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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - POTENT

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Externalisation, 382:right human relations. It is the major and potent factor which can enable the otherwise futileExternalisation, 388:fusion and at-one-ment, they can be enormously potent. I would, therefore, ask all of you (duringExternalisation, 391:of circumstance and events has never been so potent. Alongside of this material activity ofExternalisation, 394:upon the part of the Forces of Evil; these were potent enough to overwhelm temporarily the ForcesExternalisation, 398:Hierarchy - may then suffice to sound out such a potent call that life may be released on EarthExternalisation, 430:is upon the minds of men and that is exceedingly potent and unweakened, for it is aided by theExternalisation, 440:Hierarchy - become the "receiving Agent" of this potent energy, and the seven groups of Masters WhoExternalisation, 452:psychological angle because it is so exceedingly potent. This they will increasingly do as thisExternalisation, 456:tension which exists among Them is far more potent than any of you suspect; it is part of TheirExternalisation, 458:ruled by selfishness, and selfishness is the potent seed of death - material death, psychologicalExternalisation, 465:can be called into a new and most potent activity through right invocation at the time of the FullExternalisation, 467:release the Forces of Enlightenment in a new and potent manner. Concentration upon the work to beExternalisation, 474:average man, the Forces of Evil were in a most potent manner emerging from their ancient lair; theyExternalisation, 476:to intrude into world affairs, and that potent groups of evil beings were organized to exploit theExternalisation, 479:within them, or when their invocative appeal is potent enough to reach Him. He uses all possibleExternalisation, 483:integrating all these forces into one great and potent downpouring of spiritual energy. TheseExternalisation, 485:aspects of the divine Plan. Great Forces, under potent spiritual leadership, are standing ready toExternalisation, 489:but even in this longer form, they will be potent in their invocative appeal, if said with mentalExternalisation, 497:This has been, for matter itself, a great and potent initiation, paralleling those initiationsExternalisation, 508:at any period, with one of the four more potent than the other three. You have this idea symbolizedExternalisation, 545:It and Shamballa and to that new, direct and potent channel which has lately been induced by theExternalisation, 551:attention of the Christ; they all have a potent and beneficent effect upon humanity. Let meExternalisation, 568:process, as it unfolds and develops, will have a potent subjective and deeply spiritual effect uponExternalisation, 598:of the New Group of World Servers; they are as potent a body of forerunners as has ever preceded aExternalisation, 598:the demand of the people of the Earth is so potent and so in line with divine direction in time andExternalisation, 645:present world Leaders, will not have as wide or potent an effect or contact as may the others. ItsExternalisation, 645:who are naturally wilful. In the case of certain potent men, this energy reaches them directly, andExternalisation, 647:- along with others at this time far less potent and therefore of only secondary importance - willExternalisation, 665:developed, and in the right direction of this potent labor group in every land lies the foundationExternalisation, 684:to impression from Shamballa, and also be of so potent a nature that it can form a protectiveExternalisation, 685:the resultant clarity of impression and of the potent outgoing influence, the Plan for humanity -Externalisation, 686:- Stages in the Externalization In this way the potent and dynamic influence of Shamballa will beExternalisation, 686:serve to release the majority to a new and more potent form of immediate Earth service. In otherFire, 154:the conflict goes on, with matter becoming less potent. Gradually (so gradually as to seem negatedFire, 492:towards the end of this round; and these potent forces will not be fully utilized, nor fully knownFire, 553:physical body is not a principle, is of a more potent nature than the first set of vibrations, asFire, 554:A series of vibrations which will become more potent as our Logos nears that period which isFire, 594:works through the abstract rays for the full and potent development of that inherent divinity. LoveFire, 662:violent vibration, and these vibrations are a potent cause of his physical plane activities. If manFire, 669:three orders are (in this solar system) the most potent, especially in this fourth round. TheyFire, 678:from the "Heart of the Sun" and is peculiarly potent. All the planes are subjected to thisFire, 705:that those in whom the manasic principle is over-potent or underdeveloped will be considered asFire, 706:with the fifth Hierarchy are naturally a potent factor in the evolution of the fifth or spiritualFire, 766:merged (though not superseded, being still potent) with the Law of Attraction, which is theFire, 796:in man, is little realized, while the even more potent factor of the magnetic radiation of theirFire, 799:forth from darkness, yet a darkness which is potent with energy. Will-desire is the cause ofFire, 800:cellular life is concerned - is nevertheless a potent and active factor in the imposition of rhythmFire, 910:be entirely revolutionized. This will have a potent effect not only on man but on the devas. 83 IfFire, 929:of his group, but will become a positive, active potent force, self-immolated through intelligentFire, 1045:forward by the influence of its group, or the potent activity of the Heavenly Man in Whose body itFire, 1054:or cause for discouragement, for ever the potent force of electrical energy will offset the moreFire, 1056:on the Threshold," which has such a familiar and potent effect upon the human atom. The resemblanceFire, 1058:nature are unknown and unseen. Yet they are potent in influence and until etheric vision isFire, 1233:The true nature of the latent idea is ever more potent, complete and full than the form or symbolFire, 1250:the seven constellations. As it is the most potent constellation as far as our system is concernedFire, 1260:In that system the Sirian influence was more potent than in the present one. It is not possible toFire, 1262:astronomers, though its influence is exceedingly potent within our system. It should be borne inFire, 1263:emanates from the Pole Star and which is such a potent factor in our solar system reaches ourGlamour, 6:into activity, and one of the most useful and potent is the study and interpretation of symbols.Glamour, 19:[19] Communicators; here they can render potent service. Groups of sensitives of this order canGlamour, 26:Glamor is astral in character, and is far more potent at this time than illusion, owing to theGlamour, 29:he realizes it not - a bewildered man, who has a potent idea of some kind or another, but who findsGlamour, 30:for the magnetic drawing power of the more potent thought-forms. Ancient theologies in modern garb,Glamour, 32:the will to do so exists. Today illusion is so potent, that few people whose minds are in any wayGlamour, 36:active means whereby the world glamor - today so potent and deep - can be dissipated. The time hasGlamour, 58:them are entirely new, and therefore are not yet potent, but most attractive. All of them have beenGlamour, 61:there is a very highly developed soul contact, a potent mind control, a trained intelligence, aGlamour, 71:both past and present. This becomes increasingly potent as evolution proceeds and the desire lifeGlamour, 71:a series of glamors, of entrenched desires, potent aspirations of some kind and definitelyGlamour, 75:may be as great a spiritual experience and as potent a teacher in life expression as the moreGlamour, 77:affects sixth ray persons and is particularly potent at this time owing to the agelong activity ofGlamour, 77:passing Piscean Age. It is today one of the potent glamors of the really devoted aspirant. They areGlamour, 78:glamor which is essentially the fog of desire. Potent desire along any line, when it obliteratesGlamour, 79:- which feeling will run the gamut between a potent joyfulness as the man seeks to identify himselfGlamour, 86:personality sphere of influence, and then become potent directed streams of force, seekingGlamour, 91:The personality, at this stage, is exceedingly potent, and the Dweller embodies all the psychic andGlamour, 114:helping to free humanity from this ancient and potent thralldom. [115] But it must be borne in mindGlamour, 145:assure you that humility is one of the most potent factors in releasing the illuminating power ofGlamour, 152:to spiritual contact and realization assume potent proportions. Only then can they be usefullyGlamour, 153:and the generated forces of its ancient and potent personality assume proportions which call forGlamour, 163:has focused in herself world glamor - the most potent and expressive of the three aspects ofGlamour, 167:or foretell anent that revelation is that some potent and far-reaching results will be achieved byGlamour, 252:service wherein the higher triangle is the most potent. The following three statements sum up theGlamour, 258:frequently also the physiological results are potent and [259] noticeable, such as a great chestGlamour, 261:Necessarily the physical body is active and potent but increasingly it should be regarded as anHealing, 20:this time so strong and the sense of illusion so potent and vital that we fail to see these basicHealing, 34:ill health. The reason for this is that it has a potent and predisposing effect upon the vital andHealing, 34:is apparent that that stream which is the most potent is the one which will control the action ofHealing, 36:in body form by the coherent force of more potent energies. The major focal point of energy to beHealing, 38:unhealthy condition of the astral body must be potent factors in producing discomfort and disease.Healing, 43:in order of time) is still the most alive and potent. It reached its acme of development in lateHealing, 70:and mental attitudes in a new and more [70] potent manner. To their own engrossing concerns andHealing, 73:connected with the vagus nerve. This is most potent and is regarded by some schools of occultism asHealing, 83:stand wide open also. The etheric body is a potent receiver of impressions, which are conveyed toHealing, 96:a group can heal and that thought can play its potent part in the healing process, but not thoughtHealing, 97:too much use of the thinking faculty and too potent a use of the mind processes can arrest andHealing, 97:say that a loving heart is one of the most potent of all the energies employed. I have broughtHealing, 127:angle - the solar plexus center is the most potent, being the clearing house for the personalityHealing, 198:non-radiatory. These uneven conditions produce potent effects upon the nervous system and upon theHealing, 204:by the orthodox medical science) a most potent effect upon the whole organic system; their
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