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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - POTENT

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Healing, 221:fundamental in the planetary substance have a potent effect upon those races (still among us) whichHealing, 223:former. [223] The animal instincts are therefore potent; the centers below the diaphragm becomeHealing, 230:the etheric body became consequently more potent [231] (a fact not oft considered), and theHealing, 239:and wicked, something not to be mentioned, and a potent source of trouble. Normal reactions,Healing, 285:considered, involved and dealt with, the more potent the results, and therefore the greater careHealing, 295:within themselves the perfect will-to-good, more potent in the long run than the will-to-harm.Healing, 300:creating an [300] etheric vehicle which is too potent for the outer exoteric physical form. OtherHealing, 302:produced cleavage on every hand. He wrought with potent thought for separative action. HeHealing, 341:all people. Its influence is consequently more potent at the time of the full moon upon all who areHealing, 347:whose influence at a given time proves more potent than the united influences of the body atoms andHealing, 348:stage of almost tangible proof. When unduly potent, they produce acute disease and consequentHealing, 358:by the powerful thoughts and ideas of the more potent members in the group is ever a problem. IHealing, 359:and in which the soul energy is so great and so potent that it sweeps through the vehicles andHealing, 361:which it would release. Today, is there a more potent mantram than the oft spoken word: "ForHealing, 466:connected with the vagus nerve. This is most potent and is regarded by some schools of occultism asHealing, 467:of the radiation of that life and light of so potent a nature that under the evocative power of theHealing, 477:shell because the pull of the soul is not potent and the material aspect is. Where the person isHealing, 494:measure of manasic life developed) in a far more potent manner than when he had to work through theHealing, 501:the seeds of death and of disease are not so potent; sensitivity to inner soul realization growsHealing, 512:vehicles - now created and developed - become potent, and their vibration becomes strong enough toHealing, 513:occur: The personality life becomes increasingly potent and the man develops into an intenseHealing, 527:for the will of the healer is frequently so potent in its determination to bring about a healingHealing, 540:three bodies, and this fact again presents a potent limiting condition to the healer. Again, andHealing, 544:of the healer, it will lead to a recognition of potent forces working through the patient and aHealing, 570:area, and the "eyes of the personality" are a potent factor in sustaining the disease. In thisHealing, 575:can also be active, and by this means two very potent streams of directed energy can penetrate intoHealing, 580:radiance, or energy emanation which is a potent force in healing. The radiation is intense, not soHealing, 584:vibratory force. An energy is subtler and more potent than the force upon which it makes impact orHealing, 584:impact or establishes contact; the force is less potent but is anchored. In these last two wordsHealing, 584:already anchored there. It is essentially more potent but not effective. Ponder on this and let meHealing, 584:long use, centralization and habit) is more potent in its effect upon the life of the aspirant thanHealing, 584:the energies of the personality are far more potent in conditioning the life of the average manHealing, 584:heart energy and soul energy are infinitely more potent than those of the solar plexus center orHealing, 587:into the human kingdom in a new [587] and more potent manner, and this in its turn will become theHealing, 597:a high point of general integration) has a potent effect; planetary prana comes in powerfully onHealing, 610:achieved; the involutionary forces are still potent and the spiritual energies are stillHealing, 614:as a principle. They are, however, effective and potent and may not be ignored. It is essentialHealing, 625:turn, are only the effects of certain inner potent [626] sources of energy. Again, as you see, IHealing, 640:it can, however, be a highly organized and potent factor, producing what is called a high gradeHealing, 669:part of wisdom to avoid consideration of forces potent enough intelligently to use the latentHealing, 676:the healing of an individual. Their work is too potent and too important to permit them to do so,Healing, 705:healer and patient, and because they are more potent on the physical plane than are the Members ofHealing, 712:little while. [712] This technique is curiously potent and sudden when the healer is on the sixthHercules, 33:Aries. It is the sign, therefore, of strong and potent impulses, and of violent fluctuations andHercules, 83:and reality which is the high prerogative and potent factor in the life of a liberated son of God. Hercules, 89:the other is self-initiated, self-conscious and potent. Cancer represents the mass form, theHercules, 106:and its number 6 is, therefore, three times potent. Ten is the number of completion. Six expresses,Hercules, 108:personal self fused and blended and, therefore, potent beyond the average, the aspirant oftenHercules, 164:of power. [164] The true Sagittarian is a very potent person; potent because it is the sign ofHercules, 164:The true Sagittarian is a very potent person; potent because it is the sign of silence; potentHercules, 164:potent because it is the sign of silence; potent because it is the sign of one-pointedness and theHercules, 164:and the goal is seen for the first time clearly; potent because it is the period immediatelyHercules, 166:has not been mastered, and the soul is not potent enough. When we love enough we may have power.Hercules, 168:you function as a spiritual entity, the more potent you become and the more harm you can do. YouHercules, 168:you think wrongly the harm you do is much more potent than the harm that a less evolved personHercules, 201:other's thoughts for one thing, and if such a potent thinker as the Christ, whatever we may mean byHercules, 202:the day will come when this group will be so potent through its silent meditation and the force ofHercules, 218:pass, are embodiments of energies which have a potent effect upon all forms of life on our planet,Intellect, 3:present methods of memory training, and prove a potent factor in modern educational procedure. ItIntellect, 35:of the evolutionary process, and so have become potent through vast experience and unfoldment? OrIntellect, 114:The true nature of the latent idea is ever more potent and complete than the form or symbol throughIntellect, 178:of matter, there can be found an immanent and potent factor which is responsible for the coherenceIntellect, 224:imagination and will are three very potent factors in all creative processes. They are theIntellect, 257:attention to life and its problems, and some potent mental occupation will effect a cure. It is forMagic, 77:come into a normal and safe control of that most potent instrument, the vital body. That this endMagic, 98:illumination increases, as its light waxes more potent, its effect upon [99] the subhuman kingdomsMagic, 121:condition of the world when the intellect is as potent and as compelling as is the emotional natureMagic, 126:recollection is that the worker in magic and the potent entity wielding these forces must be theMagic, 126:with their working materials, results more potent temporarily and more rapid in accomplishment thanMagic, 141:later. May I add, that the sound is only truly potent when the disciple has learnt to subordinateMagic, 158:relate if he ever aims to become an active and potent cooperator with the Hierarchy. These are theMagic, 160:or purely physical desire. These being more potent than the little form, drown it, and it passesMagic, 162:levels. This they do in two ways: By growing so potent on the mental plane that the man falls aMagic, 165:structure, which is symbolic in form, and potent when employed. He cannot as yet control it and heMagic, 182:data available in relation to the Adepts is more potent than the steadfast investigation into [183]Magic, 190:and clear vision, imaginative assumption is a potent factor in bringing about the activity of theMagic, 191:plexus center, which are, at present, the most potent in average humanity and the most "alive",Magic, 192:the solar plexus - expressions hitherto of the potent desire nature, feeding the emotional life ofMagic, 207:functioning, so do breathing exercises produce potent effects, if rightly used over a long enoughMagic, 213:negative and positive forces interact, and when potent enough produce the light in the head. JustMagic, 216:finds its correct outlet. That force is made potent by the energizing, directed intelligent will.Magic, 222:either out of or towards incarnation, add the potent desire, purified and intelligent, of allMagic, 227:and only reaches its most intense point and its potent fierceness when there is a good physicalMagic, 228:highly evolved people in the world have a more potent astral body and work under greater emotionalMagic, 235:world of the astral plane and from thence (when potent there) can begin to demonstrate on theMagic, 246:With full knowledge of his divine Sonship and a potent mind realization of all that that termMagic, 249:the aspirant's thought life. Another and rather potent danger is the result, literally, of theMagic, 258:thought processes of the aspirant become more potent, and the thought-forms - created with definiteMagic, 260:the tendency to selfish interest is the most potent factor in the world at this time, and hence theMagic, 266:slow action. That slow action however will be potent in result; there will be no lost motion, noMagic, 266:the result will be irresistible appearance and potent action on the physical plane. [267] ThisMagic, 268:thought-forms to the mental plane. This is of so potent a nature that the thought-forms createdMagic, 268:to increase the power of matter and add to the potent energy of form-substance produces a tendencyMagic, 274:similar reaction; the waters of desire become so potent as to cause precipitation, and theMagic, 277:speaking) is to make the pineal gland so potent and, therefore, so attractive that the pituitaryMagic, 277:be brought about. This will lead to such potent action that there will be a streaming forth of newMagic, 277:which men find themselves is now chaotic and so potent that these waters are stirred to the veryMagic, 311:aspect of the planetary Logos - a more potent force for good and also for evil, as we use the wordMagic, 311:The energy of this involutionary life has a potent effect on that other tiny involutionary lifeMagic, 312:if I may so term it, and yet have a very potent influence. On account of this close relation, they
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