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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - POTENCY

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Healing, 627:set in motion by the power of thought or by the potency of love, as is the case presented today byHealing, 637:brought under other direction by the attractive potency of the life of that which informs everyHealing, 640:the monadic will comes in with such dynamic potency that the will of the elemental lives of theHealing, 647:can attract these angels, and when they do, the potency of their healing is much greater; they makeHealing, 651:here is that of the effect of energy or soul potency playing upon force. This is a point to beHealing, 693:that it can bring adequate illumination and ray potency; until it is in control, these ray methodsHealing, 706:in any unimportant person, save with those of potency and influence who can serve their ends. AlsoHercules, 37:capturing them, but he failed to realize their potency and strength, so he gave them to Abderis,Hercules, 41:labor deals with the desire world and with the potency of desire. It is one of the most interestingHercules, 65:the eyes of man the thought of the increasing potency of the spiritual life and the decreasingHercules, 66:that the god of matter can assume, and also the potency of divinity. Gemini is predominantly theHercules, 76:in its three aspects, each one holding in it the potency of the three principles of divinity. AegleHercules, 168:You weigh your thoughts because there is potency back of your thought, and when you think wronglyHercules, 225:the Cretan Bull. This strong urge, and the potency of attraction, is that, as we shall see, whichIntellect, 18:as a whole will be able to demonstrate its full potency. Both the East and the West are graduallyIntellect, 84:of physical vision. Clairvoyance is the same potency demonstrating in what is regarded as theIntellect, 231:of as personalities; of sensing the Key to a new potency altogether and of rendering with ardentMagic, 121:attracts, repels and coordinates, so that its potency is inconceivable. Is it not possible dimly toMagic, 142:the waters be heard. People seldom realize the potency of a word, yet it is stated, "In theMagic, 159:life and activity. The first hindrance to the potency of the work comes through the failure of theMagic, 222:world is busy working in astral matter, and the potency of human desire and of world desireMagic, 229:travel on the physical plane and has besides a potency all its own whereby it attracts and developsMagic, 230:eye into activity, and so there is gained a potency and a clear vision which make right choice andMagic, 251:reflection of the astral light, then the real potency in magic can begin to make itself felt. TheMagic, 260:of one brother of pure intent is of far greater potency than that of many brothers who follow theMagic, 267:only to vitalize the atoms in substance. The potency of the love aspects - as wielded by the soul -Magic, 273:go on building his form until its adequate potency is assured. Then let the "outer builders" ceaseMagic, 279:succeeds and depends for its duration on the potency of the inner builders, who constitute theMagic, 291:and so learn their nature and their use, their potency and vibratory rate. He has also to learn toMagic, 299:process itself and persisting and growing in potency during the ages, are found the causes of allMagic, 311:this greater life is man's individuality and the potency of his rapidly coordinating personality.Magic, 315:the street is therefore the victim of the astral potency of those who drive him either for theirMagic, 329:the message of a group Avatar? What will be the potency of the work of a group of knowers of God,Magic, 386:was written necessitates the loss of rhythm and potency. "I stand between the Heavens and Earth! IMagic, 388:this group of mystics is gaining each year in potency. Planetary Energies: emanating from: TheMagic, 411:negates pessimism and demonstrates the exceeding potency of the subjective activity. Magic, 413:material world. Initial impulses have in them potency both for good and for evil. As long as theMagic, 455:for which it was intended. Vitalized by the potency of his desire and the strength of his livingMagic, 465:being discarded and disintegrated. It is the potency of form which in the first case draws the soulMagic, 479:however weakening, and the AUM is increasing in potency until it will be the dominating factor. ToMagic, 501:opening. Out of this the life force pours as the potency of the abstracting influence of the soulMagic, 541:of wrong thought and the power of right. The potency of human thought at this time is primarily ofMagic, 552:magic. Again the four appear: The thinker. The potency. The quality of that potency. TheMagic, 552:The thinker. The potency. The quality of that potency. The precipitation. Magic, 554:of space responds to, or is attracted by the potency of the four higher etheric vibrations. These,Magic, 554:by desire high or low, and animated by the potency of his thought, just as much of the responsiveMagic, 555:of the creative work, and in spite of the potency of the many divine Thinkers who have beenMagic, 558:and the singleness of purpose, so will be the potency. The Master of all the Masters has said, "IfMagic, 572:the centers, to bring them into a state of potency and to harmonize them into a unified rhythm. TheMagic, 619:about the year A.D. 1640) has been gaining in potency and is producing two effects: it is breakingPatanjali, 57:to indicate to the aspirant its purpose and potency. There will have to be communicated in otherPatanjali, 141:secret knowledge of mystic mantrams. The occult potency of sound, of the Word. Atman vidya - TrueProblems, 7:and practical that people fail to appreciate its potency or its scientific and dynamic effect. OneProblems, 51:system. Let us remember that this demonstrated potency can work two ways and that what has beenProblems, 67:to penetrate. In the hands of science, this new potency is far safer than in the hands of capitalProblems, 119:right human relations and prove to them the potency of the force of an educated and alive publicProblems, 158:Evocation and the recognition of its stupendous potency; the objective of the coming Approach, ofProblems, 159:minds through right meditation, who know the potency of formulas, mantrams and invocations and whoProblems, 160:functioning (even if only in a small degree) the potency of worship as an act of invocativeProblems, 162:plus a simultaneous spiritual invocation. The potency of this is surely apparent. Let us indicateProblems, 171:nature of true goodwill and its hitherto unused potency. This will mean the deflecting of untoldProblems, 178:and organized and thus discover their numerical potency - for it is there. They must form a worldProblems, 179:Public opinion will be forced to recognize the potency of the movement; eventually the numericalProblems, 181:goodwill and educating public opinion in its potency is pursued, and if the men of goodwill can bePsychology1, 10:which are inevitable and contributing to the potency of the group thought form. The second thingPsychology1, 44:first ray type in incarnation as yet. Its main potency is to be found in the mineral kingdom, andPsychology1, 76:that the fifth ray is one of unique and peculiar potency in relation to the human kingdom. ThePsychology1, 221:This will not, however, be realized in full potency and magical revelation until the inner eye ofPsychology1, 223:The evolutionary results are radiation and potency, a static potency, underlying the rest of thePsychology1, 223:results are radiation and potency, a static potency, underlying the rest of the natural scheme.Psychology1, 224:of the soul. There is a fourth stage of potency or of organized expressed power, but this liesPsychology1, 225:substance, as the incoming ray increases its potency, decade by decade. A certain amount ofPsychology1, 227:will or power. It is the expression of the same potency under another aspect. This means thereforePsychology1, 235:significance. It is as we grasp the radiatory potency of the mineral kingdom that we can begin toPsychology1, 246:color, green, we have the indication of the potency of Saturn. Esoterically speaking, the vegetablePsychology1, 317:appears and reappears with greater frequency and potency than do the other rays. There is thereforePsychology1, 324:Thereby the group life is enriched, the group potency is increased, and the group consciousness isPsychology1, 334:and educators would do well to recognize the potency of this ray force, and trust to the Law toPsychology1, 340:is one of the main factors producing the present potency of experimental ideas in the world ofPsychology1, 348:influence only three hundred years ago, and its potency, though greatly weakened, can still bePsychology1, 349:recurring cycle. This is due to its excessive potency. Being the major ray of our solar system (ofPsychology1, 349:constant cycles of waxing and waning potency, produced by the interplay of the rays which producePsychology1, 349:of five hundred years. Therefore in 1825 the potency of this ray began to decline as the peak ofPsychology1, 350:forth to power." It is steadily increasing in potency, and the result of its influence will be toPsychology1, 350:or conditioning our Aryan race, its present potency is excessive. This is a point to be rememberedPsychology1, 350:the first ray makes its presence felt, and its potency dominates, when the stage of acceptedPsychology1, 356:dominance as the present. Hence the tremendous potency of individuals at this time; hence thePsychology1, 358:brought about by the fact that two rays of great potency are functioning simultaneously. As yetPsychology1, 368:entity. This must and will be changed, and the potency and the effectiveness of the lodge work andPsychology1, 369:is governed by the seventh ray, and to the potency of this incoming ray can be attributed thePsychology1, 381:form aspect through the increased radiation and potency of the dynamic New Group of World Servers,Psychology1, 391:the planetary forms, and thus produce the inner potency of the evolutionary processes. ThisPsychology1, 392:the egoic ray of the French nation, can make its potency felt through the stress and toil of thePsychology1, 423:The evolutionary results are radiation and potency, a static potency, underlying the rest of thePsychology1, 423:results are radiation and potency, a static potency, underlying the rest of the natural scheme.Psychology2, 11:at the stage of individual self-awareness and potency and seeking the full expression of theirPsychology2, 54:will, the so-called age of the soul, the potency of group activity, and planetary or group karma),Psychology2, 54:the age of the soul and the perfected intent or potency of its will, the freer it will be from thePsychology2, 75:But the massed units are of tremendous potency. I tell you at this time for your cheering andPsychology2, 99:expresses itself through the planet Earth. The potency of this Life is such that He requires three
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