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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - POSTWAR

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Astrology, 479:at the close of this century and during the postwar period. Again I would also point out that IAutobiography, 172:unions, through the plans for world unity and postwar rehabilitation, through the new vision in theAutobiography, 178:of Alice A. Bailey - Chapter V Life in this postwar world is too important to any man or woman toDestiny, 74:Can France work for world harmony in the postwar period? Ray 5. - Concrete Science or knowledge,Discipleship1, 739:this today, in connection with the plans for a postwar world and the need for intelligent andDiscipleship2, 96:this personal research work, coincident with the postwar period, you may find a sudden spiritualDiscipleship2, 219:the needed process of destruction, and the postwar period is carrying forward the plannedDiscipleship2, 529:specially close lately during these difficult postwar days. Disciples such as you react not only toDiscipleship2, 559:usefulness and its teaching value in this coming postwar period. Read it carefully, e'en when youDiscipleship2, 592:demonstrates in the form of a myriad plans for postwar helpfulness, in the form of thousands ofDiscipleship2, 706:ahead of the Arcane School, for instance, in the postwar world, and your approach to the problemExternalisation, 427:and lay a poor foundation for the work of the postwar world. There are many of these in everyExternalisation, 435:and lovers of mankind to work out now certain postwar plans which will entirely change our presentExternalisation, 435:peoples and to make firm the intention of the postwar planners that freedom, educationalExternalisation, 436:His disciples, the Masters, for certain great postwar events. For the war will end. The RestorationExternalisation, 486:will they die for a long time to come. In the postwar world these conditions must be ignored andExternalisation, 613:The complexities and difficulties of this postwar period are very great. The closer an aspirant isExternalisation, 640:totalitarianism. In the early days of the postwar period the Nations compromised with principlesProblemsand under different conditions to those of the postwar period. The problems of capital, labor andRays, 58:in the earlier stages) moves slowly. In the postwar period and when the new structure of the comingRays, 122:readiness will demonstrate increasingly in the postwar period, and for it the disciples of theRays, 144:is the conditioning factor behind what is called postwar planning and the ideas of reconstructionRays, 148:their ranks will be steadily increased in the postwar period, both through the strenuous effort ofRays, 189:potency, which will lead the world through the postwar period into the New Age. It is theirRays, 237:humanity mastered certain lessons? All the postwar planning, the widespread reaction to ideals (inReappearance, 161:The complexities and the difficulties of this postwar period are very great. The closer a man may
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