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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - POURING

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Discipleship2, 741:you must conquer, deflects the energy which, pouring through your soul, could lead to a planned andEducation, 143:we will give the name of ENERGY: to all forces pouring into the individual form from whateverExternalisation, 6:to their environment. The flow of energy, pouring through from the astral plane and (in a lesserExternalisation, 38:themselves form of some kind or other) of the "pouring in of light," esoterically understood. ThisExternalisation, 71:1. The first and the most powerful force is that pouring into the world from Shamballa, theExternalisation, 84:and more desirable standards of living. Pouring through the chaos of offensive and defensive groupsExternalisation, 86:(though not the purpose or the direction) by pouring in the love force. Again, that force which weExternalisation, 265:it contacts and upon which it makes an impact. Pouring, therefore, upon the selfish materialisticExternalisation, 265:of love, leading to increased evil activity. Pouring upon the selfless, the pure and theExternalisation, 270:responds to the demand of the people everywhere, pouring through Him that dynamic energy whichExternalisation, 301:of Deity; They embody divine purpose; the energy pouring through Them and transmitted by Them isExternalisation, 360:by minds attuned to it, and the other by the pouring in of the light of reason. The Buddha made theExternalisation, 467:to the affairs of men. It is understanding, pouring out everywhere as the result of experience. IExternalisation, 504:right recognition of group purpose. The work of pouring out the principle of love (which is theExternalisation, 538:Will aspect is adequately developed. The task of pouring out the Love principle in a new andExternalisation, 540:nothing - problems related to the new energies pouring into our planet, impersonally andExternalisation, 655:masses of men everywhere. It can be described as pouring into the human consciousness by means ofFire, 155:and electric fire. 70 "The moon (our satellite) pouring forth into the lowest globe of ourFire, 166:centers are formed entirely of streams of force, pouring down from the Ego, who transmits it fromFire, 374:the vitalization of the logoic centers, or the pouring through the seven schemes, during stupendousFire, 374:vitalization of the planetary centers, or the pouring through the seven chains of a scheme, ofFire, 374:during some particular major incarnation, or the pouring through the seven globes of a chain, ofFire, 435:in this connection that these Logoi - when pouring Their influence through a scheme or otherFire, 440:under very favorable conditions. It is pouring its force out upon the [441] seventh plane, theFire, 464:the animal kingdom, the force of its vibration pouring on to the astral bodies of the animals, andFire, 484:Son to the Father and are largely centered in pouring forth energizing power when it becomesFire, 619:Man works necessarily through egoic groups, pouring positive force upon them until they emerge fromFire, 624:It might be regarded as the pranic forces, pouring through the logoic etheric body (our four higherFire, 692:Monads of their bodies of manifestation. The pouring in of this force of energy, emanating from theFire, 751:ego in the three worlds. Therefore, the energy pouring through Him may be: That of a particularFire, 752:energy of one of the principles of the Logos are pouring through Them via that which - to Them -Fire, 858:of all grades. This kind is the result of the pouring in of egoic energy through the ethericFire, 866:of advanced souls. They cannot stand the force pouring into them, or upon them, [867] and throughFire, 869:is of briefer duration, and is produced by the pouring in of solar heat or fire, and thus bringingFire, 962:center which receives the threefold vitalization pouring through the sutratma from the lowerFire, 962:activity when this action is enhanced by the pouring through of energy from the Ego on its ownFire, 973:of the embodied idea, [973] and will be seen pouring towards the rapidly objectivising idea fromFire, 1050:synthesis upon the physical plane of the force pouring through into manifestation through the threeFire, 1116:of the solar Angel, and of sacrifice forces pouring in from the Monad. Thus we have a marvelousFire, 1134:for the [1134] positive inflow which can be seen pouring in through the upper depression of theFire, 1226:and for that which is desired. It is love pouring itself out into forms which are stimulated andFire, 1226:the "Father of Light" (in a cosmic connotation) pouring Himself out for that which binds Him andFire, 1246:process of these identifications is largely that pouring through the sixth Hierarchy, which has anGlamour, 53:which love can pour, and light can shine. This pouring through and shining forth has to be aGlamour, 77:which must eventually be dissipated by the pouring in of true and selfless love. I am but touchingGlamour, 85:relation to maya we are dealing with the forces pouring through the seven centers of the body (inGlamour, 144:shaft of pure white light, broad and brilliant, pouring out of the heart center between theGlamour, 167:by minds attuned to it, and the other by the pouring in of the light of reason. The Buddha made theGlamour, 204:The stage of direction. This involves the steady pouring of the light (under intelligent direction)Glamour, 218:He must visualize a broad brilliant beam, pouring forth from the illumined mind on to the astralGlamour, 247:body to be controlled by emotional force, pouring through the sacral center and producing desireHealing, 31:the result of inner subtle forces, but are the pouring upwards, into the etheric body, of energiesHealing, 46:They are externalizations of the types of force pouring through the etheric centers from theHealing, 49:world. These can be traced in every case to the pouring in of energy through centers which are notHealing, 53:astral force as that is the predominating force pouring into the etheric centers. A negativeHealing, 60:that just as the light of the soul, pouring into the mind, can be depended upon to solve anyHealing, 85:gland, permitting the free play of the force pouring through the center to the allied glandularHealing, 88:kingdom are etherically focused. The forces pouring into the animal kingdom come predominantly fromHealing, 88:aligned) of soul energy and this soul energy, pouring into the physical body, can produce certainHealing, 104:arranged for beginners. Feel a deep love pouring into you. Regard it as substantial light which youHealing, 104:thus directed on to the patient. Visualize it as pouring out [105] and sense the patient receivingHealing, 182:three stages are nurtured by the life and energy pouring down through the entire length of theHealing, 198:endocrine system. The vitality and life pouring through the entire body will then be of suchHealing, 239:with a consequent increase of energy pouring through the related bodily substance. This energy andHealing, 275:or his karmic freedoms. That the basic energies pouring into the etheric body and conditioning theHealing, 309:also feel the cause of the disease through the pouring in of energy to the etheric counterpart ofHealing, 329:three above mentioned methods, and produces the pouring into and through the mechanism of theHealing, 340:ask you to ponder on this last sentence. The pouring in of more light from the astral plane (atHealing, 341:His cyclic point of contact. This produces the pouring in of radiance and the entering in of energyHealing, 354:and radiation. This constant stream of energy pouring from the aggregate of bodily cells in massedHealing, 467:resembles what might be regarded as a process of pouring in life and light into a vessel upon theHealing, 513:centers, through which the personality rays are pouring, and the head center which is responsive toHealing, 525:an intense affirmation of divinity, or by simply pouring out love and the expression of a vagueHealing, 539:destroy him. Because the free flow of the energy pouring from the soul is inhibited and limited,Healing, 555:a steady flow of the positive energy of love pouring out towards the patient. This will insulateHealing, 556:of the will. He will then realize that the love pouring from him to the patient will prevent anyHealing, 565:are at the stage where the energy of the soul, pouring through the physical body, meets resistanceHealing, 624:secretion which that gland is in the habit of pouring into the blood stream. As again you know, theHealing, 656:stand behind the patient so that the energy pouring through, which the healer may be using andHealing, 656:if present, would see a golden stream of energy pouring straight down through the energized bodiesHealing, 703:patient, the healer will work with ray energy, pouring his own ray energy through the center whichHercules, 105:Its Egyptian name, we are told, meant "a pouring out", the Nile giving its fullest irrigation atHercules, 165:in the zodiac. One is Aries from which there is pouring out upon us the gift of existence. AHercules, 192:the foundations will be well laid for the force pouring in; we build for the future. InclusiveHercules, 222:from illusion. Aquarius Server of the race, pouring out the living water of purification. This isHercules, 223:Aquarius, the Water Carrier Reuben Means "the pouring out of water". The living water. Pisces, theInitiation, 79:of advanced souls. They cannot stand the force pouring into them, or upon them, and through theInitiation, 83:a refraining from unbrotherly criticism, and a pouring out of love upon the sinning brother: allInitiation, 86:that the Monad is definitely guiding the Ego, pouring his divine life ever more into the preparedInitiation, 133:of purification; he sees fire on all sides, pouring out through the Rod, circulating around theInitiation, 197:physical body would be shattered by the energy pouring through the newly stimulated centers, andIntellect, 21:From a relatively external process of pouring in facts, it is increasingly becoming a process ofIntellect, 156:Beloved," and "the marriage in the Heavens," the pouring out of the love nature at the feet of theIntellect, 169:is abnormal. The man seems driven by the energy pouring through him, and the days are all too shortIntellect, 169:live up to them. This registering of a constant pouring in of vital force is eminentlyIntellect, 240:of energy. There is nothing but energy, pouring through us, and working in us, and in it we areMagic, 144:sound and then the first effect of sound, the pouring forth of light, causing the revelation of theMagic, 249:dangers incident to a premature and uncontrolled pouring in of pure spiritual energy to theMagic, 249:of the land and water. It demonstrates as the pouring into the brain consciousness (the landMagic, 294:which we call initiation. Every stream of energy pouring through his body of desire and of sentient
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