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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - POURING

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Magic, 322:and through the lower threefold nature. This pouring through will bring about a steady radiationMagic, 345:call down a stream of pure white light, and, pouring it through your lower vehicles, you willMagic, 440:in the human kingdom for the energy pouring through it enables man to say "I am". Magic, 609:and responsive to the influences and energies pouring in on the new tide of the Aquarian Age;Meditation, 179:...The tension today is great, and the force pouring in on all the different centers is apt -Meditation, 319:superintending the work on inner planes, and the pouring in of force with the shielding from dangerPatanjali, 253:is to be known or investigated, The subsequent pouring down of the knowledge ascertained, in aPatanjali, 307:the light of the world, the soul will work, pouring light and life on all things, and using it asPsychology1, 29:truth is not yet revealed. The light is slowly pouring into man's life, and in this lightedPsychology1, 94:in their turn and express the energy that is pouring through them blindly and unconsciously, havingPsychology1, 118:that in the wealth of psychic writings pouring into the world today, the work of the truePsychology1, 151:atom; so that the qualities of every solar life, pouring through the seven ray forms, permeatePsychology1, 179:comes along the expected lines. There will be a pouring in of light upon mankind which will alterPsychology1, 199:the ages, prehuman and human. But through the "pouring out of that water which is of the color red"Psychology1, 242:analysis: Ray II - The result of this influence, pouring cyclically through the kingdom, has beenPsychology1, 243:will be so powerful that there will be a marked pouring in of ray one, with its stimulation of thePsychology1, 257:was present in which love and devotion were pouring upon, into and through all forms, a good dealPsychology1, 262:subjective and objective. But we find the rays pouring through humanity as a whole, and through thePsychology1, 278:It is due to the fact that the newer impulses pouring into the old, and the impact of the newPsychology1, 280:new incoming seventh ray energies. These rays, pouring through the sacral center of the planetaryPsychology1, 292:influence of Mercury in the second decanate, the pouring in of light, of mental and spiritualPsychology2, 189:task is to dispel the world illusion through the pouring in of illumination or of light. WhenPsychology2, 195:the energies of Capricorn were augmented by the pouring in of forces from a still greater [196]Psychology2, 213:kingdom came into being. First, there was the pouring in of energy, stimulating and inspiring; thenPsychology2, 213:again happening today in the world. There is a pouring in of spiritual energy, vitalizing,Psychology2, 213:earth. But all this is due, as before, to the pouring in of a triple energy in seven ways. ThePsychology2, 453:is in such a condition that the energy pouring through will be disruptive and dangerous and allPsychology2, 514:be taught how to deflect these forces which art pouring into and through the various centers toPsychology2, 522:of the soul must pour when the right time comes, pouring consciously and with the full awareness ofPsychology2, 524:quiescent. There is just enough energy pouring into the center to produce the preservation of life,Psychology2, 529:plexus center. The stage wherein these energies, pouring through to the heart, are blended with itPsychology2, 529:it unduly. There are energies, for instance, pouring into the spleen from planetary sources as wellPsychology2, 541:over-stimulated by the impact of the energies pouring in on the man who is subjected - among otherPsychology2, 546:[546] Mounting from below into the solar plexus Pouring into the solar plexus from the astral planePsychology2, 571:solar plexus center, stimulated by the energy pouring in from the heights he has attained inPsychology2, 613:directors of the light and the power which is pouring into and through them all the time. A study,Psychology2, 685:a quality somewhat different to any at this time pouring into and through our planetary life. ThosePsychology2, 706:of soul activity, which are in reality only the pouring in of soul force, through the channel ofPsychology2, 707:of certain astronomical happenings, such as the pouring in of energy from a new sign in the zodiac,Psychology2, 721:reaction. Influential and potent forces pouring in at this time from the great stars Betelgeuse andPsychology2, 721:entails a more potent and significant and rapid pouring forth of the force of the Hierarchy withRays, 131:supersedes soul knowledge, and the energy pouring in to his [132] consciousness from the SpiritualRays, 194:through the halls of maya, aided by the light pouring through the rents made in the separatingRays, 231:themselves to respond to the Aquarian energy now pouring into the Hierarchy. Some of you can do soRays, 240:stream, embodying the dynamic of purpose, is now pouring into the Hierarchy and into its sevenRays, 240:understands by the use of the word "Will," is pouring into the New Group of World Servers, whilstRays, 240:differentiated into seven diverging streams, is pouring into [241] each of the "seven points ofRays, 270:active at this particular time. It is an energy pouring towards the fourth kingdom but not directedRays, 300:these days many are attaining sight and light is pouring in. Revelation will come when the worldRays, 330:centers, the sacred planets and the energies pouring through them from the constellations whichRays, 377:astral plane is a reservoir of love energy, pouring into two of our planes which constitute part ofRays, 402:Path in order to bring order out of chaos by pouring into the planetary astral plane pure astralRays, 475:and finally destroyed by the fire of the Monad, pouring down the antahkarana. There is thenRays, 537:through the pressure of the higher influences pouring into and through him. He is occupied with theRays, 615:every nation. Through them He can work. By the pouring out of the Christ life or consciousness uponRays, 639:of all disciples and aspirants. Through the pouring out of love or of the Christ consciousness uponRays, 640:and possibilities are considered; the energies pouring into the human family are directed andRays, 646:Both these events were made possible by the pouring-in of the energy and power of the third aspectRays, 660:of spiritual energy and which are already pouring forth in response to human invocation. InReappearance, 133:by minds attuned to it, and the other by the pouring in of the light of the reason. The Buddha madeSoul, 115:They are largely directed by the force pouring into and issuing from the head centers. In TheSoul, 124:activity, and the emphasis of the force pouring through the body shifts to the centers above theSoul, 126:waves which in their original subtle form, are pouring in upon us. What more natural than this,Soul, 136:kingdom in nature. This act is followed by the pouring down into the brain (by way of theTelepathy, 148:of the Black Lodge. There is only the ONE LIFE, pouring through the mass of forms which, in theirTelepathy, 154:This always means that several energies are pouring through these tubes, unless the point in
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