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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - POTENCIES

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Astrology, 40:"the Triads" for They hold in themselves the potencies of triple evolution, mental, psychical, andAstrology, 90:will be considerably lessened. New planetary potencies (conveying zodiacal energies) will controlAstrology, 123:The man at this stage has within him the potencies and the characteristics of the indwellingAstrology, 125:Love-Wisdom. It is the interplay of these dual potencies which: Produces the duality of this sign.Astrology, 128:the Mutable Cross, and by relating them to the potencies let loose upon him whilst crucified uponAstrology, 130:and one constellation - and all these are potencies which produce definite changes in the solarAstrology, 130:solar system. They represent the three divine potencies of matter and of substance, plus the forceAstrology, 131:other planet) and thus again you have the six potencies which produce release from the bondage ofAstrology, 140:energetic, but the new and deeper influences and potencies are those which in the future upon theAstrology, 160:wheel because man began to respond to their potencies. It then became possible for the Fixed CrossAstrology, 162:major signs at this time and conditioned by potencies coming from each of the three Crosses. TheseAstrology, 163:Cross that the significance, purpose and potencies of the Creative Hierarchies become clear toAstrology, 167:the planet. [167] Second ray influences and potencies are abidingly present and pour into ourAstrology, 167:with them also not only their own individual potencies but also those of the seven rays, focusedAstrology, 222:ruler of matter. This pouring in of six potencies is that which provides the setting and conditionsAstrology, 265:bearing on these matters and the nine united potencies play their part in developing the ChristAstrology, 266:There are, therefore, nine signs through which potencies pour which are creative in their effectAstrology, 279:pour into the sign Virgo in relative degrees and potencies indicates the fundamental importance ofAstrology, 323:the form and are not consciously registered as potencies by the individual for many aeons of timeAstrology, 340:study to compare the effects of these ray potencies as they find expression in Cancer upon: TheAstrology, 347:of the final development of the twelve zodiacal potencies - the twelve opposites must become theAstrology, 348:is functioning they constitute but six great potencies, because he has achieved "the freedom of theAstrology, 349:Sirius. Libra - is related to and transmits the potencies of the Pleiades. Aquarius - expresses theAstrology, 353:through a proper understanding of the available potencies and energies pouring into the planet atAstrology, 356:this relationship and through the medium of the potencies pouring into our planet, a situation isAstrology, 357:a synthesis of activity and of [357] eager potencies which are essential for the development ofAstrology, 358:focused through Mercury upon the Earth, i.e. The potencies of Gemini-Aries, instilled into ourAstrology, 361:is more slowly awakening in the States. These potencies, when effective, lead to true service inAstrology, 363:the governing rays. Through the planets certain potencies manifest. These are three in number, andAstrology, 363:the sacred planets - so-called - are those ray potencies which are expressive of soul and spirit,Astrology, 363:Gemini is ruled by the rays transmitting those potencies which, with Gemini, constitute the MutableAstrology, 364:essential dualism of this sign. All the inner potencies are, therefore, present and only theAstrology, 443:usefulness for the knowledge of the underlying potencies, for they can indicate the lines of leastAstrology, 450:of fusion, you have [450] held in a "mystery of potencies" the entire story - past, present andAstrology, 467:the planet Earth and in man. They are the "eight potencies of the Christ"; they govern the psychicAstrology, 540:Age, bringing them under the new influences and potencies, and enabling them to make a response ofAstrology, 595:they "tune out" those aspects of these three Potencies which are not suited to our systemic life atBethlehem, 14:and by Their work and sacrifice certain divine potencies poured through and upon mankind. The workBethlehem, 19:new sign. For more than two thousand years its potencies and [20] forces will play upon the raceDestiny, 4:inevitable, for the reason that certain major potencies are coming into play at this time. CertainDestiny, 19:are, however, being built and the Shamballa potencies, plus hierarchical guidance, are workingDestiny, 28:the realms of subjectivity, those forces and potencies which are directly changing the current ofDestiny, 38:personality and a sixth ray astral body. These potencies and energies sufficed to carry Him throughDestiny, 68:of Gemini and Taurus you have the following potencies active: [69] Country Egoic Ruler PersonalityDestiny, 110:basic and enduring effect of all the sixth ray potencies which have been established during theDiscipleship1, 85:to emerge into formulated clarity and the new potencies to become increasingly effective. SuchDiscipleship1, 624:are expressions of the energy of love and the potencies of wisdom. To the wisdom force of theDiscipleship1, 665:may be clarified for you. The five ray potencies which constitute your problem (and, with the soul,Discipleship2, 47:of all personality holds and defects, all potencies - emotional, mental and physical - which limitDiscipleship2, 63:of waiting people who hold within themselves the potencies of discipleship. They are the hope ofDiscipleship2, 150:will meet with speedy response. These evil potencies will be occultly "sealed" within their ownDiscipleship2, 159:phrasing. Having invoked the three aspects or potencies of Mind, Love, and Will, in the fourthDiscipleship2, 222:conditions, to invoke the higher, spiritual potencies, to work with concentration - both verticallyDiscipleship2, 270:to the new possibilities and to the new incoming potencies which can become available for use, ifDiscipleship2, 282:The initiate of higher degree utilizes the potencies of these three worlds of meaning, cause andDiscipleship2, 375:certain privileges and can be trusted to use the potencies correctly. The energy of the Head of theDiscipleship2, 494:I might so express it) the group note. Of these potencies the whole group can, therefore, availDiscipleship2, 551:This triple presentation of the balancing potencies of speech and of silence are the comprehendedDiscipleship2, 551:of the Master of the Ashram. It is upon these potencies I would have you reflect during the comingDiscipleship2, 555:is great for all disciples everywhere, and the potencies at their disposal are more vital than everDiscipleship2, 695:be consciously used. In this way, great divine potencies can be used, and as one abstraction afterDiscipleship2, 749:that it is fear that permits the entry of wrong potencies, and that such an attack may not be aimedDiscipleship2, 754:your life. Bring about focus in the soul of the potencies of the lower man by the power of theExternalisation, 7:immortality and a fresh revelation of the divine potencies in the human being. Thus is the New AgeExternalisation, 26:invoked by the Hierarchy at this time, Whose potencies can be brought into great activity at theExternalisation, 28:ripened by sun and water within the soil - its potencies are unpredictable. Certain germ ideas areExternalisation, 158:illumination to mankind, definitely invokes potencies which are to be found upon monadic levels ofExternalisation, 169:by human beings, many of the blended potencies which the first three phrases have made availableExternalisation, 169:to humanity, invoking as it does great and vital potencies and indicating process (Sacrifice) andExternalisation, 213:and pronounced outlines and become conditioning potencies. This shaping and definition wasExternalisation, 224:the spiritual Hierarchy exists, with all its potencies of love, wisdom and skill in action, or forExternalisation, 225:desire, and through the descent of the waiting Potencies, certain great changes may take place, forExternalisation, 225:may make itself felt by virtue of these great Potencies? The two Full Moons of May and June presentExternalisation, 227:and anchor in outer manifestation the waiting Potencies. Do this aloud when possible, and in groupExternalisation, 262:a permanent spiritual stabilization. Great potencies and the expression of ancient evil from theExternalisation, 262:divine attributes, divine qualities and divine potencies which the most enlightened humanity of allExternalisation, 262:- all three aspects escaping contact with these potencies. Yet these powers exist, and the rightExternalisation, 263:The intervention into the situation of certain potencies of stupendous gravity and uniqueness, andExternalisation, 275:invocation and the response of certain divine Potencies, is esoterically given the name of "theExternalisation, 276:right preparation and right understanding. Four potencies within the soul of man are available forExternalisation, 276:individual use in helping the Forces of Light - potencies he shares with all men to a greater orExternalisation, 276:to the expressive power of the soul. They are potencies which are not innate in the lower self, butExternalisation, 279:of consciousness - to express the three divine potencies, Will, Love and Activity, in some measure.Externalisation, 279:physical plane expression, and thus unite the potencies of the human kingdom with the potenciesExternalisation, 279:the potencies of the human kingdom with the potencies which He will bring with Him for the savingExternalisation, 279:be established between the inner and the outer potencies which is so deplorably needed at thisExternalisation, 280:from the secret place. The stupendous inner Potencies can reach certain levels of human activityExternalisation, 361:of love) can also be consummated and both these potencies - light and love - will find radiantExternalisation, 411:and by Their work and sacrifice certain divine potencies poured through and upon the race,Externalisation, 441:the Lord of the World. This great Triangle of Potencies - the Lord of Will or Power, the Lord ofExternalisation, 453:expression, two things can occur: first, certain potencies and forces can be released upon theExternalisation, 454:of humanity) to the over-shadowing spiritual Potencies awaiting the invocative cry of mankind. WhenExternalisation, 456:what will be the results if these energies and potencies are released through the invocative demandExternalisation, 487:of the work to be done by these great spiritual Potencies, invoked during the three Full Moons ofExternalisation, 490:will meet with speedy response. These evil potencies will be occultly "sealed" within their ownExternalisation, 493:prone to forget that if the evil forces possess potencies which can destroy form in the threeExternalisation, 555:offer themselves as channels for the spiritual potencies which He will bring. Externalisation, 658:and has the responsibility of releasing its potencies on earth. The task of all disciples isExternalisation, 659:is, so will be the anchorage where descending potencies under mantric inspiration are concerned."Fire, xii:as yet too selfish to be entrusted with these potencies. Man is already, through the able work of
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