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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - POTENT

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Magic, 312:emanations. In ancient days they were still more potent, being closer to our earth than now; henceMagic, 313:sign. It will (through the effect of its potent force) stimulate the astral bodies of men into aMagic, 314:so that the material world ceases to hold such potent allure, and may in its later stages bringMagic, 314:stages bring about a state of exaggeration as potent in the line of sentiency as that which we haveMagic, 320:speak. Let the words spoken convey to him the potent force he needs to loose his chains. Yet looseMagic, 323:by one of greater activity, and of more potent achievement. Rhythm, ebb and flow, and the measuredMagic, 345:that the fears of an emotional person are not so potent as yours. Having a strong mental body, youMagic, 347:when the spiritual vibration is exceedingly potent. All good aspirations and synchronous highMagic, 355:in man but which only becomes significant and potent when seen and known, either phenomenally orMagic, 386:on peculiar and selected notes, were most potent and brought definite results in certain ancientMagic, 394:is a usable and valuable asset. The man is a potent personality and becomes the center of a group;Magic, 395:down the qualities and serves as a handicap. A potent personality may function in any field ofMagic, 417:twenty-five years their influence will become potent enough to attract political attention,Magic, 432:nature of the planetary Logos, and the potent force of the astral (desire) body. In other words,Magic, 432:nature of the planetary Logos is exceedingly potent, particularly in this present cycle, but theMagic, 448:thought (the former being potentially far more potent than the latter) has worked its way throughMagic, 453:of the disciple, these Rules carry certain potent instructions and will lead him to anMagic, 455:itself in mental, astral and vital substance, is potent on the physical plane just as long as: ItMagic, 458:idea, the latent yet dynamic concept. It is potent enough to draw to itself the essentials forMagic, 463:in connection with this Rule that it is only potent in so far as the "worker with the Law" is enMagic, 465:mass interplay of spirit and matter is now so potent that one of the major experiences that a soulMagic, 479:the few who used the AUM in those days were not potent enough to offset the force of desire. TheMagic, 482:prefer so to express it) on the side of evil. Potent are they on the physical plane, but theirMagic, 484:into activity is an emotional one, or a potent desire, either good or bad, either selfish orMagic, 484:reality from him, or it will be so dynamic and potent that he will become the victim of that whichMagic, 488:make the process of salvation unnecessary. 1. A potent thought-form can act like a boomerang. ItMagic, 488:"Curses, like chickens, come home to roost." A potent desire for material acquisition willMagic, 488:not what to do with all that he has gained. A potent thought-form embodying an aspiration forMagic, 489:poison all the springs of life. It may not be potent enough to swing out of its creator's auraMagic, 519:stage in the work. [519] Certain men, with potent wills and clear and trained minds, but animatedMagic, 520:of consciousness are all in a condition of potent upheaval. This unified triple activity isMagic, 541:remembered that every human thought, whether the potent mass thoughts or individual dynamic ideas,Magic, 545:rare indeed. Where it exists, it is exceedingly potent, as are all one-pointed tendencies. Magic, 548:stand for so-called spiritual qualities, but for potent occult forces, dynamic in their incentiveMagic, 548:of Leo, of Scorpio and of Aquarius, for they are potent in our world cycle. He must, if I mayMagic, 554:is a precipitation, that it is a result of his potent thought and desire and of his "recognition"Magic, 560:personalities. Because criticism is a potent factor in swinging mental and emotional substance intoMagic, 560:the entire personality can be galvanized into a potent coordination, but of a wrong kind and withMagic, 571:a knowledge of those forces which are peculiarly potent in his life and which seem to direct hisMagic, 576:help. As centers of force the hands play a most potent part, and one that is little understood. ItMagic, 577:When this work is done consciously a most potent factor is added to the equipment of any chela. InMagic, 578:swords and in the hands of an initiate is a most potent factor. The Old Commentary to whichMagic, 624:child of their souls. Some, in their turn, more potent and more coordinated, feel the pressure ofMagic, 630:opinion, and fear of failure? These are two potent factors in the life of service, and hinder many.Magic, 635:you will release yourself for freer and more potent work. Take the Plan seriously and the call toMagic, 636:(physical, emotional, and mental) do have a potent effect on his environment and on the people heMeditation, 119:and the forces engendered there are so much more potent than on the lower levels. The egoic groupMeditation, 193:interest, and holds hid the secret of the most potent use of sound. That use is its projection inMeditation, 273:this eighth letter one of those with the most potent appeals in the series. We have dealt with thePatanjali, 59:to this condition have to [59] utilize the potent factors of the imagination, visualization andPatanjali, 144:and partially mental) in nature, for desire is potent in its effects and produces the physicalPatanjali, 186:force and is a generic term covering those potent longings which have their seat not only in thePatanjali, 354:investigator. The eye is one of the most potent transmitters of energy, and it was the knowledge ofPatanjali, 354:Eye" and the "Eye of Shiva." The hands are potent factors in all magical work of healing andPatanjali, 369:13. The characteristics, whether latent or potent, partake of the nature of the three gunasPatanjali, 399:13. The characteristics, whether latent or potent, partake of the nature of the three gunas (thePatanjali, 402:fact of the one Mind, or the one Life being the potent cause of all differentiated lesser minds andProblems, 11:a psychological one. The soul of a nation is potent in its effect. The national thought-form (builtProblems, 51:planned and geared to an ideology, are potent in effect, especially if the child is taken youngProblems, 67:here to prophesy the uses to which the most potent energy hitherto released for man's helping canProblems, 73:a true sense of values, but there is little of a potent nature that they can do. Second, those whoProblems, 78:grew and spread. Capital became more and more potent; Labor became increasingly restless andProblems, 81:energy has not only put into human hands a potent force which will inevitably bring in a new andProblems, 87:foster. The narrowness of religious creeds is a potent, contributing cause. Psychology1, 9:in flow; and that these energies are made potent and embody our purpose through the use of thought;Psychology1, 11:of energy, - two in the ascendant and five less potent. Every group can consequently be a creativePsychology1, 11:into an era wherein the mind is becoming a potent factor; many are learning to hold the mind steadyPsychology1, 23:of pure Being. This Lord of Love is the most potent of the seven rays, because He is on the samePsychology1, 25:influence is great at this time, though not as potent as it will be later. Science is aPsychology1, 25:making His pressure felt. His influence is most potent upon the physical plane, for there is aPsychology1, 31:Deity), registers a self-recognition which is potent enough today to enable him to differentiatePsychology1, 55:and sentiency, the vibration becomes so potent that the higher is attracted and there is a fusionPsychology1, 68:culture and science, it will become apparent how potent and influential in our day and time is [69]Psychology1, 77:the qualities which they indicate, will show how potent and important is this ray Lord. These sixPsychology1, 178:rays have never been so well directed nor so potent as today. As I told you, and as I now repeat,Psychology1, 185:the waiting Hierarchy, must inevitably produce potent results. The urge to know and the urge toPsychology1, 227:plane (as is now the case), is peculiarly potent, and its effect upon the mineral kingdom isPsychology1, 248:must be of paramount importance and the most potent. This is not so at this time. Psychology1, 251:[251] indicated. Man's work with the animals is potent in results, and will lead eventually to aPsychology1, 251:Ray of Active Intelligence or of Adaptability is potent in this kingdom and will express itselfPsychology1, 256:of the past. The animal world was then far more potent than the human, men were helpless before thePsychology1, 279:which have hitherto been latent are now becoming potent. The consequent world reaction is, in thePsychology1, 290:reproduction. As the soul becomes increasingly potent in the mental and emotional life of thePsychology1, 320:not have been possible had it not been for the potent work of the fifth Ray of Concrete KnowledgePsychology1, 336:Conscious response is first made to the most potent and to the densest kind of attraction inPsychology1, 339:mental and spiritual realities are more potent than the factors which have hitherto enticed him on.Psychology1, 348:on a larger scale. "Man, know thyself" is a potent key to the knowledge of Deity and to thePsychology1, 348:felt. Rays two, three, five and seven are still potent. The following statement may give some ideaPsychology1, 359:themselves through harmlessness. The most potent force in the world today is harmlessness. I speakPsychology1, 365:first lessons that humanity will learn under the potent influence of the seventh ray is that thePsychology1, 365:a ritual, the cyclic passing of the years, the potent movements of the great centers of population,Psychology1, 382:(if so we can call it), which is dominant and potent and the main controlling factor at this time,Psychology1, 382:which are at this time in incarnation, are very potent, either materially or egoically, whilst somePsychology1, 385:[385] three European countries. The sixth ray is potent in Russia, the United States, Italy andPsychology1, 385:to an ideal which is responsible also for the potent changes in these four countries; in GermanyPsychology1, 393:problem can be solved, it will be one of the potent factors in the restoration of worldPsychology1, 425:Ray of Active Intelligence or of Adaptability is potent in this kingdom and will express itselfPsychology2, 113:could produce, in its growing momentum, such a potent, magnetic impulse that it will reach thosePsychology2, 128:being sent forth from soul levels, will have a potent, attractive force upon the group units withPsychology2, 145:produce in form upon the earth. Their work is potent and necessary and calls for much skill in
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