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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - POTENCIES

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Fire, 4:in manifestation, making therefore The nine Potencies or Emanations. The nine Sephiroth. The nineFire, 1198:"the Triads" for they hold in themselves the potencies [1199] of triple evolution, mental,Fire, 1235:with soul energy; to enable people to unfold the potencies of the soul aspect is to put them enGlamour, 168:of love) can also be consummated and both these potencies - light and love - will find radiantGlamour, 249:he must add a close consideration of the potencies of the forces and energies reaching himGlamour, 267:This development will put into His grasp potencies and experiences which can only be manipulatedGlamour, 267:phases of thought and of self-will, all lower potencies and ancient habits of any of the threeHealing, 41:and war within the human frame and of the [41] potencies which can be set in motion if certainHealing, 83:such as impulses, incentives, influences, potencies, desires, aspirations, and many such termsHealing, 137:energy. The forces are the other energies or ray potencies which control the seven centers and areHealing, 152:a great triplicity of energies, containing great potencies today, owing to the fact that theHealing, 347:the soul energy which avails itself of these potencies in the process of discarding a vehicle onHealing, 376:will reveal some hitherto unrealized electrical potencies. I know not what other word to use forHealing, 451:the forms of the vegetable kingdom and the potencies of the mineral kingdom have beenHealing, 547:personal will; [547] by its means tremendous new potencies will be released, and safely released,Healing, 584:character he displays, are all indicative of the potencies which control his manifested expression.Healing, 635:sea life, animals and man. Other energies and potencies circulate through and condition the ethericHercules, 21:already found to be the container of all the potencies out of which the Light shall bringHercules, 51: The Labors of Hercules - Labor II There are potencies and faculties hidden in the human beingHercules, 150:his ability to control the powers and potencies of the mind. F.M. Intellect, 16:of this word to signify [16] the energies and potencies which lie back of every form in nature andIntellect, 84:carries latent within itself certain inherent potencies, but the soul, which is the source of themIntellect, 85:He concentrates upon the Self, and not upon the potencies of that Self. As he merges himself moreIntellect, 115:with soul-energy; to enable people to unfold the potencies of the soul aspect is to put them enIntellect, 190:three qualities of matter (the three gunas or potencies of [191] nature) no longer exercise anyMagic, 231:there is also a steadily growing recognition of potencies which can be contacted and utilized andMagic, 242:the medium of his triple vehicle and the triple potencies of his divine soul. Let us close theMagic, 405:be necessary to do two things before the coming potencies of the Aquarian age could profitably beMagic, 457:result of male-female interrelation) lie all the potencies and capacities of the finished product.Magic, 457:been inspired by the Spirit aspect, lie hid the potencies of the finished thought-forms. The matterMagic, 551:of the worker in white magic. My answer is this: Potencies produce precipitation. In those threeMagic, 551:is, and lie back of the law of rebirth. These potencies are driven into activity by the power ofMagic, 551:They emphasize that which will govern the potencies; they deal with that which produces theMeditation, 330:- Letter IX - Future Schools of Meditation c. Potencies becoming Powers This third type of work isPatanjali, 61:three qualities of matter (the three gunas or potencies of Nature. A.B.) no longer exercise anyPatanjali, 156:mind, The attributes of force-matter, The three potencies. These triplicities should be carefullyPatanjali, 369:three qualities of matter (the three gunas or potencies of nature) no longer exercise any hold overPatanjali, 428:three qualities of matter (the three gunas or potencies of nature) no longer exercise any hold overProblems, 82:chosen by the people - should safeguard these potencies. If this energy is released intoProblems, 83:into expression mass creative powers, spiritual potencies and psychic unfoldments which will proveProblems, 161:Meditation is also an energy, setting in motion potencies which can eliminate certain aspects ofProblems, 161:are also many forms of energy and many spiritual potencies which are not as yet generallyPsychology1, 44:four rays. Thus the seven emanations, the seven potencies and the seven rays came intoPsychology1, 185:apparatus hitherto unknown. The release of the potencies in an atom will mark a revolutionary era,Psychology1, 229:work. The result of this interplay of psychic potencies will manifest in the eventual transmutationPsychology1, 230:material values, and to react divinely to the potencies which lie hidden from him [231] in thePsychology1, 290:above the diaphragm. They will then express the potencies of the loving heart, of the creativePsychology1, 292:been living will gradually die out, and the new potencies will make their presence felt. ThreePsychology1, 306:are tremendous purificatory and developing potencies. The celibacy required is that of the higherPsychology1, 325:of nature, the energies of the rays and the potencies of the zodiacal signs to the world need andPsychology1, 348:ray types, and to discover (by a study of the potencies involved) their emerging characteristicsPsychology1, 369:be noted, their effects understood and their potencies grasped. One point remains as yet unrealizedPsychology2upon and intermingle with other energies and potencies, produce those forms in matter andPsychology2, 4:lives are in themselves the sum total of all the potencies and energies whose will is to create andPsychology2, 17:or absorbed by the ray of the soul, and all the potencies and attributes of the lower rays becomePsychology2, 23:physical body must become subordinated to the potencies emanating from those soul rays which streamPsychology2, 33:forth into manifested light. They carry then the potencies of spirit to meet the need expressed.Psychology2, 87:laws clear, their objectives simple and their potencies understandable. Psychology2, 164:of the Noble Eightfold Path and these soul potencies. The eight Means to Yoga or union of the soul,Psychology2, 226:to ponder on this attempt to simplify the divine potencies into words, and thus to indicate howPsychology2, 227:can in any way express the divine qualitative potencies. The Laws of the Universe express thePsychology2, 229:[229] color or qualify the divine instincts and potencies, but that is not all. They are themselvesPsychology2, 229:themselves determined and controlled by these potencies. It must never be forgotten that the raysPsychology2, 234:and to blend, cooperates with the unrealized potencies of man's own nature, and makes his eventualPsychology2, 376:more safely and more correctly with these new potencies. There is much, however, to be done in thePsychology2, 387:innate qualities certain definitely first ray potencies. All are, however, subordinated to thePsychology2, 440:world. By the superconscious, I mean those potencies and knowledges which are available but whichPsychology2, 440:will be recognized and used by the man. These potencies and realizations are called in The YogaPsychology2, 513:power of such realizations is immense. Certain potencies and outer forces which the senior MembersPsychology2, 531:vision, of divine possibilities and personality potencies, of love in place of desire andPsychology2, 533:the glandular system. Thus energies, influences, potencies and forces pour into and pass throughPsychology2, 534:awareness. The inflow of planetary and solar potencies, via the head center to the heart and fromPsychology2, 578:revealed, but not understood. Its undesirable potencies were then let loose upon the physical planePsychology2, 578:destruction of the then known world. Today these potencies, light and dark, are again strugglingPsychology2, 678:education the new age will begin to make its potencies felt. The activities of the New Group ofPsychology2, 722:the energy of certain great world souls, world potencies and Masters can be expressed. There areRays, 68:must be protected by the group from the terrific potencies which emanate from These must be steppedRays, 135:the forms of the vegetable kingdom and the potencies of the mineral kingdom have beenRays, 154:direction, gradually developed, all the potencies of divinity are his to use, once he can beRays, 213:however, requires a diversity of quality and of potencies in order to be effective in manifestationRays, 226:aspect in all forms. The stage where the potencies of the death aspect of divine purpose can beRays, 337:wherein experience in the use of the related potencies takes place. This occupies the interludeRays, 376:In the "center which is nearest to the Lord" the potencies of intelligence and love are expressed,Rays, 508:becomes conscious of this fusion and uses the potencies of both groups of lives, through the mediumRays, 551:a new and vital manner) of the redirected ray potencies. Among these, at this time, the humanRays, 553:center which we call "the race of men" - those potencies and stimulating energies which producedRays, 554:stimulation. Simultaneously, the entering potencies released by this decision produced an upsurgingRays, 562:are brought about by the action of the ray potencies during the period of initiation; the initiateReappearance, 134:love) can also be consummated then both of these potencies - Light and Love - will find radiant
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