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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - POSSIBILITIES

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Healing, 77:The endocrinologist is only beginning to glimpse possibilities, and much that he is now consideringHealing, 110:has a closed mind; he over-emphasizes the divine possibilities to the exclusion of the material orHealing, 120:It is but a distorted [120] reflection of divine possibilities. The thwarted soul, seeking fullHealing, 134:true. It is but a distorted reflection of divine possibilities. The thwarted soul, seeking fullHealing, 191:These systems present as immediate, demonstrable possibilities the stage of final liberation [192]Healing, 305:body, the age of the soul and the karmic possibilities. I would ask you not to misinterpret theHealing, 320:upon a right understanding of the spiritual possibilities of death. Healing, 350:I would point out that true techniques and the possibilities of organized soul action are alwaysHealing, 358:We might cite the following from among several possibilities which account for the happening: TheHealing, 376:which will make their presence felt and lead to possibilities beyond the dreams of investigatorsHealing, 379:subtle phenomena will come the new idea and possibilities. Does it mean anything to you when I sayHealing, 517:Theoretically, some dim vision of the inherent possibilities may be sensed, but the consciousnessHealing, 533:true. It is but a distorted reflection of divine possibilities. The thwarted soul, seeking fullHealing, 558:for 1 seek only to give indication of future possibilities. I seek also to foment distrust in theHealing, 563:give the experimenting healer a clue to certain possibilities which are responsible for theHealing, 564:true. It is but a distorted reflection of divine possibilities. The thwarted soul, seeking fullHealing, 565:This is but a distorted reflection of divine possibilities. I have shown that disease isHealing, 594:[594] Under all these relationships there are possibilities of difficulties, resulting in anHealing, 644:both techniques and whose range of contacts and possibilities of usefulness are far greater thanHercules, 146:The experience of Hercules indicates that such possibilities exist, and that he who would subdueInitiation, viii:are some who are interested, yet who feel the possibilities involved are too far advanced for them,Initiation, 101:possible. His dreams and ideals become, not possibilities, but demonstrating facts inInitiation, 188:this way, and the prospect holds out glorious possibilities. The seven stars of the Pleiades areIntellect, 5:where words prove futile to embody the intuited possibilities. Intellect, 21:a process of evoking the deeper, generative possibilities that lie within the individual." - H.A.Intellect, 34:not seem possible that we have exhausted the possibilities of man's response apparatus, nor of theIntellect, 209:the solution does not lie in renunciation of the possibilities to which men in earlier races andMagic, 7:effects, and pointing to the future and its possibilities, and to the nature of the unfoldingMagic, 32:For you they should be regarded as significant possibilities and hints as to the direction in whichMagic, 131:to be employed. A vision is given of tremendous possibilities and indications are also granted ofMagic, 131:are also granted of the manner in which these possibilities may become facts, but beyond that theMagic, 294:the complexity of his problem and hence all the possibilities growing out of those expansions ofMagic, 294:the registering and recording of those infinite possibilities which these avenues of realizationMagic, 618:Their recognition of their own latent possibilities is now so strong that they over-estimateMeditation, 10:and to contact within his consciousness possibilities and ideals undreamed of hitherto. He has comeMeditation, 88:a warning note, to point out certain dangerous possibilities, and to put the student on his guardMeditation, 92:conditions, to warn against certain disastrous possibilities, and to caution the pupil againstPatanjali, 150:of the sons of men. It is the unknown and its possibilities that we fear both for ourselves andPatanjali, 268:will be dual, revealing first, the latent possibilities to be unfolded through the medium of thePatanjali, 268:the form contemplated, and secondly, the latent possibilities capable of unfoldment in the presentPatanjali, 316:It makes a man aware of certain hypotheses, possibilities and explanations. It gives to him anPatanjali, 352:elements and when this is realized, the infinite possibilities open to the aspirant, begin toPatanjali, 358:on the preparatory stages and hints at further possibilities. Here the first basic requirement isPatanjali, 361:for such disciples are apt to be allured by the possibilities of power which the possession ofPatanjali, 426:carrying with it potential powers and latent possibilities, has developed them to their full extentProblems, 32:of the immediate problem and of the immediate possibilities, plus a willingness to effect thoseProblems, 60:therefore be worked out which will present the possibilities of human living in such a manner thatProblems, 83:undertaking of right human relations and in the possibilities immediately ahead. The note to beProblems, 90:development, in physical stamina, in creative possibilities, in understanding, in humanProblems, 109:circumstances of the Negro. We might express the possibilities as follows: Will the Negroes ofProblems, 110:spiritual assets, cultural values and creative possibilities. The innate endowment of the Negro isProblems, 162:of this is surely apparent. Let us indicate the possibilities of such a spiritual happening, andPsychology1, 96:years ago, was to demonstrate the divine possibilities and powers latent in every human being. ThePsychology1, 161:personality, expressing genius and the creative possibilities of a coordinated physical, emotionalPsychology1, 203:on this ray would plan wisely and foresee possibilities; he would have an intuition as to the bestPsychology1, 233:appreciation of resemblance and of identical possibilities increases step by step. It is only byPsychology1, 273:climatic condition presents totally different possibilities under another. Polygamy, promiscuityPsychology1, 281:out through the human family. Perhaps all three possibilities may be found simultaneously on ourPsychology1, 313:ages, incarnated as the guarantee of the future possibilities. The Hierarchy of Angels and ofPsychology1, 333:a discussion of certain speculative subjective possibilities. It might therefore be noted that thePsychology2, 291:unevolved or the highly developed) the following possibilities: Ray One In unevolved Man The willPsychology2, 362:for the four minor rays, and glimpse the possibilities which they may unfold. We will emphasize inPsychology2, 422:are clear. The conflict has begun and two possibilities lie ahead: Eventual acquiescence of aPsychology2, 453:correspondences to the centers, plus a grasp of possibilities and of opportunities. These resultsPsychology2, 457:the moment a man's vision of other and greater possibilities becomes dim or begins to fade out, thePsychology2, 457:to the exclusion of all other points of view or possibilities, that moment the seeds ofPsychology2, 469:into physical manifestation, letting all other possibilities drop. In this way, he can begin againPsychology2, 470:people. They are occupied with so many possibilities that they end by achieving nothing. One planPsychology2, 470:to deal. Its manifestation and implications and possibilities impress him as so vast that he arguesPsychology2, 486:the inclusive investigation of the alternative possibilities to the voice of God. Mystics of allPsychology2, 487:of the psychological conditions and possibilities and that unless the mentality of the race isPsychology2, 489:astral plane. These cover such a wide range of possibilities that it is not possible for me toPsychology2, 495:for the race and thus see them as desirable possibilities. Having thus indicated the scope of ourPsychology2, 531:the world and of the mystical vision, of divine possibilities and personality potencies, of love inPsychology2, 533:of the mystic. He then becomes aware of life possibilities and of the wide field which [534]Psychology2, 552:vagus nerve which controls it. I can but hint at possibilities at present because the basic premisePsychology2, 568:of clairvoyance and clairaudience? Several possibilities, which I might list as follows: APsychology2, 621:I can only call your attention to the latent possibilities and leave time to demonstrate thePsychology2, 623:make clear how complex are the problems and the possibilities arising out of the stimulation whichPsychology2, 630:great and equally undesirable. To offset these possibilities and yet produce, during the next tenPsychology2, 677:and to familiarize the public with the immediate possibilities. By these means, they willPsychology2, 695:thinking men and women realize its function and possibilities, it will be easier for the Guides ofPsychology2, 731:all men and women who can vision the higher possibilities and the world of spiritual values and ofPsychology2, 739:the goal and see the vision and the emerging possibilities rally their force and - by the strengthPsychology2, 742:will be more lasting and it has in it dynamic possibilities. This method is based upon twoRays, 41:the attitude of the initiate changes and he sees possibilities and factors and revelations whichRays, 43:in giving you at least a general idea of the possibilities lying ahead of the disciple, and incitedRays, 43:you to definite conscious response to those possibilities. I cannot do other than speak in terms ofRays, 224:diversified the group, the richer its life and possibilities. Forget this not. One hint I can giveRays, 325:entail and the consummation of the hierarchical possibilities; this itself indicates that the timeRays, 355:minds, for individual attainment and the group possibilities are both involved; each is, however,Rays, 522:of achievement, and whether He still had other possibilities. This was perhaps an unavoidableRays, 524:as World Savior) revealed to Him the new possibilities, from which - when confronted with themRays, 533:and formulas in such a manner that the spiritual possibilities, symbolically indicated, will emergeRays, 536:we are only today beginning to grasp as existent possibilities. The lowest aspect we call goodwill,Rays, 605:of the whole theme and a forecast of future possibilities. I shall attempt to deal with this asRays, 613:humanity to certain major human developments and possibilities, and secondly, it will lead toRays, 613:the progressive party who are alert to the new possibilities; one party aims at the holding back ofRays, 640:choose to go. General trends are watched and possibilities are considered; the energies pouringRays, 662:aware on soul levels of the various happenings, possibilities, undertakings and implications. In
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