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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - POSSIBILITY

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Reappearance, 161:at this time seem so far away from this divine possibility. He will need all that he has ofReappearance, 174:men everywhere would be responding to a future possibility very different from the present one; weReappearance, 181:Plan. The fact of Christ and the genuine [181] possibility of His reappearance must becomeSoul, 14:are unnecessary, I am convinced of the possibility of fusing the two into a third, a single unit. ISoul, 18:that only lately have students considered the possibility of their fundamental unity, and that aSoul, 56:- an hypothesis contrary to all fact and possibility - and if such an external agent attempted toSoul, 71:Creative Understanding, pp. 180, 181. The possibility of man functioning as a soul, as a synthesisSoul, 71:and to some extent by their aid, there appears a possibility of steadily enlarging self-mastery, asSoul, 80:goes on to say also: "And now at last we see a possibility of arriving at a conception of the soul!Soul, 131:to mankind as a whole. In considering the possibility of man discovering his soul, there must be,Soul, 144:and either proved or disproved. The possibility of unifying the two great schools of thought whichSoul, 152:Science has even recognized this ultimate possibility and noted that the trend of the evolutionaryTelepathy, 17:is still the major expression of this spiritual possibility, but at the same time Mental TelepathyTelepathy, 59:sensed, has been propounded into a theoretical possibility, has later been invoked by the directedTelepathy, 106:theme. The true disciple is ever aware of the possibility of error, of the intervention of psychicTelepathy, 132:serving Hierarchy. The Plan is that measure of possibility of immediate importance which the divineTelepathy, 168:and do control. When that takes place, then the possibility is present of the energies of the
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