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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - POSSESSIONS

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Astrology, 511:- Prana. Expenditures - Use of energy. Possessions - Control of the form. Losses - Withdrawal fromAutobiography, 30:valued me and my development more than her own possessions. I was not, as you can see, a niceBethlehem, 153:form of man, actuated by desire for material possessions and comfort. Zophar the Naamathite meansDestiny, 34:next two centuries: The problem of territorial possessions which is the group correspondence withinDestiny, 120:based consistently upon the attractive power of possessions and this has led to the aggressive andDestiny, 121:and the acquisition of more land and territorial possessions has not been the true and the mainDiscipleship1, 404:heart is not always the most helpful of possessions. A loving heart is always helpful. You learntDiscipleship1, 569:- the life which lays its emphasis upon material possessions? You stand alone now and like it not.Discipleship2, 536:clear exposition. Ideas become individual possessions as you think them and write them down, andDiscipleship2, 572:men and women whose lives are preoccupied with possessions, with the social amenities and whoEducation, 41:conditions, with the object of increasing possessions, with bettering worldly situations,Externalisation, 120:to the processes of increasing their material possessions. The stage of civilization (which isExternalisation, 129:synthesis of humanity, and not place national possessions, frontiers, culture, power and ambitionExternalisation, 177:of death and injury, and of the loss of all possessions is added to these problems, where theExternalisation, 215:of any other rights, historical and legal possessions or the will of anyone. The forces ofExternalisation, 267:from them - by force and fear - their dearest possessions, liberty of life and conscience. AllExternalisation, 463:sense of the spiritual values; cease regarding possessions and earthly existence as of majorExternalisation, 471:theological concepts, seeking political power or possessions, emphasizing stone buildings andExternalisation, 498:all human slavery, all need to work or fight for possessions and things, and will render possible aGlamour, 45:their illusions as their prized and hard won possessions. The very recognition, in its turnGlamour, 74:from the thralldom of money and the love of possessions. Today that higher rhythm is commensurateGlamour, 75:and real happiness. The gluttonous desire for possessions is not regarded as so reputable a desireGlamour, 75:hands as earlier in racial history. Things and possessions are slipping out of the hands which haveGlamour, 75:would do well to remember that all forms of possessions and all material objects, whether it isGlamour, 95:of oneness is sought in the realm of material possessions, and in the establishing of a center ofGlamour, 212:(prior to the war) was the emphasis put upon possessions and the belief that happiness wasHealing, 231:extraneous to the body, towards material possessions and towards that which (when seen and coveted)Healing, 439:master of his surroundings, the director of his possessions and the one who is the breath itself,Healing, 484:ancient mummies, and bring them and their possessions to light. Where cremation is the rule, thereHercules, 145:hand. The love of comfort, luxury and outer possessions still grows apace. The pursuit of money asHercules, 146:a brake upon such striving. Clogged down with possessions and blunted by the beguiling sense ofHercules, 187:to get the better things; between those who grab possessions for themselves, those who hoard andIntellect, 17:of physical comforts, and the accumulation of possessions. In the East, where the spiritualIntellect, 65:may be either for the acquisition of those possessions [66] which the personality desires, or forIntellect, 66:or for those heavenly and transcendental possessions which the soul craves. Whichever it may be,Intellect, 66:to them; they importune high Heaven for those possessions - material or spiritual - which they feelMagic, 83:to their just position, and, by the removal of possessions, many have learnt the value ofMagic, 162:must be superseded by aspiration for those possessions which are the joy of the soul - wisdom, loveMagic, 263:be, centered in flesh, in lust for gold, in possessions concrete. He bends all his energies to theMagic, 479:to such an extent that the united desire for possessions and for the enjoyment of form drove menMagic, 481:focused on his personal acquisition of possessions, and directed entirely to the attainment of hisPatanjali, 67:and aloof, freed from limitations imposed by possessions and belongings. This is covered in manyPatanjali, 185:fact of actual physical appropriation of others' possessions. II Astral Nature 4. Abstention fromProblems, 12:to the good of the whole. Emphasis upon worldly possessions or extensive territory is no sign ofProblems, 13:history, the holding on to material, national possessions at the expense of other people will seemProblems, 23:Their continued emphasis upon territorial possessions blinds their eyes to the true value of theirProblems, 24:Although the problem of boundaries, possessions, territories, colonies, and material undertakingsProblems, 37:citizens in "making a living", in accumulating possessions and in being as comfortable andProblems, 38:living is far too high from the standpoint of possessions and far too low from the angle of theProblems, 39:of selfishness and an inherent love of material possessions. This has produced our modernProblems, 72:they surround themselves with beauty, luxury and possessions and shut their eyes to the poverty,Problems, 79:of sensed need, the desire for goods and possessions, the desire for material comfort, for theProblems, 88:it cultivates pride of race, of history, of possessions and of cultural progress and breeds anProblems, 168:upon the accumulation of riches and material possessions and which leave all the power and thePsychology1, 173:must be taught that the longing to increase possessions is a deterrent to real expansion. ThusPsychology1, 312:torn between desire for the worldly life, for possessions and experience, and the attractive powerPsychology1, 389:material aspect of life, upon pageantry, upon possessions, and upon money as a symbol of that whichPsychology1, 393:acquisitiveness of the nation and its love of possessions which it attracts to itself through thePsychology1, 397:having reached the Gates of Light, loved the possessions of the world more than they loved thePsychology1, 397:the fruits of mind, and seek your power in wide possessions, but have no sure abiding place.Psychology2, 100:of the materially-minded towards material possessions. There is, secondly, the instinct towards anPsychology2, 104:ourselves, to detach ourselves from achieved possessions. This law works out in many ways, and itPsychology2, 567:towards the world of tangible things - minerals, possessions and other material objects, forPsychology2, 705:over the American continent and of whose possessions the white race took charge. This then is theRays, 102:master of his surroundings, the director of his possessions, and the one who is the breath itself,Rays, 187:or force directions: Material desire for possessions. Desire for that which is owned by others. ToRays, 611:human pride, territorial grabbing, and material possessions. Rays, 649:well-being and physical comfort, plus material possessions, as the true goal of all human effort.Rays, 676:the material world, material comfort, material possessions and material enterprises; to this theRays, 676:desire for material well-being, for territorial possessions and for planned governmental andReappearance, 20:gain a proper sense of value; cease regarding possessions and earthly existence as of major
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