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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - POSITION

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Meditation, 308:extant for some time Russia may then be in a position to house the headquarters for the morePatanjali, 13:effort of the soul to hold steadily the position of observer, or perceiver and of seer. When he canPatanjali, 50:of God comes into his birthright and takes the position of a knower, "One who has heard thePatanjali, 79:world) will gradually assume more and more the position of onlooker. His consciousness thereforePatanjali, 80:the seven. As the aspirant therefore assumes the position of the ruler of the senses and as thePatanjali, 120:entire lower threefold man, forcing him into a position where he is nothing but the vehicle for thePatanjali, 159:is this too which eventually brings him to the position where he seeks liberation. 3. ThePatanjali, 161:and the world of effects assumes a secondary position. He perceives first the forms in the threePatanjali, 182:Posture. Asana. Right Poise. Correct attitude. Position. This third means concerns the physicalPatanjali, 204:rebirth become evil and must be relegated to a position outside the life of the ego. That thePatanjali, 213:be said that it refers to a steady immovable position of the physical body when in meditation, aPatanjali, 214:posture is of the least importance, and that the position in which the aspirant can the soonestPatanjali, 214:It might be generally laid down that an upright position in a comfortable chair, with the spinePatanjali, 234:and to cognize their genus, qualities and position in space. 54. This intuitive knowledge, which isPatanjali, 292:is in the nature of an internal radiance, its position is in the head, in the neighborhood of thePatanjali, 363:much of time which an atom takes in leaving the position in space it occupies and reaching the nextPatanjali, 364:and to cognize their genus, qualities and position in space. The difficulty of this sutra will bePatanjali, 365:subjective as a result of spiritual urge. The position in space is that part of the body of thePatanjali, 365:a knowledge of: 1. Genus. 2. Quality. 3. Position in Space. Ray Character Place in body of HeavenlyPatanjali, 404:our thinking principle, would object to such a position. The objection could not bear examination,Patanjali, 412:Yoga Sutras, the mind is relegated simply to the position of an instrument, of an intermediary, ofProblems, 7:breaking of a law which has placed humanity in a position of positive guilt. War is the direProblems, 27:and that is the true horror of the isolationist position. Factually today we have one world andProblems, 34:menace to those countries which are in the happy position of being able to change their educationalProblems, 41:them what they, from the vantage point of their position, believe to be good for them. TheseProblems, 46:some people and some groups - through hereditary position or financial assets - are regarded as ofProblems, 54:with due reference to his heredity, his social position, his national conditioning, his environmentProblems, 69:may like to realize it, are not in so strong a position; they have not the same idealism or theProblems, 72:sheer ability or through inherited business position and they cannot avoid the responsibility ofProblems, 74:in power as the centuries slipped by yet the position of the employed man, woman or child remainedProblems, 77:powerful that many of them have shifted into the position of dictators and are exploiting the massProblems, 90:in human perceptiveness and in their position upon the ladder of civilization; this, however, isProblems, 91:demanding equal rights, equal votes and equal position. These smaller nations are afraid of theProblems, 93:Powers play politics and angle for place and position, the masses of the people in every land -Psychology1, 8:in manifestation at the time, we are then in a position to gauge our particular problem withPsychology1, 26:passing out, which puts six of the rays in the position of having their egos in manifestation.Psychology1, 88:rays 2. 4. 6., with the fifth ray in a peculiar position, as a central point of attainment, thePsychology1, 99:it only serves to break down the materialistic position. It is among the thinkers of the race thatPsychology1, 110:and call forth the teaching they receive. The position between me and those who are reading is notPsychology1, 163:animal, while the cat and dog occupy a similar position on the fourth and sixth rays respectively.Psychology1, 184:their numbers, and by the reputability of their position, they will carry their point. Through aPsychology1, 189:in the light, and will therefore be in a position to take advantage of that new light and newPsychology1, 211:is the fourth. This brings to mind the unique position which the number four occupies in thePsychology1, 222:of evolution, for only as man appreciates his position, midway between the higher three kingdomsPsychology1, 286:of the marriage relation to its intended position in the Mind of God. Today it is the marriage ofPsychology1, 304:the injunction as to celibacy is assuming the position of a religious doctrine. We are often toldPsychology1, 304:created by God to marry. That all are not in a position where they can today live normal and fullPsychology1, 347:The average reader would be wise to take the position that for him, at least, the informationPsychology2, 92:are associated, has a peculiar relation to the position of our solar system in the series of solarPsychology2, 104:with the soul and loses its separate quality and position. All that has been acquired throughPsychology2, 120:cross of sacrifice for so long a time that the position has become to him perfectly natural,Psychology2, 226:kingdom in nature, the human, occupies a unique position in this development. In the downward andPsychology2, 243:divine ideas, and thus itself occupies a midway position between the world of ideation and thePsychology2, 261:can Those on the inner side and if we were in a position to contrast the "light" of humanity as itPsychology2, 262:in the human consciousness. They are thus in a position to "prepare the way for the coming of thePsychology2, 276:is a positive, dynamic assumption of a certain position or attitude upon the battlefield of life.Psychology2, 276:of standing in spiritual being and taking a firm position upon the middle way between the pairs ofPsychology2, 292:is the urge towards victory, the holding of a position between the pairs of opposites, and thePsychology2, 294:Speaking technically, the extreme psychological position (as it is expressed in the BehavioristicPsychology2, 295:and careful thinking. Only initiates are in a position to sense, determine, or discover the naturePsychology2, 302:sacral fire or of the solar plexus force to a position above the diaphragm for the "lifting of thePsychology2, 356:and alert mental detachment that he will be in a position to use these formulas with understanding,Psychology2, 358:this via the third ray. This ray holds the same position to the other rays that the solar plexusPsychology2, 366:to admit defeat, taking with determination the position which St. Paul expressed in the words:Psychology2, 367:the divine aspects and are, consequently, in a position to understand. This series of spiritualPsychology2, 368:of the world at this time, who are in a position to discover that their personalities or theirPsychology2, 374:He shares in them all, yet retains his poised position at the center. Thus we can see that thePsychology2, 441:aware) will be relegated to a similar position and will drop below the threshold of consciousness.Psychology2, 456:is an avowed devotee, unable to retreat from his position. He can see nothing and believe nothingPsychology2, 469:influences of the Hierarchy, and thus is in a position to tap the stream of thought forms createdPsychology2, 493:and they would, if analyzed, substantiate the position of the esotericists. The origin of the wordPsychology2, 501:in certain activities, or he is in the position of the onlooker who sees actual sights,Psychology2, 512:its depression and its unhappiness? The whole position is the reverse of the problems ofPsychology2, 553:compete with the solar plexus center for the position of being the most important center and thePsychology2, 580:This relegation of the psychic powers to a position below the threshold of consciousness is thePsychology2, 617:and a belief that the one who criticizes is in a position to understand correctly and could - givenPsychology2, 621:and leave time to demonstrate the accuracy of my position. Curiously enough this whole subject ofPsychology2, 632:use whichever word we like) casts them for that position, and they become men of destiny. They findPsychology2, 638:lies in three factors: They occupy a midway position between the masses of men and the innerPsychology2, 643:and religions; they assume no attitude or position either for or against any existing government,Psychology2, 659:There is no thinking man today in prominent position who does not in his highest moments appreciatePsychology2, 664:public opinion that they will eventually be in a position definitely to affect world affairs. OnePsychology2, 666:objective if they are quarreling over place, position, and precedence? Personalities do not countPsychology2, 667:interpreters. That they may have high place and position, that they may be powerful and influentialPsychology2, 674:or form of control. This is their imperative position. For attack or counter-attack they have notPsychology2, 679:New Group of World Servers should then be in a position to mould public opinion. Psychology2, 681:antagonistic propaganda, and can regard their position as one which will enable them - in a veryPsychology2, 703:made it, it became necessary to stabilize the position and from the point then reached to lay plansRaysconsciousness within the head. From this central position the real man, the directing agency willRays, 8:the man, he is - by that very fact - put into a position of danger and should take steps to arrestRays, 10:The etheric body has a unique and curious position, being simply the vehicle for prana or life andRays, 25:these commands are issued by those who are in a position of authority or who seem to dominate orRays, 25:of authority or who seem to dominate or are in a position to enforce their wishes. Laws are occultRays, 27:activity In these words you have, therefore, the position of the personality indicated as it standsRays, 37:point to progressive point, finds itself in the position of intuitive interpreter and forceRays, 59:will or not. The inability to withdraw from the position taken is one of the first true results ofRays, 91:the Hierarchy has attained. The attitude and position of the members of the Hierarchy are notRays, 148:those who have taken initiation will be in a position to grasp the esoteric significance of theRays, 154:dependent upon his ray type. He then is in a position to discover the close interlocking thatRays, 182:these forces; this he can do because he is in a position to know the type of energy with which he
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