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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - POWER

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Healing, 254:Hierarchy and Their disciples; it takes soul power and knowledge, plus the wisdom of the otherHealing, 282:of the nervous system and its recognition of the power of thought over the physical body, is movingHealing, 283:is of a twofold nature: They can, through the power of directed thought, pour energy into theHealing, 286:be studied. The faculty of imagination and the power of visualization should be emphasized in aHealing, 287:He, for himself, Creates a thought of healing power. That created focal point of concentratedHealing, 287:of this substance as is possible, and by the power of their united thought they direct it to andHealing, 299:crystal-like, brilliant, brittle and hard. The power to crystallize was His. He brought notHealing, 299:peculiar attitude which expresses itself in the power to crystallize, to harden, to bring aboutHealing, 299:vitalizing and cohering potency, was and is the power to over-stimulate, to produce accretion, toHealing, 300:here and there. He chose and He rejected. This power He refused and this power He accepted. He hadHealing, 300:and He rejected. This power He refused and this power He accepted. He had no purpose linked to theHealing, 301:He met appeared to Him a subject for display of power. Within the fourth He found a field of battleHealing, 301:all the forms which used His strength and power. Yet all the time He sought for beauty; searchedHealing, 304:than heretofore, as this ray is now coming into power. It is this energy which is largelyHealing, 313:of energies which caused it or by the releasing power of death). Where possible, and when theHealing, 318:euthanasia, and wonder about the placing of power of life and death in the hands of the physician.Healing, 326:time, the weakness manifesting in non-staying power and a slowness in recovery from fatigue?" ThisHealing, 326:form which is the cause of all its staying power. You are right in your belief that one can beHealing, 329:can therefore be abated, but never cured. The power to heal mentally is on the increase andHealing, 332:the atomic lives returning to the reservoir of power, to the bosom of living matter from whenceHealing, 333:is one of the externalizations. The controlling power station will be found to vary according toHealing, 348:desire will not require suppression, because the power of the focused attention will be elsewhereHealing, 351:the one he seeks to heal. Having no clairvoyant power in the majority of cases, and beingHealing, 355:to this end, you have to cultivate the power to ignore the outer forms and to concentrate on theHealing, 364:on an ever-deepening stream of love. Through the power of the creative imagination, and not throughHealing, 367:avenues of escape, and to revert to the curative power of his own creative imagination. ReleaseHealing, 370:plane modes of dispersing a disease. The power of directing definitely the magnetic currentsHealing, 370:so desired. And when a man has achieved this power to radiate, what about the patient? How is he toHealing, 378:discovery in relation to the use of light by the power and the directive agency of thought willHealing, 379:sensitive that they will be set in motion by the power of the human eye under the focused directionHealing, 410:on the Seven Rays, Vol. I: "Why this blind power? Why Death? Why this decay [411] of forms? Why theHealing, 411:decay [411] of forms? Why the negation of the power to hold? Why death, 0 Mighty Son of God?"Healing, 411:of forms which brings about release of power and permits "entrance into light through the gatewayHealing, 412:be brought about by: a. The development of a power within the physical eye of a human being...willHealing, 412:The growth of the number of people who have the power to use the "reawakened third eye" willHealing, 467:of so potent a nature that under the evocative power of the soul they are both withdrawn andHealing, 472:and with full intention, exerts its attractive power in such a manner that it offsets theHealing, 472:in such a manner that it offsets the attractive power inherent in matter itself. This is a clearHealing, 481:of thought which trace all disease to the power of thought. I am concerned with the immediateHealing, 489:mental body through the use of certain Words of Power. These Words are communicated to the discipleHealing, 489:via the Ashram of his Master. They bring in soul power to a greatly enhanced extent, and produceHealing, 497:"directs his eye to the waiting one," and by the power of that directed potency instantaneouslyHealing, 499:is no longer brought about by the destructive power of light itself, but is hastened by means ofHealing, 513:of a meditation process or the generation of power, later to be used in the three worlds to enhanceHealing, 518:with no life, no desire, no ambition and no power of thought of its own. It is only a sheath ofHealing, 524:I will briefly enumerate and comment. The power to contact and work as a soul. "The art of theHealing, 524:the soul." Think for a moment what this power involves. The healer is not only in immediate andHealing, 524:can easily contact the soul of his patient. The power to command the spiritual will. The particularHealing, 525:must be somewhat in process of construction. The power to establish telepathic rapport. The healerHealing, 525:the subtle apparatus of the etheric vehicle. The power to reverse, reorient and "exalt" theHealing, 525:It is evidence of a well-grounded conviction. Power to direct soul energy to the necessary area.Healing, 526:and directed force within the head. [526] Power to express magnetic purity and the needed radiance.Healing, 526:and automatically results in radiance. Power to control the activity of the mechanism of the head.Healing, 526:through a definitely recognizable radiation. Power over his own centers. The healer has toHealing, 526:energy-control is required by the true healer. Power to utilize both exoteric and esoteric methodsHealing, 527:spiritual healers. Healers with less developed power but with enough radiation and magnetism to aidHealing, 527:work under the guidance of the spiritual healer. Power to work magnetically. "Thus he can pour theHealing, 527:responsibility of the healer is therefore great. Power to work with radiation. "Thus can hisHealing, 527:of radiation is then the aura and not the hands. Power to practice at all times completeHealing, 527:three qualities and also work through love? Power to control the will and work through love. "TheHealing, 528:must be present as a quiet [528] deep pool of power behind all expression of the energy of love.Healing, 528:behind all expression of the energy of love. Power eventually to wield the Law of Life. Of thisHealing, 529:also to be magnetically pure, and through the power of a particular type of radiated energy toHealing, 535:draw the essence back. The other is the magnetic power of the planetary life, which says to theHealing, 535:The hands are needed not. The soul displays its power. The patient's soul responds through theHealing, 539:Any mental exertion is quite beyond his power, and he could not, therefore, cooperate with theHealing, 541:the law of "inhibited soul life," seek by the power of his own soul (working on the higher levelsHealing, 547:even disciples have little idea of the exceeding power of the triadal will. It might be hereHealing, 547:of the will they can then work safely and with power on the head center of the patient. They willHealing, 557:body. The technique of withdrawing his healing power when that of the patient is adequate to theHealing, 563:in its significance and in its defining power that it might be regarded as stating the reason forHealing, 572:has not yet arrived for this, though already the power of the human eye when focused on a person,Healing, 575:the use of the creative imagination, the power to visualize and a knowledge of scientific thinking,Healing, 577:background; therefore, he must use thought power. He must be able to relate cause and effect; theHealing, 582:healer must work through visualization and the power of the creative imagination. As he imagines,Healing, 602:knowledge, his visualizing capacity and his power of thought direction will be real and practicallyHealing, 603:some measure and be able, consciously and by the power of thought, under the agency of the will, toHealing, 604:energy in the appropriate center, through the power of direction from the head (the seat of soulHealing, 606:by the potency of one's unwise decision, the power of one's thought and the focus of one'sHealing, 619:are well known to you: 1. Shamballa The ray of power or purpose The first aspect The energy ofHealing, 621:and sweetness, but show little strength, alert power and aliveness. And the promise has gone forthHealing, 627:some vague energy which is set in motion by the power of thought or by the potency of love, as isHealing, 633:the essence back." The other is the magnetic power of the planetary life, which says to the lifeHealing, 634:half of the law, which refers to the "magnetic power of the planetary life," which says to the lifeHealing, 638:the incarnated spiritual man upon the magnetic power of the planetary life, inherent in every atomHealing, 638:being upon the physical plane. This magnetic power is the expression of the will (if such a wordHealing, 639:of the incarnating soul. Temporarily, the united power of the segregated and isolated atoms -Healing, 640:of its inchoate will, demonstrates as magnetic power and is constantly in conflict, within the bodyHealing, 641:command, and not in response to the magnetic power of the spirit of the earth. We have seen - as weHealing, 643:The hands are needed not. The soul displays its power. The patient's soul responds through theHealing, 647:a healing deva. Such devas exist and have the power of bestowing life. They are to theHealing, 651:is silent work. There is therefore no loss of power at any time, as there always is through theHealing, 654:there was nothing to respond to the evocative power of an outside person, interested or loving. AsHealing, 654:desire to save it, because He now possessed the power (demonstrated later in the Gospel story) toHealing, 656:it is almost as if a great vortex of power were set up by the contact between the two auras and byHealing, 668:for their own ends, and keeping ignorance in power. Their sin is great and it is hard for them toHealing, 668:great and it is hard for them to change, because power and the will-to-power (as it militatesHealing, 668:them to change, because power and the will-to-power (as it militates against the will-to-good) is aHealing, 670:the will-to-good and the will-to-power (three phases of the will aspect, as expressed through theHealing, 671:and the demonstration of the will-to-power (forcing evil to leave Him) marked a most important
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