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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - POSITIVE

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Externalisation, 32:The intelligentsia are positive and their positive mental orientation produces the culture of theirExternalisation, 32:to desire - Civilization Intellectuals - Positive - responsive to mind - Culture In these you haveExternalisation, 33:the exoteric sense and in any [33] race or time. Positive to this group and giving them the keynoteExternalisation, 33:together negative in their turn to the positive impression of the deeper civilization and cultureExternalisation, 33:These latter are the glory of every age and the positive germ of the subjective unfolding impulseExternalisation, 33:their turn constitute the negative pole to the positive impression and energy of the planetary orExternalisation, 33:and religions - The Esotericists, in their turn Positive Groups - The Intelligentsia - TheExternalisation, 34:would be neither entirely negative nor entirely positive which prompted some of the Masters (WhoExternalisation, 34:and the impulsive, the negative and the positive, the material and the spiritual with such aExternalisation, 35:between the negative mass of mankind and the positive agency of the Hierarchy. That is the reasonExternalisation, 95:expectant. The spiritual center, the Hierarchy, positive, deliberate and munificent - ready andExternalisation, 118:unto themselves material forms, and had the positive spiritual element not attached itself to theExternalisation, 149:of manifestation) but Who are related to the positive spiritual pole is a new activity, and as yetExternalisation, 224:up the spiritual and the physical worlds in a positive relationship which is holding back theExternalisation, 230:without much questioning but refrained from positive action or the use of any influence. A fewExternalisation, 231:triumphing; they are, at this time, the point of positive attack by the Forces of Evil. It is notExternalisation, 235:to value the spiritual issues at stake to take positive action. And we, the teachers on the innerExternalisation, 245:Refuse to be afraid of any results of right and positive action. Fear lies behind much of theExternalisation, 246:of fact. Sympathy which does not produce positive action of some kind becomes a festering sore.Externalisation, 248:of world servers calls it now into a renewed positive activity. The rediscovery and the immediateExternalisation, 260:by divinity and inspired by God to accept positive leadership, and so make divine purpose a fact inExternalisation, 292:establishing of a nucleus of energy, spiritually positive, is the constant task of an Avatar. HeExternalisation, 321:the foundation for a stable peace - active and positive because the result of active and positiveExternalisation, 321:and positive because the result of active and positive action - after the Forces of Light have wonExternalisation, 428:of the ages), must be taught the ways of positive good, and a courageous championing ofExternalisation, 475:German people, ruled by a group of men of such positive selfishness and aggressive materialisticExternalisation, 544:the Jews - given [544] in a negative and not a positive form. The Christ endeavored to offset andFire, 4:SPIRIT 1st Person - Father, Life, Will, Purpose, Positive energy. SOLAR FIRE, or SOUL 2nd Person -Fire, 4:scientist is also triple, being composed of a positive nucleus, the negative electrons, and theFire, 98:in respect to the rays of the sun, and as [98] positive and expulsive in respect to the denseFire, 111:of the sphere of influence of any center of positive life. This includes the fire sphere ofFire, 156:force from without. Every atom is both positive and negative; it is receptive or negative where theFire, 156:where the inflowing force is concerned, and positive or radiatory where its own emanations areFire, 160:the subsequent extension of the influence of the positive point within the atom of matter till itsFire, 236:place between Themselves, the negative and the positive rays merging and fusing, forming then theFire, 280:strong. A negative planet will be attracted by a positive, and so on through all forms. This is theFire, 296:(and by this I mean their negative or positive interplay), then it will be revealed which areFire, 321:result from the presence of a certain number of positive atoms. This needs to be borne in mind. TheFire, 321:the involutionary stage that the rarity of the positive [322] atoms is very noticeable; they are soFire, 322:non-existent; all that will be left will be the positive atoms, or certain vortices of force whichFire, 323:only the head center is left, for it is the positive pole to all the others. This question of theFire, 323:centers (such as the base of the spine) are positive to all the others, not even excluding the headFire, 323:Likewise certain of the planetary schemes are positive and others negative; three of the schemesFire, 323:three of the schemes are dual, both negative and positive. The same can be predicated anent a solarFire, 323:in connection with the earth scheme we have a positive polarity of a temporary nature based on theFire, 323:tie between the two Heavenly Men - one in a positive incarnation and the other in a negative -Fire, 324:the relationship of the negative form to the positive Spirit is grasped, and their joint connectionFire, 325:if it is recollected that man is essentially positive in his own nature but his vehicles areFire, 325:are negative; hence he is the central unit of positive electricity that draws and holds to himFire, 325:and realize that these units called men (who are positive as regards their own vehicles) are butFire, 325:in mind again that the Heavenly Men are thus positive as regards the lesser lives, but in TheirFire, 325:the teaching given by H. P. B. Electric Fire - Positive - Spirit. Fire by Friction - Negative -Fire, 375:between the two schemes is due largely to their positive and negative polarity, and I pointed outFire, 378:stimulated. This was brought about through the positive polarity of the Heavenly Man of the EarthFire, 414:two units, or two polarities, negative and positive. The point of merging was reached, and theFire, 432:and negative and are thus responsive to the positive influence of the planetary Logos. One furtherFire, 439:our planet and all thereon will become positive and non-receptive, and will temporarily repulseFire, 441:as a negative force and the other as a positive. The fifth Kumara, the Lord of the seventh Ray (forFire, 459:- the animal kingdom and the human became positive to each other, and repulsion instead ofFire, 467:The matter of the plane becomes receptive to positive force for the feminine or deva aspect, beingFire, 467:being negative, becomes responsive to the positive energy of the Heavenly Man. This energy, findingFire, 477:macrocosmic, the central life corresponds to the positive charge of electrical force predicated byFire, 477:atom. The lesser atoms which revolve round their positive center, and which are at present termedFire, 478:factors. Basically it is the result of the inner positive nucleus of force or life reaching such aFire, 478:is dual, and is in itself both negative and positive: positive as regards its own form, butFire, 478:and is in itself both negative and positive: positive as regards its own form, but negative asFire, 479:sphere. Every atom therefore is [479] both positive and negative, - it is an electron as well as anFire, 479:a fanning and care and development of the inner positive nucleus, a period of incubation or of theFire, 479:becoming itself negative and seeking the positive. This is occultly obscuration, the going-out ofFire, 480:First: aid in the transmutation of his own positive atomic center from the human into theFire, 482:electrical energy, concerning Themselves with positive electricity, or with the energy of theFire, 482:positive electricity, or with the energy of the positive nucleus of force within the atom, whetherFire, 488:in hand: First. The white Brother deals with positive electrical energy. The dark Brother dealsFire, 490:working and will center his attention upon the positive nucleus. By increasing its vibration, itsFire, 491:itself, which produces an intensification of the positive burning center, and the consequent escapeFire, 492:science, and investigation of the nature of positive electricity has become possible through theFire, 506:The causal body is produced by means of the positive life, or fire, of the Spirit (electric fire)Fire, 514:atom has a position relatively close to the positive center, and the force plays through it, andFire, 514:these two points - circulating around their positive center - also approach each other, blend,Fire, 514:other, blend, merge, and dissolve. The center of positive life gathers or synthesizes the threeFire, 515:in each of the three sheaths; and third, as the positive nucleus of force which holds together theFire, 517:of the Deva Lord and coming under the control of positive life. This concerns the evolution ofFire, 523:must be carefully studied. Brahma is the positive life of matter; He is the revelation of substanceFire, 524:man has found out how to contact and utilize positive solar electricity in combination withFire, 527:force points. [527] A permanent atom is the positive nucleus or germ substance to the sheathFire, 527:I, 108.) Negative force forms a receptacle for positive force. Atoms are but force centers, and theFire, 528:simply a force center produced by the action of positive force and its interaction with negativeFire, 536:it will be seen that we have dealt with the positive force in all negative forms above, andFire, 538:with the subsequent liberation of the central positive Life or Fire. 76 The Egoic Lotus "...theFire, 560:place to the broader concept of negative and positive energy as the two aspects of the One Energy.Fire, 560:of the male and female, the negative and the positive, on the physical plane - will be redeemed andFire, 560:An embodied idea, therefore, is literally a positive impulse, emanating from mental levels, andFire, 560:form, as constructed by man, is the union of a positive emanation and a negative. These two are theFire, 575:On the path of evolution this law controls the positive aspect of the process. All is rhythm andFire, 575:Monads, and only in the three worlds, follow the positive line, and by resistance, struggle, battleFire, 590:Man, working along [590] the lines of more positive development. The abstract Rays do a similarFire, 590:The abstract Rays do a similar work on the positive human hierarchy, tending towards a moreFire, 600:Rays will always be the dual Rays - the negative-positive Rays, the masculine-feminine Rays - thisFire, 612:Builders - those who are in themselves positive force, and those which are negative force, theFire, 612:of Electricity. The greater Builders are the positive aspect of substance or of electrical
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