatest tests as to the position of a man upon the Probationary Path is that whichInitiation, 87:of what lies ahead; the initiate is in a position at all times to recognize the other members ofInitiation, 91:energy, until the time comes when he is in a position scientifically to wield planetary force. TheInitiation, 104:life of the planet, and who holds the same position to the Lord of the World, Sanat Kumara, as theInitiation, 107:is present, but at the first two he holds a position similar to that held by the Silent Watcher,Initiation, 128:are held in the hands of the Initiator in his position of power, and at the stated seasons, theyInitiation, 139:of the heart and throat centers in their position of synthesizing the lower. When the One InitiatorInitiation, 169:is revealed to the initiate, and he then is in a position to study the microcosm under the law ofInitiation, 170:light. The law of karma. He is, after this, in a position to do two things, without which he cannotInitiation, 170:having been utilized, the initiate is now in a position to profit by this greater revelation, andInitiation, 172:through the knowledge imparted, is now in a position to understand his own triple lower nature, andInitiation, 173:and deva, is no longer a mystery, but their position in the body of the Heavenly Man is seen to beInitiation, 175:on this planet, and herein lies the clue to our position in the scheme of solar evolution. ThereInitiation, 187:the greater manvantara. They have their eventual position on the cosmic mental plane, but as yetInitiation, 192:The man who seeks initiation is in a different position, and having once made application has toIntellect, 51:of three points upon which the Oriental position is based, and which, if true, validate the entireIntellect, 53:Edition of 1923. The strictly Oriental position is given us by Dr. Radhakrishnan, of the UniversityIntellect, 78:little removed from the animal to his present position of mental attainment, scientific achievementIntellect, 111:for us by Meister Eckhart, and embodies the position of all the mystics in both hemispheres: Intellect, 120:the brain cells are all that there is, then the position of the materialistic thinker, that thoughtIntellect, 123:This approaches very close to the Oriental position which infers a " mind-stuff" which is thrownIntellect, 124:analytical reason follows, consolidating the position and making practicable the road for the restIntellect, 164:Binney, Instinct and Intuition, page 165. This position is closely paralleled with that of theIntellect, 184:and all pilgrims arrive at the same identical position on the Way. From this point of junction,Intellect, 208:he has to formulate a new method and take a new position. Few of us are so situated that we canIntellect, 218:or sit, or stand? The easiest and most normal position is the best always. The cross-leggedIntellect, 224:usually mental, because we are not yet in a position to be able to conceive of higher forms orIntellect, 230:observed me. Now for the first time I am in a position to see God. Up till now, I have beenIntellect, 250:on their foreheads and, therefore, to take the position that they are safe and the rest of theIntellect, 260:be a demonstration of the truth of the eastern position. It is causing a good deal of concern amongMagic, 32:[32] to the needed training we are in no position to deny or affirm anything. Our attitude shouldMagic, 45:that particular part of the web of life. The position in the body of the planetary Logos, forMagic, 59:becomes specific. Frequently then he reaches the position in which Arjuna found himself, confrontedMagic, 67:of everyday endeavor, as we are not yet in a position to comprehend in what way a soul can "scatterMagic, 68:triple eliminative process arrived at a certain position cases arise where choice still remains inMagic, 83:much by relegating things to their just position, and, by the removal of possessions, many haveMagic, 127:mind, and (at the same time) let us ever hold a position beyond and detached from the creative workMagic, 128:to yourself and thus clearly ascertain the true position. This question lies between a man's soulMagic, 140:to those who place the personal self and its position and power before the good of the group. ItMagic, 141:plane of the Universal Mind, and hence are in a position to cooperate intelligently. They, in theirMagic, 143:and the human family rises into its true position in the great plan of the universe, right andMagic, 168:He practically assumes, pro tem, the duties and position of Master. Magic, 273:and where there is analogously a wrong position upon the path to be followed into manifestedMagic, 330:they stand on no sure ground but are only in the position of seekers and enquirers, we have ourMagic, 337:process. They approach more nearly the occult position, but do not go so far. Then there are what IMagic, 340:on the shoulders of matter" back to its original position, plus the gain in quality which is theMagic, 341:of ebb in the case of those holding prominent position cause at times consternation to all thoseMagic, 349:consciousness expands, and one finds one's true position in the cosmic whole that the rewardMagic, 355:also that the mind can be made to assume the position of the controller, and that the sentientMagic, 392:however, eventually relegated to a subordinate position. God, for instance, can always andMagic, 418:seems to govern their activities, if their position is one of a determination to work in the groupMagic, 423:the introspective and the more purely oriental position, plus the conclusions of two new schoolsMagic, 425:you for yourselves whether you stand for the new position, the new attitude towards work, and forMagic, 464:posit a Thinker, and this is profoundly the position of the occult sciences. Our solar system is aMagic, 529:with his soul, then he automatically shifts his position in the human family and - again speakingMagic, 545:means literally that the magician must be in a position to discriminate between the differentMagic, 574:the student inquire [574] of himself whether the position he held mentally, and whether the wordsMagic, 601:such, he must assume and consistently hold the position of the Observer, detached from theMagic, 602:and thus arrive at a conscious awareness of his position in the spiritual hierarchy of Beings. SoMagic, 602:emphasis has been unwisely laid upon status and position in the so-called hierarchy of souls, thatMagic, 625:and by the supposed rectitude of one's own position, and yet all the time be influencedMeditation, 21:be given to the acquirement of scientific position and to the development of mind. IntellectualMeditation, 23:are the planes of the Ego. We will deal with the position of the causal body on these planes andMeditation, 43:about the future - that brings a man to the position of the perfect Server. And, may I suggest oneMeditation, 61:keying up. The aspirant composes himself to a position in which he can be unconscious of hisMeditation, 61:Slothfulness and laxness lead a man nowhere. The position most suitable for the average isMeditation, 166:use of his ray mantram, thereby adjusting his position in the scheme; he will follow this with theMeditation, 186:Therefore, we are brought logically to the position that there will be for these three types ofMeditation, 190:in practical experience, can the student be in a position to point the way to other searchers, andMeditation, 204:of Substance. This law puts the disciple in the position of wisely utilizing the universalMeditation, 232:thereby approximate in some measure the desired position. But today we come down to practicalMeditation, 266:He ranks then as the "Beloved of the Master," a position analogous to that which John, the belovedMeditation, 271:when the disciple moves on to the much coveted position of a "Son of the Master." He is then a partMeditation, 274:contact with [274] a Master and His group to a position of the closest intimacy, and to an attitudeMeditation, 274:for a while what this gradual changing of position has entailed on the part of the Master and whatMeditation, 278:and though his Ego [278] is fully aware of his position on the Path, not yet is the physical brainMeditation, 286:contrary vibrations and placing them in position diverse. Too much emphasis has been laid on thatMeditation, 298:hastening of the evolutionary process into a position where it will be safe to train him further.
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