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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - POTENT

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Destiny, 113:or some response to a major world need, or some potent adherence to some current ideology. ThisDestiny, 124:from the fourth kingdom will some day be so potent and far-reaching that its effects will permeateDestiny, 141:is, as yet, no name. He will be a great and potent Avatar and is not along the line of our humanityDestiny, 142:is always in subjective manifestation and very potent because it is the ray of our solar system andDestiny, 148:Days and its emanating influence was more potent than was any previous arrival of a Bearer ofDiscipleship1, 6:the soul may be invoked and in which work - potent in results - may be achieved in the calm ofDiscipleship1, 10:for each other all that is needed to bring about potent and vital changes in the life patterns andDiscipleship1, 16:in a telepathic interplay which will bring potent results and successful outer work. From theseDiscipleship1, 22:is the establishing subjectively of such a potent group interplay and group relation that anDiscipleship1, 23:than just the elevation of humanity. The potent rhythm which animates the inner Brotherhood of theDiscipleship1, 29:and is already much more actively present and potent than you think. A little vision, brother ofDiscipleship1, 32:[32] work of educating public opinion - the only potent means of work and of far more potency andDiscipleship1, 42:war are all the results of energies that are so potent - owing to their immense momentum - thatDiscipleship1, 88:that of all disciples: it tends to foster a most potent glamor. [89] So I beg of you to proceedDiscipleship1, 92:his hand and the Angel of the Presence becomes potent and active in a way which I may not describeDiscipleship1, 106:further than intellection, pranayama, and that potent longing for spiritual fulfilment which isDiscipleship1, 154:to training those stronger souls, those more potent people whose lives can be "focused in radiance"Discipleship1, 158:Plan seeks the middle way. You have a sphere of potent usefulness within my group. You giveDiscipleship1, 159:morning meditation should be of a brief and yet potent character and can best be described by theDiscipleship1, 170:upon you with your first ray indifference - a potent attitude easily assumed by you as by all firstDiscipleship1, 182:It is allied to fear and tunes you in on that potent and well developed world glamor. It isDiscipleship1, 182:and your emotional desire nature. It is very potent and of long persistence, constitutingDiscipleship1, 182:levels, you will learn that things which are potent and apparent in your personality consciousnessDiscipleship1, 185:telepathic communication, group interplay, and potent usefulness. As an exercise to foster thisDiscipleship1, 188:angle. This results in your creating a potent thought-form of aspiration, of spiritualDiscipleship1, 218:it can return in greater force and with a more potent vibration to its habitation - the threefoldDiscipleship1, 226:capacity and your influence. Some years of potent service are possible to you and again anotherDiscipleship1, 230:to renewed effort, or slow them down to less potent expression. This intensification is dependentDiscipleship1, 233:1939 MY BROTHER: Your glamors are not many or potent, for you are more [234] subject to illusionsDiscipleship1, 244:lies the difficulty? Why are you not more [244] potent in helping others than you are? Shall I tellDiscipleship1, 261:ray force and that you are becoming increasingly potent astrally, increasingly "devoted" to whatDiscipleship1, 287:all the time in potency. This implies no lack of potent achievement, but only the using of aDiscipleship1, 287:you. The goal is intensification of the potent life at the center; that life must inevitably findDiscipleship1, 292:meditation, which is simpler, but for you more potent, and which will give you, if followed for theDiscipleship1, 311:can - if you so will - achieve a higher and more potent rhythm. Its potency and its vibration mustDiscipleship1, 332:you, my brother. As a channel, you can be potent once that channel has been better cleared. You canDiscipleship1, 350:noted are the same as R. S. W. You can see how potent a part you can play in this life if the forceDiscipleship1, 382:January 1940 MY BROTHER: A kind heart is of potent use in our service, provided that it is kept inDiscipleship1, 386:really accomplish this exercise will be far more potent than you can possibly anticipate. Discipleship1, 396:each of you is that these conditions do have a potent effect upon the group life and the groupDiscipleship1, 408:reaching people. Your service must be one of potent loving contact. Your method should be that of aDiscipleship1, 423:the early stages of such imposition work out in potent agitations which can, in their due time,Discipleship1, 446:it is our subjective effort which is the most potent at all times. I would ask you, in view of theDiscipleship1, 450:mind, you will have cleared away one of the most potent of the relatively few things which hold youDiscipleship1, 494:receive due care; the feelings and moods are potent and exhausting and from them, my brother, comeDiscipleship1, 508:to this requirement, the results may be more potent than you think. It is an hour for thinkingDiscipleship1, 509:illusion which a disciple can evoke is far more potent than that of the average person. Your mind,Discipleship1, 509:and shifting, but the glamor is the result of potent emotional thinking and of a prolongedDiscipleship1, 512:into activity the creative imagination as its potent servant. Suspicion ever lies, but lies withDiscipleship1, 567:with any of you lately. Thirdly, that there is a potent thought-form of me upon the astral plane,Discipleship1, 577:remain the same or even quicken and become more potent, but the quality and the actuating livingDiscipleship1, 590:spirit? I would remind you that habit is potent and that you are facing your life task and yourDiscipleship1, 592:have erred in any spiritual direction are always potent when changed. Your service basically is asDiscipleship1, 592:groups and raise their vibration by brief and potent contacts, making each hour spent with them toDiscipleship1, 653:aware of the world need to sacrifice your potent personality - in all sincerity and lovingDiscipleship1, 655:but a channel for the love of God. And, in this potent body of the lower self, naught can existDiscipleship1, 679:on peculiar and selected notes, were most potent and brought definite results in certain ancientDiscipleship1, 687:light and soul control become [687] increasingly potent in the mind and brain reactions of theDiscipleship1, 698:of thought of a Master, if misused, could be a potent destructive force. He must be able to trustDiscipleship1, 699:and his etheric body becomes animated by the potent inflow of desire-energy. The developed man,Discipleship1, 701:the Master's group or the Master's Ashram have a potent effect upon each other, for everything inDiscipleship1, 754:the Ashram of a Master becomes increasingly potent, magnetic and radiant. Within that aura theDiscipleship1, 757:speaking, it might be described as a potent expanding impulse which widens the circle of the AshramDiscipleship1, 760:of distinction and of synthesis. Herein lies a potent occult hint of special use to workers. He isDiscipleship1, 763:produces eventually what could be called a "potent center of invocation." This [764] invokingDiscipleship2, 8:Ashram. This is a factor which can only become potent if certain personality relations are adjustedDiscipleship2, 25:aspect of your work should become increasingly potent and interesting. I regard it as of majorDiscipleship2, 34:voiced concepts of spiritual import. They are potent in their transforming effect, if rightly used.Discipleship2, 61:so that it can adequately respond to the new and potent forces which could and will pour through itDiscipleship2, 61:the release of atomic energy has had a far more potent effect in the etheric web than in the denseDiscipleship2, 61:of disruption was formed which will have future potent, and at present unsuspected, results. TheDiscipleship2, 71:energy which can and will be used. It is less potent in effect, but in these days of crisisDiscipleship2, 81:our planet. The inflowing force is beneficently potent and the destructive forces which haveDiscipleship2, 82:which will make the work more effective and potent. She has also taken and will in the near futureDiscipleship2, 116:the seed pod or sheath?) will become living and potent units of energy (spiritual energy) and theDiscipleship2, 116:and group activity will be correspondingly potent. In the furtherance of this process, leading toDiscipleship2, 118:focused attention, the results may be most potent and effective - far more so than you may think.Discipleship2, 136:Chohans, because they are still basically too potent) will be a gradual process, but it will inDiscipleship2, 149:But even in this longer form, they will be potent in their invocative appeal, if said with mentalDiscipleship2, 157:indicated timing. This Invocation will have a potent appeal to mankind. My considered advice isDiscipleship2, 159:statement is borne ever in mind by those most potent in using the Invocation; it serves to focusDiscipleship2, 162:or of Discipleship. These energies are far more potent because they are, in their turn, aDiscipleship2, 164:(which is the basis of love) to form a potent nucleus, provided again that the inertia so prevalentDiscipleship2, 169:if human timing is correct and right desire is potent enough, for the first time in human historyDiscipleship2, 188:from all relation to the separated self - is a potent means of establishing and maintaining rightDiscipleship2, 203:truly representative of humanity and more truly potent than ever before. When the work of theDiscipleship2, 210:contemplative meditation - a vast reservoir of potent energies which are impregnated with theDiscipleship2, 219:the New Group of World Servers will be [219] so potent that it will evoke a response from humanityDiscipleship2, 221:of men everywhere which is in itself a most potent energy; these aspirational men (no matter whatDiscipleship2, 229:needed vast sums may be made available. May this potent energy of Thine be in the hands of theDiscipleship2, 271:adapted to racial and national needs - of the potent, vibrating and planned activity of the worldDiscipleship2, 273:esoteric meaning of this very simple but most potent form. Four words, or rather phrases, are foundDiscipleship2, 299:a cultivation of this first ray perception is a potent mode by which the highest aspects of theDiscipleship2, 321:placed in their correct order create, a most potent magical and mantric formula. It has a tenuousDiscipleship2, 322:own plane; you have an evocative activity of so potent a nature that it produces correspondingDiscipleship2, 375:The use of this highly qualified and most potent energy can only be employed when the disciple hasDiscipleship2, 409:activity of the Hierarchy is today more potent than at any time in human history. The Masters andDiscipleship2, 460:is, esoterically speaking, the discovery of how potent is the astral polarization of all yourDiscipleship2, 465:vehicles, he reassured you and told you that the potent inner unfoldment of your love nature andDiscipleship2, 477:the sixth ray of devotion, but that makes it potent indeed and, in your case, produces that sense
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