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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - POWER

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Discipleship2, 233:created and its evolution processed through the power of thought, which is only another word forDiscipleship2, 249:the Piscean Age is one in which at last the power of physical death is definitely broken and theDiscipleship2, 263:of the Master as he is, the center of light and power within the circle. The revelation of theDiscipleship2, 264:to concentrate your minds upon these formulas of power - "working without attachment," as the GitaDiscipleship2, 265:part. This is the organ of the divine Will or Power, the Eye, through whose directed gaze the powerDiscipleship2, 265:Power, the Eye, through whose directed gaze the power flows outward to its created Whole. In theDiscipleship2, 272:sets of phrases or symbols are endowed with power, owing to the potency of the minds which haveDiscipleship2, 273:patriotism, but behind the flag is a point of power which is the point of inspiration to the soulDiscipleship2, 276:They were necessary in the early stages; the power or the ability to divide, subtract, multiply andDiscipleship2, 276:multiply and add were conferred, but it is the power and the ability which are now used, and notDiscipleship2, 276:the inner world by his own effort and on his own power. Such is the rule for the majority ofDiscipleship2, 279:which is enduring in knowledge is simply its power to relate the past and the present, and thusDiscipleship2, 282:These give him insight into the plan. The power which he can bring to the task is drawn from hisDiscipleship2, 284:some dream arise in your consciousness, and some power of accomplishment pour in. The Masters useDiscipleship2, 288:behind these Lives there stand great Beings of power, wisdom and love who, in their turn, are underDiscipleship2, 289:soul levels. As the intellect develops and the power to focus upon the mental plane grows, the factDiscipleship2, 291:"the All-seeing Eye." This refers to the power of the planetary Logos to see into all parts,Discipleship2, 292:an invocative interplay between inner centers of power and the groping creature in the phenomenalDiscipleship2, 293:light of the intuition pours in, bringing the power to recognize and rightly interpret and relate.Discipleship2, 297:of his destiny, develops in him predictive power and gives him initiate insight into purpose andDiscipleship2, 299:cloud presupposed the subjective existence of a power or divine faculty hitherto not consciouslyDiscipleship2, 300:a more acute revelatory perception. [300] That power has always been present; it is an aspect ofDiscipleship2, 300:one point of revelation to another, from one power to another, one sense to another, and from pointDiscipleship2, 303:to the secret of Masonry, and to the motivating power behind manifestation. More I will notDiscipleship2, 306:to be suggestive and to develop in you the power to use the interpretive sense - one of the newDiscipleship2, 313:him the world of thought, and putting into his power the processes of thought-form creation; he hasDiscipleship2, 332:gives. The sharing in the accession of power or love or insight which comes during any cycle ofDiscipleship2, 332:at the same time cause a tremendous influx of power. At the period of these cycles, all within theDiscipleship2, 332:and becoming a better transmitter of power. The sharing in the. results of special spiritualDiscipleship2, 333:force. The "nearing" or the directed power of an Avatar of some degree. The merging of allDiscipleship2, 372:here with the simple statement that thought power is an energy and that the process of thinkingDiscipleship2, 372:humanity is increasingly aware of the subjective power of thought and of its consequences -Discipleship2, 375:by those only whose rays are the first Ray of Power or Will or the second Ray of Love-Wisdom. TheseDiscipleship2, 376:building thought-forms and are developing the power to be impressed. At present, they appear to beDiscipleship2, 379:of activity; then to this he adds the destroying power of the atmic level of activity. He has toDiscipleship2, 384:is attentive to that "veiled Presence of awful Power who tests his fitness for working in the willDiscipleship2, 395:long as it fails to give you direction and the power to move forward. A hint is not a static pointDiscipleship2, 396:himself gradually in "the location of these power stations and of those radiant centers of lightDiscipleship2, 402:with that of the first aspect of Purpose, Power or Will; it deals with the processes which precedeDiscipleship2, 426:Teachings on Initiation - Part X The motivating power for his coming is being provided by allDiscipleship2, 444:a conduit for spiritual force; cultivate the power of identification with those you seek toDiscipleship2, 453:vision would likewise slowly disappear, as his power to recognize became myopic. The initiate,Discipleship2, 457:Thus they will make the word "goodwill" carry power throughout the planet, whilst the disciples andDiscipleship2, 457:thought, make the word "unity" carry hidden power. Thus a vast band of men of goodwill will beDiscipleship2, 458:- his Master and mine. You can work also with power with J.W.K-P. whose rays, with one difference,Discipleship2, 459:intermediate stages of awareness as well as the power to include the reactions, mental andDiscipleship2, 461:undeviatingly. It is dependent also upon the power of sustained imagination which you may possessDiscipleship2, 476:a prophecy. The fifth contained some Words of Power and were intended to instruct you as to theDiscipleship2, 477:simple reminder of the underlying and motivating power of your entire life. This can be summed upDiscipleship2, 477:have arrived at a certain Ashram or center of power upon that Path. You are intelligently aware ofDiscipleship2, 478:the concept of heart radiation, attractive power, and the responsibility of preparation emergeDiscipleship2, 478:Diadem. Then reflect quietly upon the directive power of the soul: Working within the symbolicDiscipleship2, 479:with others through: The focusing of the power or energy of devotion within yourself so that itDiscipleship2, 483:thus to force yourself to release the magnetic power of your soul-infused personality. Your innerDiscipleship2, 484:of the universal mind which we call truth. The power of correctly [485] registered impression, theDiscipleship2, 487:harder. There is so much dammed up spiritual power in you; if you released it whenever possible andDiscipleship2, 494:through Conflict. Astral body - The first Ray of Power. Physical body - The third Ray of ActiveDiscipleship2, 494:expression, and through the third ray power of your directing, awakening brain, soul contact isDiscipleship2, 494:this contact from distortion and glamor by the power of the illumined mind - an illuminationDiscipleship2, 496:"I, the manifesting Self, through the magical power of my nature, redeem, reabsorb and revitalizeDiscipleship2, 496:in a whisper, breathing forth the dispelling power of Light on to the astral plane. Then sound itDiscipleship2, 502:summit of attainment? Shall he demonstrate the power of the seventh wave which will carry himDiscipleship2, 506:ray. Hence its love of politics and of temporal power; hence also its intensely commercial andDiscipleship2, 508:learn at this time. You will experience a new power, the upwelling of new spiritual fervor, the joyDiscipleship2, 509:at a contact, at a registered sense of spiritual power (expressed through your second rayDiscipleship2, 509:deliberately pour out the inflowing spiritual power into: Your immediate environment, The ArcaneDiscipleship2, 513:is in the astral body and so the energy of power pours in, the situation becomes acute, which is toDiscipleship2, 513:must be lifted on to the plane of knowledge. The power of sense realization must become divineDiscipleship2, 515:Then take one long breath and gather up by the power of imagination the energy of the solar plexus.Discipleship2, 516:upon the first ray, and that consequently the power of your intelligent and focused mind has drivenDiscipleship2, 525:conviction of destiny, a pronounced sense of power, and the feeling that you can see through peopleDiscipleship2, 528:or three years (you can later resume it and with power) and study the handling of energy forDiscipleship2, 533:into the Ashram in response to a certain drawing power which I deliberately exerted. I had longDiscipleship2, 540:with the Ashram by the magnetic, radiatory power of the Ashram alone. Disciples need to grasp theDiscipleship2, 545:way, you are isolated from many people by the power and focus of your third ray physical body - aDiscipleship2, 546:other and then producing a definite focus of power. For all of you this is an incarnation whereinDiscipleship2, 546:is not over-emphasized and that its conditioning power is not applied to that for which there is noDiscipleship2, 546:When your focus seems adequate then see (by the power of the creative imagination) a distant peakDiscipleship2, 549:the soul), new in his registering of a sense of power which relation to the Ashram always conveys,Discipleship2, 550:of his work, and only the need to be met and the power of the Ashram to meet that need remain. ThisDiscipleship2, 550:and this capacity to be a channel for the power, the love, the knowledge and the life of the AshramDiscipleship2, 551:- in itself a voluntary response to the power of the life of the Ashram, and to the mind and theDiscipleship2, 551:to words, to the voice, and to the creative power of sound; for the remainder of this life, theDiscipleship2, 555:he," because the heart is the custodian of the power of the imagination. The imagination isDiscipleship2, 562:himself, alone, becomes a focal point of power. His influence can then reach out to pointsDiscipleship2, 564:can use in a new and a fresh way the creative power of the mind and begin to use your pen in a moreDiscipleship2, 568:on Earth. [568] Let Love restore the Plan. Let Power restore the Plan on Earth. Let his Will beDiscipleship2, 593:is to take its place in world phenomena with power and usefulness. The potentialities of organizedDiscipleship2, 593:be your strength." This is only possible when power, will and strength are blended with love,Discipleship2, 607:have assumed. The years have proved your staying power, your unswerving devotion and your stableDiscipleship2, 624:however, is it seen for what it is, and the power of thought and the white light of the mind beginDiscipleship2, 624:one of the effects of the steadily growing mind power of the race. This is the thought underlyingDiscipleship2, 629:disciple. He need no longer question his staying power; he knows that it is good and that theDiscipleship2, 639:mind) record will be made of that which has the power to penetrate into the Ashram. Say the NewDiscipleship2, 642:loving guidance, and therefore ask for lifting power. I choose the way of inspiration, andDiscipleship2, 646:[646] the angle of stimulation and of vitalizing power - and so three types of power are madeDiscipleship2, 646:and of vitalizing power - and so three types of power are made available. Beginning with the lowestDiscipleship2, 653:the Ashram of the Master M., to the light and power of my Ashram. Having thus served and beenDiscipleship2, 654:the other down below to find it full of power to lift. A burning sea of flame. Beyond, a radiantDiscipleship2, 659:achieve results or possess their own staying power. When such a disciple is naturally upon the
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