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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - POURS

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Astrology, 24:The quality of the Logos of our planet as it pours through the chains, the rounds, the races, andAstrology, 33:be on a general or mass scale, and much of it pours through to us from these distantAstrology, 50:zodiac the first or twelfth Creative Hierarchy pours forth its energy. [51] Astrology, 97:rulers. There is something in the energy which pours in through these signs which predetermines aAstrology, 147:and the preponderance of the ray influence pours through the sign to the kingdom underAstrology, 229:Astral glamor dissipated. [229] Soul light pours in. The Path of Discipleship. The Disciple.Astrology, 296:as its agent, whilst the central, spiritual Sun pours its influences through Uranus. The activityAstrology, 297:the Sun" which is called into activity and which pours its energies through Neptune upon man. TheseAstrology, 348:Because the Ray of Love-Wisdom, the second ray, pours through Gemini it becomes apparent how trueAstrology, 362:in their turn prepared for in Scorpio. Taurus pours the energy stimulating desire, via Venus, ontoAstrology, 403:the cosmic Bull of God is open and from it light pours radiantly forth upon the sons of men. TheAstrology, 457:in their neighborhood, the energy of five rays pours forth, conditioning the world of men, leadingAstrology, 488:and later a third. Each of these in turn pours its force through its esoteric ruler and the otherAstrology, 524:this has been interpreted to mean that the light pours forth from the East, and that the gift ofAstrology, 619:which the will-to-fulfilment or to achievement pours into humanity and on to the planet. It isBethlehem, 120:the spiritual life which (coming forth from God) pours into, and is the life of, the lower man.Bethlehem, 277:perfection than humanity, and if the life which pours through the natural world is not workingDestiny, 12:disease and death. This is the force which pours into the world from the major world center,Destiny, 47:as well as the oneness of the Life which pours through, permeates, animates and integrates theDestiny, 92:in their neighborhood the energy of five rays pours forth, conditioning the world of men, leadingDestiny, 98:this has been interpreted to mean that the light pours forth from the East and that the gift ofDiscipleship1, 11:a fault or error. As the clear light of the soul pours in, it reveals the personality for what itDiscipleship1, 175:as follows: 1st month - The Power of the Soul pours like a steady current through my life. I senseDiscipleship1, 224:it "the glamor of the rose of aspiration as it pours through the solar plexus and not through theDiscipleship1, 236:with us. When the first ray energy of the soul pours in and blends itself with the sixth ray force,Discipleship1, 362:on his heart from out the farthest door. He pours the rain of that which can be known into theDiscipleship1, 443:center. Fifth month - I am the Lover of men, who pours out love from the center of love. SixthDiscipleship1, 532:dawning spirit of love irradiates your life and pours through you to others, and see to it alsoDiscipleship1, 533:emotional man, am dedicated to the soul, love pours through. Thus can I serve. 3rd month - I raiseDiscipleship1, 598:That you may learn to walk in the light that pours forth from your own soul is the earnest wish ofDiscipleship1, 623:a glamor which can only be dispelled as the soul pours its life and light with steady radiance intoDiscipleship1, 638:to the calm, deep running of a river, as it pours down to the sea, fertilizing the fields throughDiscipleship1, 699:All this is due to the activity of prana as it pours through the etheric or vital body. Average manDiscipleship1, 699:the astral body - generates desire-energy. It pours into the vital body and galvanizes physical manDiscipleship2, 15:service; I blend my love with the love which pours forth from the soul towards each of you, andDiscipleship2, 135:from Shamballa is arrived at as the energy pours in, via the two Great Lords, the Manu and theDiscipleship2, 289:utilized, becomes directed from those levels and pours into what is now [290] ambiguously calledDiscipleship2, 293:world of souls. Then the light of the intuition pours in, bringing the power to recognize andDiscipleship2, 311:considering the point of experience where light pours in, bringing revelation, conveyingDiscipleship2, 357:Ashram. The Ashram stands not still. New life pours in from either side." This will perhaps throwDiscipleship2, 360:to use a measure of the true divine Will as it pours through the Ashram from Shamballa for theDiscipleship2, 513:is in the astral body and so the energy of power pours in, the situation becomes acute, which is toDiscipleship2, 594:problem. Every time that first ray energy pours through you it leads to a trifling or a true crisisEducation, 148:by the soul and not by the monad. The World Soul pours its gossamer thread of sentientExternalisation, 6:at first, and over-responsive later; it pours into brain cells which, from lack of use, areExternalisation, 164:light, as the expression of the Hierarchy pours into the human consciousness, irradiating all darkExternalisation, 194:that all men are brothers; that one blood pours through human veins; that we are all the childrenExternalisation, 295:Response comes. The Avatar appears and light pours in, making the way clear. New hope awakens andExternalisation, 477:energy, impersonal and - like the sun - it pours down upon the worthy and the unworthy, unlessFire, 359:a replica of a system. Each of the Heavenly Men pours forth His radiation or influence, andFire, 429:Whom we recognize as the planetary Logoi, pours [430] through our scheme from the fourth cosmicFire, 431:the force or life-energy of these entities as it pours into, and works through definite, material,Fire, 432:globe, our earthly planet. Each planetary Logos pours forth His influence in different rounds,Fire, 445:to scheme, Chain to chain, this cosmic Deity pours forth His power and influence. In all periods ofFire, 467:energy, finding the line of least resistance, pours into the substance of the plane, or theFire, 507:of the two fires. The force or energy that pours through from the higher planes (the breath of theFire, 690:under the Law, mind force or manasic energy pours in from the fifth cosmic plane, the cosmicFire, 751:of one of the planetary logoic principles, as it pours through Him via a particular spirilla orFire, 858:that of animal man) that egoic or psychic force pours through his centers in such a way as toFire, 928:- bearing devas from the logoic head center - pours in. The lesser builders respond to the logoicFire, 974:irradiated. It is also the organ through which pours the directing energy [975] which streams outFire, 1051:considered is that of the planetary Logos, as He pours His force through some one chain or some oneFire, 1113:and symbols of an inner verity. f. Energy also pours in upon the knowledge petals from the egoicFire, 1157:From the seven Rishis of the Great Bear; this pours in via the Monad and is transmitted downward,Fire, 1158:he is the Not-Self. Later as force from the Ego pours in, his psychical evolution proceeds (I useFire, 1191:The quality of the Logos of the planet as it pours through the chains and globes and rounds in aGlamour, 36:the results show as increased light. This light pours down and irradiates not only the mind, butGlamour, 43:used. This is the great dispelling agency, and pours down from the plane of the intuition (theGlamour, 43:used. This is the great dissipating agency, and pours down from soul levels (the higher levels ofGlamour, 53:reached. The significance of their attainment pours in upon them, and the sense of theirGlamour, 148:(as Stage III instructs you), see to it that it pours through you with purity and clarity as oneGlamour, 171:emotional body and dissipates glamor. When light pours in, glamor fades out. Illumination dominatesGlamour, 200:itself at the right moment once the higher light pours in. They are indicative of the Real and areGlamour, 263:source of some type of energy, and this pours down into and through the etheric body without beingHealing, 36:light, from which a stream of lights pours down into the phenomenal man; this can be seen attachingHealing, 104:the ajna center, becomes divided into two and pours out through the two hands. It is thus directedHealing, 199:It will be apparent to you that as the energy pours through the centers, via the nadis and theHealing, 270:to energy, to its presence in excess as it pours through the centers, or to its deficiency. HereHealing, 307:upon the gland. It is inhibited, either as it pours into the center (when it does not affect theHealing, 307:another). When the difficulty takes place as it pours into the center, then the energy is thrownHealing, 332:as a third necessary statement, that the soul pours its consciously directed energy into the denseHealing, 359:of the human being involved, and the soul pours through to the point of concentrated attention. InHealing, 456:or opening. Out of this the life force pours as the potency of the abstracting influence of theHealing, 514:soul. The energy of the soul ray increasingly pours into the personality, intensifying itsHercules, 202:touch with the Great Life, the World Savior, who pours his force and energy through them and towardInitiation, 44:Brothers, the Manu and the Mahachohan. Daily he pours out his blessing on the world, and daily heInitiation, 44:may remain unaware of him, the light which he pours forth stimulates their desire, fosters theInitiation, 105:of the Lord of the World. This dual energy he pours out in blessing over the people gathered at theInitiation, 124:in earlier groups of lives. His egoic ray as it pours down through many cycles of time. HisInitiation, 125:perfected egoic group; later the radiance which pours forth from the ray which carries on its bosomInitiation, 148:put the initiate in touch with this energy. This pours down upon the group from the moment thatIntellect, 211:meditation, if effective, energy from the soul pours into the brain, and has a definite effect uponIntellect, 240:the realm of ideas (or of soul knowledge) energy pours through. The "public opinion" of the [241]Intellect, 247:in its scope, and through Him the love of God pours, and the purposes of God are working toIntellect, 260:his nature still uncontrolled. The energy that pours in during meditation pours down through theIntellect, 260:The energy that pours in during meditation pours down through the mechanism and stimulates theMagic, 75:and hide the Real. It beats with rhythm new; it pours its love upon the Real, and Maya fades away.Magic, 117:of renunciation and the wealth of the heavens pours in on him; he gives all and is full toMagic, 164:and to build in mental matter. He simply pours his life into the form and sends it forth to carryMagic, 249:force enters through the cranial aperture, and pours into the head centers. From them will follow
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