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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - POSITIVE

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Fire, 1134:the negative force which when energized by the positive is seen as the mental unit. This energyFire, 1134:we have: The energy of the mental unit - positive. The energy of the astral permanent atom -Fire, 1135:E - Motion on the Plane of Mind Each kingdom is positive to the one next below it, and between themFire, 1135:which bridges the two, and connects the positive and the negative. The types of most intense rajasFire, 1141:a negative force impelled into activity by a positive force and demonstrating as a combination ofFire, 1141:in the fact that some forms are negative-positive, others positive-negative, whilst still othersFire, 1141:that some forms are negative-positive, others positive-negative, whilst still others are at theFire, 1153:as the negative basis for the reception of positive electric energy. This electric energy is ableFire, 1158:aspect of fire, and is the recipient of a positive fire. As the various types of fire blend, merge,Fire, 1166:the Law of Synthesis is the basic law of the positive pole, but the Law of Attraction is the lawFire, 1167:electron; the Law of Synthesis is the Law of the positive central life; whilst the Law ofFire, 1169:The negative planetary lives with the positive ones earlier pointed out. The systemic marriage, orFire, 1186:Spiritual Sun. Cosmic Will. Electric Fire. Positive. 2. Causal Body. Lotus (two petalled). Heart ofFire, 1186:his own plane). Systemic Will. Electric Fire. Positive. 2. Planetary Causal Body. Lotus. EgoicFire, 1186:Monad. Spirit. Atma-Buddhi. Electric Fire. Positive Force. 2. Human Causal Body. Lotus. SolarFire, 1186:Heat. ATOMS: 1. Atom. Nucleus. Plane Deva. Positive. Electric. 2. Atomic Unit of Form. Sphere.Fire, 1201:are all interrelated and are negative or positive to each other as the case may be. As is stated inFire, 1207:or energy found at the heart of every atom, its positive aspect, and the sixth Hierarchy is theFire, 1208:sequence: Negative energy. Equilibrated energy. Positive energy. The positive lives of oneFire, 1208:Equilibrated energy. Positive energy. The positive lives of one hierarchy become the negative livesFire, 1208:as the negative blends and merges into the positive, and the positive becomes the negative pole ofFire, 1208:blends and merges into the positive, and the positive becomes the negative pole of a higherFire, 1209:which is the expression of logoic energy and a positive emanation, and a hierarchy which is aFire, 1209:negative emanation of the Logos, upon which His positive energy impresses itself, driving thatFire, 1210:that all the response they can make to the positive vibration of the seventh Hierarchy is simply toFire, 1213:in the human kingdom was stimulated into a positive agency through the power of the will. ThatFire, 1214:should hold the following place: Buddhic force - Positive. Human energy - Equilibrized. AnimalFire, 1214:energy - Negative. Or, to word it otherwise, the positive controlling factor in the human groupFire, 1215:of all atoms and affects the relation of that positive center to all within its sphere ofFire, 1217:the process or [1217] method whereby an atom (positive in its own centralized life) graduallyFire, 1217:becomes responsive and receptive to the positive life of the group. Law 4. The Law of Repulsion.Fire, 1226:in this [1226] system, electric fire. For the positive central life of every form is but anFire, 1235:aspect or life. Then, finally, there is the positive aspect, the energy responsible for theFire, 1245:nor the soul but only the spiritual point of positive life which in the human unit we call theGlamour, 28:of your individual group influence, for the positive auras subordinate the negative auras. What isGlamour, 28:auras. What is required is a combination of positive auras, deliberately subordinated to groupGlamour, 119:in a clear and satisfactory manner, both are non-positive physically, but the causes producingGlamour, 134:of spiritual objectives and of definite positive brotherly activity lies behind every outer form. IGlamour, 155:effort and of attempted control, the Dweller is positive and the Soul is negative in their effectsGlamour, 155:and the soul or psyche becomes dominant and positive. Glamour, 156:it might be noted that: [156] Leo - controls the positive Dweller. Gemini - controls the processesGlamour, 209:effort to bring to a point of illumination the positive light of the mind and the negative light ofGlamour, 217:power of the soul is retained and held by the positive personality, for a negative attitude is notGlamour, 218:with the mind held in steadiness and with a positive orientation. Again the Sacred Word is soundedGlamour, 228:members attempt to set up that magnetic field of positive receptive activity (note here theGlamour, 231:as souls with mind and brain held steady and positive in the light. Their blended [232] light isGlamour, 242:the physical plane; they make him negative or positive to various types of impacting energy; theyGlamour, 255:take negatively polarized people and make them positive. In the West, the races are as a wholeGlamour, 255:positive. In the West, the races are as a whole positive in attitude and need no such training asGlamour, 255:is concerned. Generalizing, the occidental is positive and needs the directive force of the soulHealing, 17:for the outer results. He is trained to be positive and active, and this is a great step in theHealing, 17:and the newest method is that of calling into positive activity a man's own soul. The true and theHealing, 35:the negative energy of the personality, and the positive energy of the soul. Thus he is anHealing, 52:have to be drawn up. There would be required the positive analysis of the astral forces as theyHealing, 53:eventually have for each person: [53] A positive analysis of the personality forces, primarily ofHealing, 53:both the above, but combining also the record of positive soul expression. In these tabulations andHealing, 72:producing good and bad results, negative or positive results, as the case may be. This is a factHealing, 92:to a submissive non active life, but it is a positive acceptance (in thought and in practicalHealing, 109:the evolving human Hierarchy is masculine or positive, yet that is no guarantee that all that isHealing, 141:ramifications are the negative aspects of the positive energies which condition or are attemptingHealing, 143:or of the personality. Each is therefore both positive and negative; each can be described as aHealing, 154:center. In that center the negative and the positive creative energies are embodied in the separateHealing, 307:or as it leaves it (when its effect will be positive in some way or another). When the difficultyHealing, 310:of disease. It is again the negative and the positive aspects brought into a relation whichHealing, 316:are a lower correspondence of the negative-positive relation existing in the brain between the twoHealing, 322:within the physical body. This, when present and positive, protects. When it is negative and weak,Healing, 335:life of matter and the living energy of the positive etheric body, are brought together, and then aHealing, 369:one may extract either the negative or the positive ions, and that patients exposed to theHealing, 369:a feeling of exhilaration was experienced; that positive ions increased the blood pressure andHealing, 369:is the story of the relation of the negative and positive aspects of the living process. CertainHealing, 369:however, I can point out: The negative and positive ions with which the scientist deals are ethericHealing, 370:the patient can only truly be helped when the positive radiation of the healer overcomes theHealing, 453:of self-determination, the central nucleus of positive energy by means of which all the atoms ofHealing, 527:harmlessness." This, we are told, involves a positive expression of poise, an inclusive point ofHealing, 552:will function in unison; this will entail a positive relationship between the two. When the patientHealing, 555:and so decentralized from his own identified and positive consciousness, that inadvertently he hasHealing, 555:head center, and thus keep a steady flow of the positive energy of love pouring out towards theHealing, 649:negative, and the fiction that the right hand is positive and the left hand is negative will haveHealing, 670:activity is goodwill. That motive might lead to positive and sometimes disagreeable action orHercules, 42:form and the form itself; between the two poles, positive and negative; between spirit and matter;Hercules, 52:that of the union of the soul and the form, the positive spirit aspect and the negativeHercules, 65:the one male, the other female; one, the positive, spirit aspect, and the other, the negative,Hercules, 104:the two polarities, masculine and feminine, positive and negative. In this constellation is theHercules, 122:of the personality. This warning is covered in a positive statement by the Tibetan: "The basis ofIntellect, 58:world, via the senses. Becoming increasingly positive, it slowly and surely begins to dominate theIntellect, 112:keen and vital interest. The meditation has been positive in its method and has not led to aIntellect, 130:been forgotten and the brain held in a state of positive receptiveness, ready to be swept intoIntellect, 134:phenomena, vibration and states of being. He is positive, active and self-reliant, and the brainIntellect, 135:negated. If the student is not naturally of the positive mental type, some serious, persistent,Intellect, 135:and psychism flourishes. The mind, therefore, positive, alert and well-controlled, is carriedIntellect, 137:world, the mind and brain are held steady and positive, oriented to the soul, and according to theIntellect, 209:they can and do enter into that state of silent positive concentration which enables them to reachIntellect, 214:the mind. The brain consciousness is held in a positive waiting condition with all its reactions toIntellect, 214:Then a magnetic field is set up between the positive soul aspect and the waiting personality whichIntellect, 220:there is a bringing together of negative and positive energy, and that by this means we produce theIntellect, 230:I have been negative to this divine Reality. The positive relation is becoming possible. But - thisIntellect, 231:interest." Verses should be chosen which are positive in their effect. Those that induce a waitingMagic, 8:Spirit - Matter Life - Form Father - Mother Positive - Negative Darkness - Light Students mustMagic, 25:of the Wisdom, the nature of the spirit, or that positive center of life which every form hides isMagic, 85:and receptive to the soul, and this is his positive occupation (note the use here of the word
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