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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - POWER

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Fire, 261:principle. This body is to be built by the power of the mind. It is the manifestation of the three.Fire, 319:to understand it." "It is said that when this power is fully awakened, it brings a vision of theFire, 366:the bringing of the life units under the focal power of a Lord of a Ray, can be brought aboutFire, 391:appreciate their mental forces, and through the power of MIND to transcend feeling, or pain. TheFire, 395:within cognition, memory within memory, power within power, world within world, fact within fact,Fire, 395:cognition, memory within memory, power within power, world within world, fact within fact, actionFire, 397:force of intellect or mind. Ichchhashakti - The power of will, or force in producing manifestation.Fire, 401:and eventually is resolved into pure will or power. Herein lies the clue; all the objective displayFire, 405:actuates the flame and gives to the flame the power of illumining the world and making it exist asFire, 408:lesser systems and holding them together by the power of a unified life. 44 A solar system, aFire, 409:and holding them likewise unified by the power of its own life. A planetary scheme, or subdivisionFire, 409:Entity concerned working out in time and space. Power to evolve or progress. This is literally theFire, 415:of a scheme is a focal point for the force and power and vibratory life of seven stupendousFire, 417:other scheme. [417] The misuse of the vibratory power of a certain center, and the perversion, orFire, 424:ever in mind that: Each of them has swung into power during earlier world cycles. One of them,Fire, 424:the planet. Certain of them are passing out of power at this present time, and others are comingFire, 424:rays of attribute will circulate into and out of power ceaselessly; towards the end of the fifthFire, 424:in the sixth round by the gradually growing power of the second Ray of Aspect, - the two types ofFire, 424:influence overlapping. In the seventh round, the power of the second Ray will predominate and theFire, 426:all the time, for the second Ray only came into power in the second round. It holds swayFire, 426:exoteric science discovers how: To utilize the power in the air, or to reduce electrical phenomenaFire, 428:of Brahma. [428] Rays of Aspect: 1. Will or Power. 2. Love or Wisdom. 3. Adaptability or activeFire, 428:in the units in Their bodies. The coming into power of this fourth Ray at any time (and such anFire, 428:put into his hands that which occultists call "power of the fourth order" (on the physical plane).Fire, 433:is felt at the fourth Initiation. The blending power of the third Logos is felt at the fifthFire, 434:relationship is not by chance. His was the power that acted via certain schemes, chains, andFire, 434:it is has not yet reached the zenith of His power, in this race. For a period immediately ahead HisFire, 434:for this round. During the fifth round the power or electrical radiation of the fifth Logos willFire, 436:Whenever the words influence, radiation, or the power of a ray, are used, we are dealingFire, 440:or esoterically according to the Ray in power, with the exception of the first Kumara, the Logos ofFire, 440:of the seventh type of force now coming into power, and which is therefore a vital factor in theFire, 445:to chain, this cosmic Deity pours forth His power and influence. In all periods of lesserFire, 446:Who will work out the karma of the new age. The power of these agencies permeates the entire globeFire, 449:sound (Aum or Om) is the highest uttered word of power and knowledge. It is verily as BrahmanFire, 450:to safeguard them from interference and misuse. Power over form and over force lies always ready inFire, 451:form a systemic triangle. He cannot exhibit this power in the higher planes nor within the spheresFire, 451:neutral schemes. After the sixth Initiation his power extends to the two planes beyond the threeFire, 451:who are Brahma. At the seventh Initiation he has power on all the seven planes and within theFire, 459:All this was brought about by the swinging into power of a profoundly long cycle of the fifth Ray.Fire, 463:of the lesser, by the means of the stimulating power of the greater, should be studied. TheFire, 466:and as men are as yet not ready for such power as this will put into their hands, [467] trueFire, 468:of the Rays, Who cycle into and out of power, according to the Ray, waxing or waning. Four devasFire, 475:of students, scientists and alchemists. The power to change, through the application of heat, is ofFire, 476:agent which will bring about revelation, and the power to impose the will of the chemist upon theFire, 476:the psychic quality of this transmutative power, and frequently speaks in the sacred books, of theFire, 484:are largely centered in pouring forth energizing power when it becomes necessary to transfer theFire, 486:of radioactivity, or the setting loose of the power inherent in all elements and all atoms ofFire, 496:kingdom, and will bend that inconceivable power and force to the solution of the problems ofFire, 499:the adaptability nature, and the transmutative power of manas, I would like to point out that soFire, 500:Here this quality demonstrates as: The selective power of the atoms of the body. The adaptabilityFire, 500:the physical form and atoms. The transmutative power, inherent in man though as yet unrecognized byFire, 500:II. On the Astral Plane: The discriminative power of man to choose between the pairs of opposites.Fire, 500:adaptability to emotional conditions, and his power to attain eventual equilibrium. The power ofFire, 500:his power to attain eventual equilibrium. The power of man, through conscious purpose, to clear hisFire, 500:its translucence. The transmutative inherent power which transmutes, or transfers the life intoFire, 500:III. On the Mental Plane: In the selective power of man to choose the form through which toFire, 501:from the mental plane. The transmutative power which transforms the entire lower threefold man intoFire, 502:atom. [502] V. On Buddhic Levels: Discriminative power here demonstrates as ability to distinguishFire, 502:planetary manifestation, and the discriminative power which guides all action relating to His ownFire, 503:adaptability, purpose and transmutative power it is needless to enlarge. All these ideas andFire, 515:qualities: Responsiveness. This is its inherent power to respond to the vibration of some one ofFire, 515:who are the Raja-Lords of a plane. Form Building Power. These devas sound forth two syllables ofFire, 517:atom is one which has come under the attractive power of the second aspect, whilst atomic matterFire, 537:gradually more and more under the vitalizing power of one of the three aspects of the Logos. TheseFire, 544:principle of each of the three aspects - will or power, love-wisdom, and active intelligence. [545]Fire, 546:This is the explanation frequently of the power in service along [547] certain lines displayed byFire, 550:definitely concerns the evolution of man and his power eventually to create, it will be wise for usFire, 552:which to function. He builds his sheaths by the power of thought, and the dense physical body isFire, 552:predicated of the solar Logos. He builds by the power of thought a body which can respond to thatFire, 555:the primary function of a thought-form (the power to respond to vibration) I would emphasize theFire, 557:Indication that this aspect is coming into power will be seen when two great events transpire:Fire, 567:study the laws of construction? Do I realize the power of the will to vitalize? Do I destroyFire, 578:have their habitat; there are a few Monads of power or will on the atomic subplane, but theirFire, 578:in evolutionary preparation for System III, the power system. The majority of the Monads are on theFire, 578:possible in this second system), of the will or power aspect. The "Kingdom of God sufferethFire, 578:and the violent take it by force," or by Will or power. It is not Will, as we shall know it in theFire, 578:to control each atomic subplane. The Monads of power have [579] a much greater struggle, and henceFire, 579:often apparent that people on what we term the power Ray, have so often a hard time, and are soFire, 579:Monads of activity, 5 Thousand million Monads of power, making a total of sixty thousand millionFire, 579:thousand million human Monads. The Monads of power, though in manifestation, are as yet very rareFire, 586:second solar system. The first Ray of Will or Power is the first aspect of the All-self, and in theFire, 587:to the careful student of the wisdom that: The Power-Aspect - Ray 1, Planes 1 and 5, and the LawsFire, 587:to have control, as yet, on two planes, for the Power Aspect waits for another system in order toFire, 589:is the reflection on the physical plane of the Power and Activity Aspects working in synthesis.Fire, 589:forces of evolution. It is the manifestation of Power and Activity on the lowest plane of all. ItFire, 590:pass on into the third system, that in which the Power aspect is developed, and the head centersFire, 595:Love for its impulse, results in ordered loving Power. The sixth Ray of devotion and the sixth lawFire, 596:astral planes, and built into form through the power of electrical law; all that can be known isFire, 599:the basis of the third system of Will or Power. The three major Rays, being dual, are their ownFire, 606:potentiality lies in the vitalizing, energizing power of Agni, and in His ability to stimulate. HeFire, 616:plan logoic, [616] and inherently possess the power to work it out in time and space, being theFire, 617:Pitris is slowly coming to a conclusion as the power of the third kingdom, the animal, over theFire, 618:the human is being [618] superseded by spiritual power; the systemic correspondence to lunar pitricFire, 632:of the logoic Will or purpose, and through the power of Their psychic nature. Thus They areFire, 641:first of all bring the human family into the power (as yet blind and destructive) of [642] certainFire, 642:scale would eventuate. Secondly, it would put power into the hands of certain of the Brothers ofFire, 649:of the center, are as yet over-dominant, and the power they acquired in the earlier solar systemFire, 649:has not yet been transmuted into spiritual power. We have above considered a few of the devas ofFire, 656:would lead men into dangerous realms, and put power into hands as yet unprepared to wield itFire, 663:to him an astral body of a coherent and positive power, are as yet practically in control of the
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