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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - POSSESSES

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Astrology, 63:in exoteric astrology, though the Hierarchy possesses the needed information and it will be madeAstrology, 348:as a fully self-identified individual, yet possesses simultaneously a fully awakened universalAstrology, 403:bewildered let him remember that potentially he possesses the creative ability to build andAstrology, 417:intricate, interwoven network which he himself possesses and to which [418] he gives the nameAutobiography, 102:aristocracy is a great asset to the nation that possesses it. All these factors have a right andBethlehem, 112:at work everywhere. Everything is alive and possesses a soul. The world is full of spirits, ofBethlehem, 270:every power he has, every gift and talent he possesses, and every moment of his being. Today theDiscipleship1, 285:of mine? The integrated personality which possesses no spiritual objective, no mystical sense andDiscipleship1, 537:need the intuitive understanding which the soul possesses, and they need it displayed through love,Discipleship2, 279:is the hallmark of the initiate, and this he possesses even if his practical knowledge of mundaneDiscipleship2, 313:these three aspects of mind he discovers that he possesses the "three keys" which will permit himExternalisation, 195:he has vision, but at the same time he possesses no sense of fusion with other peoples. There is noFire, 529:of the fact earlier stated that the mental unit possesses but four of the streams of force. Each ofGlamour, 126:the Path of Initiation, if he so desires and possesses the required fortitude. In the lastGlamour, 139:the soul, which - like a pure dispelling beam - possesses the curious and unique quality ofHealing, 83:the most important response apparatus which man possesses, producing not only the right functioningHealing, 529:which no healer in the world at this time possesses, no matter what his claim may be. Again I say,Healing, 553:the very small measure of free will which he possesses; it means the imposition of the authority ofHealing, 619:is identified monadically with its source, and possesses (when brought in contact with its petals)Healing, 702:his attention in his own ray. When he only possesses general and not specific knowledge of his ownHercules, 25:is one of the greatest assets that the disciple possesses. With the aid of Neptune and the rapidHercules, 30:that Diomedes, the son of Mars, the god of war, possesses a large number of brood mares. These wereHercules, 37:Any would-be Hercules can easily prove that he possesses these devastating brood mares, if for oneHercules, 93:is an animal, and in company with the animal, he possesses the quality of instinct and ofHercules, 93:is rational; he can analyze, criticise, and he possesses that something which we call the mind, andHercules, 167:and he may have triumphed in Scorpio, he still possesses an emotional nature, and he finds that theIntellect, 42:there is an entity, called the human being, who possesses a mind, a set of emotions and a responseIntellect, 53:mechanism, of purusha and prakriti... Every ego possesses within the gross material body, whichIntellect, 56:through which Deity seeks to express itself. He possesses a [57] vital body, responsive toIntellect, 134:as the dawn is between the night and the day, possesses something both of the one and of the other.Intellect, 147:West have familiarized man with the idea that he possesses a mind; they have brought him to anIntellect, 233:its more brilliant brother behind, because it possesses the capacity to keep on going on. SporadicIntellect, 237:beginner and will eventually lead him - if he possesses persistence - to the genuine practice ofMagic, 224:of wisdom and of purity that the disciple possesses, or it may be a long and protracted emotionalMagic, 488:it as an incubus, or, in the meantime, already possesses more than he needs and is satiated andMagic, 580:the soul has registered the desired quality and possesses the strength of the Timeless One and theMagic, 609:God in physical incarnation but as one who also possesses that continuity of consciousness whichMagic, 613:to sense dimly the world of illusion and possesses certain psychic powers and senses whichMeditation, 92:and instincts as, for instance, whether he possesses an occidental or an oriental type of body. HisPatanjali, 68:upon [68] the wonderful film which every man possesses. It is circumscribed and limited. EthericPatanjali, 214:the aspirant can the soonest forget that he possesses a physical body is the best. It might bePatanjali, 346:- anima. This is the power which the yogi possesses to become as small as an atom, to identifyPatanjali, 418:of the ideal and bends every power which he possesses to the work of bringing that ideal intoPsychology1, 90:careful selection, man has developed; he now possesses a mechanism which is responsive to thePsychology1, 91:every man harbors the germs of trouble. No man possesses a perfect mechanism, but owns one thatPsychology1, 188:under the impulse of brotherhood, and which possesses a realization of a brotherhood which is basedPsychology1, 309:gives man the capacity to suffer which no animal possesses, but which also confers on him thePsychology1, 337:love itself, and into the freedom of the one who possesses all things, and yet desires nothing forPsychology2, 202:the lower types of human beings, and it possibly possesses immortality, but that is not provablePsychology2, 235:the time. He must ever remember that he himself possesses a psychical nature which is a part of aPsychology2, 435:the creative, imaginative life of man. It also possesses centers of force which are counterparts ofPsychology2, 654:into another provides no real solution. Whoever possesses the money at any particular time wieldsRays, 155:control of energy (and this the black adept also possesses), purity of motive (which the blackRays, 348:point out also that even the black magician possesses these qualities, for they are the sine quaRays, 435:and one that engrosses every power which he possesses. This, for the time being, is true and -Rays, 663:and of monadic control which increasingly possesses the soul-infused personality. This higherRays, 711:of the three worlds. Nevertheless he still possesses awareness of all past events and knows now whyReappearance, 16:far in his reaction to both good and evil and possesses a far more sensitive response apparatusSoul, 41:determine what function, if any, the pineal body possesses. Is it indispensable to life, or does itSoul, 83:mechanism, of purusha and prakriti... Every ego possesses within the gross material body, whichSoul, 131:as a working hypothesis that man is a soul and possesses a body, and that there is a unifyingTelepathy, 89:of his Ashram in person. He, by that time, possesses what has been called "the freedom of theTelepathy, 90:he is created to receive impression and that he possesses a mechanism of response to all [91] theTelepathy, 115:be seen in the ability which the human mechanism possesses to tune out all contacts and impressionsTelepathy, 165:points" of energies where the etheric body possesses seven triangles or transformed points. FromTelepathy, 178:other; yet each of these differentiated forms possesses its own differentiated life, its own unique
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