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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - POWER

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Externalisation, 129:of little nations, to preserve the balance of power, to meet force with force, to restore ancientExternalisation, 131:Another reason is to be found in the placing of power in the hands of those who are historicallyExternalisation, 131:Great Britain expresses the will-to-power but on account of age and experience, dearly bought, thisExternalisation, 131:the bourgeoisie, with its financial goals, its power to determine living conditions, and its quickExternalisation, Esoter:who were peculiarly sensitive to the will-to-power and the will-to-change and who (during the pastExternalisation, 134:and a more tolerant spirit of understanding. The power to consider, to choose, to think and toExternalisation, 134:are incidental and of no permanent lasting power. The physical plane events and precipitations areExternalisation, 134:wisdom plus personal ambition, personal will-to-power and personal aggrandizement. [135] We callExternalisation, 139:of the focal points for material influence and power, must yet carry forward the task of bindingExternalisation, 142:These words may seem inadequate, but said with power and an understanding of their significance andExternalisation, 144:part of all men be the keynote at this time. Let power attend the efforts of the Great Ones. So letExternalisation, 144:are several such mantric formulas and Words of Power in use by such students but they fail toExternalisation, 144:says and does (in connection with such Words of Power) is entirely innocuous and futile. Words ofExternalisation, 144:is entirely innocuous and futile. Words of Power, ancient mantrams (such as the Lord's Prayer) andExternalisation, 144:if used upon the mental plane and with the power of a controlled mind - focused on their intent andExternalisation, 144:They then become potent. When said with the power of the soul as well as with the directedExternalisation, 145:more true of the Great Invocation. Words of Power (and this is true also of the OM) are all ofExternalisation, 145:Great Invocation, the OM and all such Words of Power must go forth from the soul (whose nature isExternalisation, 147:was probably well worth doing. But the dynamic power behind the effort in individual cases hasExternalisation, 149:possible to impart certain of these Words of Power and mantrams and to institute that new andExternalisation, 151:that center, the will of God goes forth and the power of God becomes the messenger of His will.Externalisation, 158:the focal point of the first Ray of Will or Power; the Christ, the head of the Hierarchy and theExternalisation, 165:has the Church understood the basic, motivating power behind divine expression in our solar system.Externalisation, 169:intent of manifestation. The fifth phrase, Let power attend the efforts of the Great Ones, isExternalisation, 170:fire) is carried upwards and merged with the power and the light of the soul. The major approach ofExternalisation, 171:human civilization emerge with clarity and power. I would here like to emphasize the fact that theExternalisation, 173:guarantee of inevitable and future success. The power of massed thought is omnipotent. The potencyExternalisation, 175:and by national limitations; therefore their power was not universal and their progress wasExternalisation, 177:those who are on the side of selfish and cruel power politics. The totalitarian powers are on theExternalisation, 178:of the war, fighting to acquire material power, the glory of a nation and the subjugation of theExternalisation, 181:been a characteristic of man; the desire for power and for possession has ever motivated men andExternalisation, 183:involved. The Church of the time had immense power in all European countries; it controlled theExternalisation, 183:warriors, presidents and dictators - rising into power at the expense of their own or otherExternalisation, 184:the rhythm [184] of their times and have come to power through aggression and slaughter. As theExternalisation, 184:was lust for gold, lust for land, lust for power, lust for personal triumph. The modern dictatorsExternalisation, 184:be trusted; Japan is upsetting the balance of power in Asia. Such is the picture today. AnarchyExternalisation, 186:there is a universal recognition of a guiding Power, exerting pressure throughout the ages, whichExternalisation, 186:a da Vinci, a Beethoven can appear. Some power has evoked man's capacity to formulate ideas, toExternalisation, 186:science and of government; some inner motivating power has given man the ability to create beauty,Externalisation, 193:in its upper brackets, has already developed the power to live in the intellectual and physicalExternalisation, 199:in world events, except in so far as a greater power uses them. Again, there are peoples and tribesExternalisation, 211:and through their massed intent. The massed power of goodwill, the dynamic effect of intelligentExternalisation, 211:greatest number, are beyond belief. This dynamic power has never been employed. It can, today, saveExternalisation, 220:who put governments in their position of power. This is a responsibility from which no citizens ofExternalisation, 223:and the objective world of forces and a thing of power, of impelling and guiding activity, andExternalisation, 223:our planetary aura. It is being built by the power of sound, by the magnetic pull of invocationExternalisation, 223:the force of desire-substance, animated by the power of thought. It is being constructed by theExternalisation, 223:or emotional plane, but lacks vitality and power, upon the mental plane. It is here, within theExternalisation, 225:possible for that Risen Christ to express His power on Earth through His chosen instruments? IsExternalisation, 227:formation whenever feasible. It is the focused power of your unemotional thought which will bridgeExternalisation, 249:an adequate translation or paraphrase of this power-mantram, nor is it easy to step it downExternalisation, 249:dedicated in the light of the soul), much power may be generated. Along the lines of power whichExternalisation, 249:much power may be generated. Along the lines of power which you may thus succeed in setting up mayExternalisation, 249:abroad, O Mighty One. Let Light and Love and Power and Death Fulfil the purpose of the Coming One.Externalisation, 250:of humanity, thus creating a reservoir of power into which the energy of the three divine centersExternalisation, 251:strength and enlightenment may be yours and the power to stand and the ability to fight for theExternalisation, 258:who are not by any means in the same category of power - fortunately for them. When those who areExternalisation, 258:it does take place, the force generated and the power let loose upon the physical plane will be ofExternalisation, 262:through the medium of one unhappy race and the power of certain dangerous men - men who are easilyExternalisation, 265:called into [265] activity if the evil will-to-power is to be swept from the Earth. I present thisExternalisation, 265:side or another, I refer not alone to thought power and to what so many euphemistically call "workExternalisation, 266:freedom of humanity and the liberation of its power to be self-determining (which is an aspect ofExternalisation, 268:"worship" is abhorred by Them. Worship, the power to adore and the sense of awe (which is one ofExternalisation, 270:the first divine aspect, the will aspect, the power expression. Thus They will enable Him to carryExternalisation, 271:then see the Love which animates the Will and Power of God. The true significance of liberty willExternalisation, 274:the Earth and in the arena of combat, of the power generated by the Lords of Liberation, expressedExternalisation, 275:we call the planetary Hierarchy, so the will-to-power of the forces of aggression has appeared onExternalisation, 275:over humanity. Note that aim. This will-to-power can only be dissipated when the highest aspect ofExternalisation, 276:destruction of the selfish and wicked will-to-power, rampant now on Earth under the direction ofExternalisation, 276:place. We are told that Light and Love and Power and Death must be invoked to fulfil the purpose ofExternalisation, 276:or less degree, according to the expressive power of the soul. They are potencies which are notExternalisation, 278:- Section II - The General World Picture Power is something which has ever been of interest, downExternalisation, 278:oft misused and turned to selfish purposes. The power here to be evoked out of the human soul, inExternalisation, 278:the thought to your attention. There is a power which such "elect" can wield - understanding itsExternalisation, 278:for that is relatively unimportant; but to the "power to relinquish," which becomes in time theExternalisation, 279:enticing - these must all be brought under the power of death. They can be relinquished with safetyExternalisation, 279:as the soul knows it, can ever be trusted with power and opportunity and will never betray thatExternalisation, 279:new and vital Invocation believed firmly in the power of humanity - upon its own levels ofExternalisation, 280:further progress downward into outer expression, power and manifestation, is dependent upon theExternalisation, 280:dependent upon the potent, magnetic, indrawing power of man himself. Externalisation, 280:effectiveness of the evil expression and of the power of the aggressors has been reached if theExternalisation, 280:protective, and at the same time of such power that it can repulse those who seek to pass in theirExternalisation, 294:comes a moment when he demands more light, more power, more understanding, and liberation to takeExternalisation, 294:Itself. A manifestation of light and love and power will stream forth. Recognition of need has thenExternalisation, 296:lands the cry goes up, "Let light and love and power and death fulfil the purpose of the ComingExternalisation, 296:impetus, that fresh illumination, and that added power and fixed purpose which will enable mankindExternalisation, 301:will be the destroyer aspect of the first ray of power which They will express; They bring aboutExternalisation, 302:But to bring release and the Appearance of the Power that can liberate, human cooperation isExternalisation, 304:the three great energies: The will-to-spiritual power. The will-to-love in its spiritualExternalisation, 308:and more immediate in results, but the lasting power is less and the effects are relativelyExternalisation, 310:this time. They realize that the time of their power is shortening. The hold of the materialisticExternalisation, 316:The joy of the divine Self is my strength. The power of the spirit of man shall triumph. The ForcesExternalisation, 320:feeling that God (as we call the Central Power of Life itself) will or should intervene; there is aExternalisation, 321:the second was intended to utilize what mental power was available to invoke Those Who (on theExternalisation, 322:love, intuitional understanding and the creative power in man. Those are the three major objectivesExternalisation, 323:find those who could safely carry spiritual power and be channels of love and understanding to theExternalisation, 324:still unimpaired. 5. The effort to utilize the power of sound and of thought combined wasExternalisation, 324:aspiration to pray, and have recognized the power of the divine response. The art of invocation hasExternalisation, 324:people, pledged to goodwill, to the use of the power of invocation and to the growth ofExternalisation, 333:he will discover that he stands in the place of power, and at the "midway point." Then he can truly
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