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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - POSITIVE

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Astrology, 31:The first constellation is the agent of positive force to the planetary Logos and the other theAstrology, 43:are all interrelated and are negative or positive to each other, as the case may be. As is statedAstrology, 50:or energy found at the heart of every atom, its positive aspect, and the sixth Hierarchy is theAstrology, 123:negative and the powers of the form nature are positive and beginning to find increasingly potentAstrology, 123:higher spiritual faculties, i.e. Negativity into positive soul control. [124] Mediumship intoAstrology, 124:Whether those mediums who are becoming more positive and more self-controlled and who are beginningAstrology, 166:through Pluto and Vulcan, is only felt in a positive manner upon the Path of Discipleship. ThisAstrology, 207:the disciple puts himself into the positive or conditioning environment [208] wherein the trialsAstrology, 233:the Sheep and the Goats, between negative and positive, and between those who blindly follow eitherAstrology, 234:is finally established and soul and body (positive and negative) are permanently related in theAstrology, 236:so-called right and wrong, between negative and positive and also between East and West. This lastAstrology, 236:required. The law must become the custodian of a positive righteousness and not simply theAstrology, 255:she represents cosmically the negative pole to positive spirit; she is the receptive agent whereAstrology, 270:of the One About Whom Naught May Be Said. The positive focal points for the seven major cosmicAstrology, 270:of the seven Creative Hierarchies. Related as positive poles to The seven Sisters or the sevenAstrology, 270:seven Rishis. Provide the negative pole to the positive aspect of the seven Rishis. Fuse with theAstrology, 270:aspect of the seven Rishis. Fuse with the positive energies of the Great Bear and, unitedly, workAstrology, 277:into activity and into usefulness to the positive Christ life, which is the agent of theAstrology, 350:will give you (even in this brief form) certain positive ideas of great importance, and willAstrology, 459:center. Dynamic expression of cyclic purpose. Positive qualified outgoing ray energy. Planetary,Astrology, 460:energy. Motivating, blended energy, neither positive nor negative. A responsive point of negativeAstrology, 462:in the higher triangle: The emanating point of positive conditioning energy. The point whichAstrology, 674:tie between the two planetary Logoi (one in a positive incarnation and the other in a negative)Astrology, 678:Saviors." (Vol. I, 717) "Kepler states as a positive fact that at the moment of the Incarnation (ofAstrology, 684:between the two schemes is due largely to their positive and negative polarity, and I pointed outAstrology, 686:stimulated. This was brought about through the positive polarity of the Heavenly Man of the EarthAtom, 34:matter is now demonstrated to be composed of a positive nucleus of energy, surrounded - just as isAtom, 34:of these negative electrons around their positive nucleus, and they rotate or move around thisAtom, 42:the same sense that each of us is an entity, or positive nucleus of force or life, holding withinAtom, 42:world problems. This concept of the atom as a positive demonstration of energy, holding within itsAtom, 42:you have simply a larger atom. He is a center of positive force, holding within the periphery ofAtom, 43:heart of the solar system, the sun, you have the positive center of energy, holding the planetsAtom, 48:belong (in which we are as the electrons to the positive charge), and of our then proceeding to doAtom, 61:of chemistry is a tiny sphere, or form, with a positive nucleus, which holds rotating around it theAtom, 78:a unit of force or energy consisting of a positive charge of electricity energizing a number ofAtom, 79:of these electrons around the central positive charge. From this we passed on to the considerationAtom, 91:or electrons. We have seen that man is the positive charge, and holds his multiplicity of atoms, orAtom, 98:human atom may also be considered as a central positive life, utilizing a form and demonstratingAtom, 111:and an attitude which is neither negative nor positive, but an equal balance between the two. InAtom, 120:speak about "centers of energy," "negative and positive force," and "electrical phenomena"; and theAtom, 122:is likewise a little system in itself, having a positive center, or central sun, with theAtom, 136:to us. We shall be Knowers. But this is a positive, not a negative thing, and means the putting ofAtom, 146:are attracted by a greater charge of energy, or positive electrical force (if you like to call itAtom, 147:life, what the electrons are to the central positive charge in the atom of substance. Then we sawAtom, 151:for their place within the group, and from being positive become negative in regard to a greaterAtom, 157:negative aspect, whose polar opposite, or the positive aspect, is their seven husbands, the sevenAutobiography, 151:I never attempt to combat fear. I take the positive position that I will live with my fears ifAutobiography, 164:negativity but I assume an attitude of intense, positive attention. I remain in full control of allBethlehem, 36:shall come a new Word." Every form has its positive center of life. Every organism is constructedDestiny, 45:prevent if possible because the moment there is positive intelligent understanding of the world onDestiny, 55:and feminine and others are masculine and positive. India, France, the United States of America,Destiny, 56:Great Britain and Italy are masculine and positive; they are mental, political, governing,Destiny, 57:and mental patterns are the negative and positive aspects of the personality of a man, a nation orDiscipleship1, 65:interpretations? By achieving that poised and positive negativity on the part of the two lowerDiscipleship1, 180:(except in moments of emergency) to assume a positive attitude - particularly towards the soul.Discipleship1, 180:soul. What is needed in your case is more of the positive vibration of the first ray line of force,Discipleship1, 184:brothers is somewhat negative, is it not? A more positive contact would be desirable. I do not hereDiscipleship1, 305:poise and quiet, yet at the same time, hold a positive attentiveness to the establishing of aDiscipleship1, 316:glamor - will let it in unless there is this "positive stiffening" - if I may use such a term. ItDiscipleship1, 504:to greater usefulness of life expression. Your positive and powerful temperament leads you to drawDiscipleship1, 504:and you are happier with them than with more positive people. When you can attract the positiveDiscipleship1, 504:more positive people. When you can attract the positive kind of people and find your major pleasureDiscipleship1, 545:based on a changed attitude of mind and a more positive inner focusing. This process of repudiatingDiscipleship1, 546:upon the mental plane. I point you to positive action in line with clarity of vision could you butDiscipleship1, 547:to be there, illuminating your mind, rendering positive and quiescent your astral nature, andDiscipleship1, 557:used for many cycles and their potency (in a positive sense) is wearing out, which is theDiscipleship1, 557:and the personal equipment has been the positive expression of the spiritual man. Then that lowerDiscipleship1, 557:the worn and weary vehicles, and gradually the positive nature of the soul takes hold. When this isDiscipleship1, 687:makes to a disciple, even though he may make positive statements about human affairs. TheseDiscipleship1, 697:of influence and a true, active Ashram is a positive force within the center which we callDiscipleship1, 703:it is not an Ashram. The magnetic pull of the positive center at the very heart of the group; thatDiscipleship1, 703:one firm organization (like electrons around the positive nucleus in an atom), the potency of theDiscipleship1, 748:disciples are concerned whose attitude should be positive and intelligent. [749] The Law ofDiscipleship1, 749:be positive and intelligent. [749] The Law of Positive and Negative Relationships underlies allDiscipleship1, 749:interim changes take place which make the higher positive to the lower and lead, therefore, to theDiscipleship2, 16:the blue disk. Whilst doing this, hold the mind positive and attentive, using simultaneously theDiscipleship2, 52:work in meditation has been essential. Its positive, attentive activity has been an essentialDiscipleship2, 93:kept waiting for admission to a definitely more positive penetrating in the Ashram when they passDiscipleship2, 153:this, not through a forced effort, but through a positive receptivity. This receptivity is broughtDiscipleship2, 206:or unconsciously - into a state of positive universal quiet, so that the formulation of spiritualDiscipleship2, 226:OF THE CHRIST Stage I After achieving a positive and intended personality quietness, formulateDiscipleship2, 228:HIERARCHICAL PURPOSES Stage I. After achieving a positive and intended personality quietness,Discipleship2, 396:and work out, the hierarchical Plan. This is the positive and not the negative aspect of theseDiscipleship2, 452:to refocusing. These phases of activity - both positive and negative - can be applied in allDiscipleship2, 475:during the next twelve months please act with a positive belief in yourself and, withoutDiscipleship2, 480:future emphasis, which will convey strength and positive assurance, and which will enable you toDiscipleship2, 482:it, those relationships with others, and a positive interplay with those you contacted, were everDiscipleship2, 489:negative attitude to the physical plane and your positive attitude to the inner planes will bring aDiscipleship2, 683:But it is not a personal matter. It is a positive protection, but does not lead to a negativeDiscipleship2, 685:the occult way. It is therefore a masculine or positive influence in its general effect, but itsDiscipleship2, 686:the pairs of opposites (the negative and positive factors) to study the following groupings: SpiritDiscipleship2, 686:to study the following groupings: Spirit - Positive Soul - Balancing Personality - Negative HigherDiscipleship2, 686:- Balancing Personality - Negative Higher mind - Positive Soul - The point of balance Lower mind -Discipleship2, 686:of balance Lower mind - Negative Lower mind - Positive Emotional nature - Field for balancing BrainDiscipleship2, 726:ideas of forward-thinking men, for you do no positive or original thinking of your own. GlamorDiscipleship2, 730:a negativity which made it difficult for any positive glamor to show itself; this greatly helped,Externalisation, 8:groups: Higher Psychism: Divine - Controlled - Positive - Intelligently applied - MediatorshipExternalisation, 14:to preserve inviolate the attitude of the positive onlooker, who is always the directing,Externalisation, 15:should be stabilized in the position [15] of the positive controlling factor. His clairvoyant andExternalisation, 32:level of consciousness. The intelligentsia are positive and their positive mental orientation
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