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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - POWER

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Discipleship1, 268:If you can maintain this increase through the power of your meditation, you will bring your innerDiscipleship1, 272:of much expansion. Need, love and magnetic power are the three things which - consciously orDiscipleship1, 273:and creative thought determine the magnetic power of any individual, group or center. DetermineDiscipleship1, 275:mental body is on the fourth ray; hence your power to harmonize and to avert conflict, thus actingDiscipleship1, 275:is that of an increased dynamism. The dynamic power of your soul must pour through your fourth rayDiscipleship1, 278:you hold to organized forms. Another is your power of intuitive perception and your capacity toDiscipleship1, 279:There is naught but life in manifestation. Your power to intuit, therefore, will aid the group, soDiscipleship1, 279:yourself the light of the intellect, and let the power of a spiritually applied analysis and theDiscipleship1, 280:of spiritual faculty which works out in power and magnetic force or radiation in the personal life.Discipleship1, 281:freely imposed rhythm of organized service, then power can be conferred, and definite usefulness beDiscipleship1, 284:will aid in bringing in your seventh ray power or organized creativeness which is one of your realDiscipleship1, 286:importance. The attainment of the vision; the power to intuit; the capacity to control that whichDiscipleship1, 292:To your group of students you bring what mental power you have, and develop it thereby, to theDiscipleship1, 293:with facility and understanding, and that means power in the task to be accomplished. Study theDiscipleship1, 293:life your personality ray was the first Ray of Power, and hence the evidence of power which seizesDiscipleship1, 293:first Ray of Power, and hence the evidence of power which seizes you at times. Discipleship1, 295:energy upon people, and also of that first ray power which you brought over from a previousDiscipleship1, 297:all disciples (before they can [297] work with power in the world) might be expressed as the needDiscipleship1, 297:the real light can be seen. There is occult power in the words: "And in that light shall we seeDiscipleship1, 298:and the result is that of the calling in of the power which flows from the outer petals of theDiscipleship1, 305:of the invocation, saying the words with all the power of your soul behind them. Add the mantram IDiscipleship1, 308:they lead to increased happiness [308] and to power in all relationships. A right sense ofDiscipleship1, 308:the O. M. three times inaudibly and, with the power of the creative imagination, See the physicalDiscipleship1, 309:active and just now its attention is turned in power towards its instrument; your vibratory rate,Discipleship1, 309:its instrument; your vibratory rate, your power in service, can increase; and your opportunity atDiscipleship1, 311:troubled aspirant of finding in a brother that power to aid which is based on a trained reticenceDiscipleship1, 312:the next period comes around. First, deepen your power of expression and begin to train othersDiscipleship1, 312:the one you seek to help, through the magnetic power of your mind, enhanced by your soul andDiscipleship1, 312:usefulness which will greatly increase your power to serve. Secondly, the following occult messageDiscipleship1, 313:may help in the externalizing of your magnetic power... Do this exercise every day with slow andDiscipleship1, 315:unfoldment of the intuition; it gives you the power to master your chosen field of knowledge, butDiscipleship1, 315:master your chosen field of knowledge, but that power must be balanced by the simultaneousDiscipleship1, 315:a deeply loving and understanding nature and a power to include, which is a major asset; it servesDiscipleship1, 315:are: The egoic ray - the first Ray of Will or Power. The personality ray - the fifth Ray ofDiscipleship1, 318:real. Thus through the eye of Buddhi comes the power to drive away the veiling swirling glamors ofDiscipleship1, 318:interpretation, you would work with greater power and freedom. In reference to your meditationDiscipleship1, 318:meditate upon the themes indicated below: The power to stand within the light, leading to rightDiscipleship1, 318:leading to right reflection of the light. The power to rest in spiritual being, so as to focus theDiscipleship1, 318:the soul within the chosen field of service. The power to attain right observation, so as to seeDiscipleship1, 320:aids its expression by giving you emotional power (if you care to use it) and enabling you toDiscipleship1, 321:faithfully and intelligently each day, with the power of your mind behind the work, you will veryDiscipleship1, 321:as heretofore, and remember that the gift of power in meditation and the capacity to bring throughDiscipleship1, 322:have said? Your progress on the Way and your power to take the kingdom of Heaven by violence isDiscipleship1, 322:of the entrance lie within your grasp. But this power itself carries with it its own problem andDiscipleship1, 323:to walk the ways of men as light and love and power. My strength and power come from the secretDiscipleship1, 323:men as light and love and power. My strength and power come from the secret place and much I know.Discipleship1, 324:group members with dynamic energy. Through the power of your soul you must awaken their souls intoDiscipleship1, 327:inaccuracy is due to two things: First, to your power to work on abstract levels, involvingDiscipleship1, 327:that you will have potently increased your power to serve. This inability to produce a true pictureDiscipleship1, 327:as they really exist, has militated against your power to materialize that which is desired uponDiscipleship1, 329:strength and inner realization of the sources of power this year. It is the strong inner grasp ofDiscipleship1, 330:in my Ashram can manage to achieve. The power of the individual disciple to decentralize himself.Discipleship1, 331:of the life of the spirit, of truth and of the power of your ray life. It is due to the fact thatDiscipleship1, 331:recognize your divinity, your service and your power. Being primarily astral-buddhic, demonstratingDiscipleship1, 331:even though you function, as a soul, on the power ray. You have, therefore, a consequent weaknessDiscipleship1, 332:R. S. U. needs to study less and to be more. Power can flow through you, my brother. As a channel,Discipleship1, 332:You can act as a distributor of strength and power to your brothers once you have freed yourselfDiscipleship1, 333:[333] send forth at will light and strength and power. Continue with this work of attention. MayDiscipleship1, 333:Eternal shine upon your way, my brother and the power of your soul pour through you with increasingDiscipleship1, 337:are: The soul ray - the first Ray of Will or Power. The personality ray - the sixth Ray ofDiscipleship1, 337:The ray of the physical body - the first Ray of Power. I have one personal word of commendation toDiscipleship1, 337:a temple of the Lord from which the Words of Power can issue forth and "many prisoners go free," orDiscipleship1, 339:nothing of your present intuitive ability and power to feel and love - to work from the place ofDiscipleship1, 339:feel and love - to work from the place of mental power. If you can do this, then your intuitionDiscipleship1, 339:then your intuition will take due form and the power which flows through you will transmute feelingDiscipleship1, 340:full occupation of your time, nor is it place or power. These are not the true incentives. The realDiscipleship1, 346:(prior to starting the day's work) that the power an wisdom then contacted, and the purity of theDiscipleship1, 352:first, the third and the fourth or the rays of power, active intelligence and of that skill inDiscipleship1, 356:and there is too much effort in what you do. The power and subtlety of the pranayama process liesDiscipleship1, 356:seek to do. Be ready to give of your wisdom and power to unfold and teach when the need arises...Discipleship1, 358:close attention to it. It disappears by the power of clear and steadfast meditation and the freeingDiscipleship1, 359:of those who live in the Eternal. There is a power which maketh all things new; it lives and movesDiscipleship1, 359:Self as one. May that peace brood over us, that power uplift us till we stand where the OneDiscipleship1, 361:you a physical body which has inherited the power to resist and the capacity to shut off the outerDiscipleship1, 361:fount of wisdom. Your intuition is awake; your power to interpret symbols is unusual; your grasp ofDiscipleship1, 365:will. 1st month - My soul has purpose, power and will. These three are needed on the Way ofDiscipleship1, 365:obstructs and hinders must disappear before the power of God. That power am I. I, therefore, treadDiscipleship1, 365:must disappear before the power of God. That power am I. I, therefore, tread the Way unto theDiscipleship1, 370:The ray of the mind - the first Ray of Power. The ray of the astral body - the first Ray of Power.Discipleship1, 370:The ray of the astral body - the first Ray of Power. The ray of the physical body - the seventh RayDiscipleship1, 371:capacity to serve and to prove useful. Their power to live, to influence and to serve is veryDiscipleship1, 372:your personality is on the first great line of power, of isolation and of separateness. The onlyDiscipleship1, 373:is focused in your astral body, adding to its power, its glamor, and its hold on you. Your problemDiscipleship1, 374:personality is not on the line of love but of power. It fears love and the expression of love. InDiscipleship1, 377:as you know, that of the first Ray of Will or Power. This gives you a sense of centralization, ofDiscipleship1, 378:will greatly facilitate your usefulness and your power to bring a response of love and cooperationDiscipleship1, 379:The personality ray - the first Ray of Will or Power. The ray of the mind - the second Ray ofDiscipleship1, 379:of the astral body - the first Ray of Will or Power. The ray of the physical body - the third RayDiscipleship1, 383:almost instantaneously if your first ray soul power is brought into play, or it can be accomplishedDiscipleship1, 388:that of a mature and experienced aspirant. The power of your first ray soul can galvanize theDiscipleship1, 393:at the same time you must go on with increasing power detaching yourself from their inner hold uponDiscipleship1, 395:been complicated by financial anxiety, with its power to cloud the vision. She is on her way out,Discipleship1, 401:if I might so express it, have been the power to organize and rule, and also love of the hiddenDiscipleship1, 402:are: The soul ray - the first Ray of Will or Power. The personality ray - the fifth Ray of ConcreteDiscipleship1, 413:The ray of the mental body - the first Ray of Power or Will. Hence the facility with which you canDiscipleship1, 418:that you are always a focal point for spiritual power and should be an outpost of the Master'sDiscipleship1, 419:can stop you. Your work in the group and your power in relation to it consists in yourDiscipleship1, 420:maximum measure of release and so increase your power in service? There is, first of all, anDiscipleship1, 427:The mental body - the first Ray of Will or Power. [428] The astral body - the first Ray of Will orDiscipleship1, 428:[428] The astral body - the first Ray of Will or Power. The physical body - the seventh Ray of
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