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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - POWER

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Initiation, 38:silently behind the world panorama. Through the power of their will, the strength of theirInitiation, 43:of that which has to be accomplished, through a power to visualize that which must be done to bringInitiation, 43:And all this is brought about through the power of the enunciated sound. Initiation, 47:heads represent the three major rays of: Will or power. Love or wisdom. Active intelligence, orInitiation, 54:Master M. is upon the first Ray, that of Will or Power, his work largely concerns itself with theInitiation, 60:the reality of that which is not seen, and the power of the mind to create. This Master occupies anInitiation, 79:their activity is increased and their power greatly aggravated. This fact is used by those who workInitiation, 88:employed, for with fuller knowledge comes added power. The heart is now sufficiently pure andInitiation, 89:vehicle, and in its coordination he develops the power of synthesis, at first in small measure, andInitiation, 92:Logos at the final great initiation flows the power of the Solar Logos, and he it is who reveals toInitiation, 97:and develop through feeling and not through the power of conscious thought. Man, however, growsInitiation, 103:man of large influence, the wielder of spiritual power, the embodied of ideals, the worker forInitiation, 107:at the third, fourth and fifth initiations. His power streams forth and the flashing forth of theInitiation, 112:one of the secrets and one of the five words of power which open to him the various planes, withInitiation, 116:from the other two, inasmuch as through the power of a still more exalted Hierophant than theInitiation, 119:and source of energy, and can begin to wield power with scientific accuracy and direction. He knowsInitiation, 126:higher. At the planetary initiation the Rod of Power, wielded by the solar Logos, is charged withInitiation, 127:assist him, invests the various Initiators with power, gives to them that word in secret whichInitiation, 128:The force of the Rod is twofold, and its power terrific. Apart and alone the initiate could notInitiation, 128:in the hands of the Initiator in his position of power, and at the stated seasons, they act asInitiation, 128:within the system there are several such Rods of Power, and they are to be found in three grades -Initiation, 128:takes office, in which he receives his Rod of Power - the same Rod as used since the foundation ofInitiation, 129:Rods of Initiation The Purpose of the Rods of Power In the scepter of a ruling monarch at this dayInitiation, 129:are duly recognized as symbols of office and of power, but it is not generally appreciated thatInitiation, 130:and service for the race. [130] The great Rod of Power of the Logos himself is hidden in the sun.Initiation, 130:history of a planetary scheme. The Logoic Rod of Power is electrified at the recurrence of each newInitiation, 131:central magnetic point which, by its attractive power, will draw into a coherent whole some race,Initiation, 131:great religions of the world. The lesser Rod of Power is used here in conjunction with the greater.Initiation, 131:the Mahachohan. By the wielding of the Rod of Power the magnetic focal points of those greatInitiation, 132:Bodhisattva is invoked, and the lesser Rod of Power employed. When disciples initiate a movement onInitiation, 132:assist them, and though he wields no Rod of Power, he has methods whereby he can stimulate andInitiation, 132:life the Rods of Initiation and the Words of Power are used. The entire world government functionsInitiation, 132:subject of human initiation, and these Rods of Power. At the time of the Initiation ceremony, afterInitiation, 133:and the Sponsors. He now ascends to the place of power, and the Rod is brought to him by itsInitiation, 139:When the One Initiator applies the Rod of his power, the downflow is from the Monad, and though theInitiation, 139:a fresh access of vibratory capacity and of power, and this results in the exoteric life as: AInitiation, 140:and himself to apply the law, will depend his power to progress. The Hierophant transmits higherInitiation, 143:The sun [143] is the source of all energy and power, and the work of the Initiator is facilitatedInitiation, 143:in motion from the planetary Center through the power of the Planetary Logos, aided by theInitiation, 143:Lodge, and the utilization of certain words of power. It passes thence to the sun where it minglesInitiation, 144:all the atoms, through the united thought power of the Masters. The work of apprehension is thusInitiation, 144:he is immediately concerned. The thought power of the Masters succeeds in shutting out theInitiation, 148:using certain words and elevating his Rod of Power. The three Buddhas of Activity, who are theInitiation, 150:is the enunciated sound, or the Word spoken with power, that is, with the full purpose of the willInitiation, 150:vision, he brought into use a certain Word of Power which had been committed to him by the OneInitiation, 150:that just as at each initiation some Word of Power is committed to the initiate, so similarly toInitiation, 150:to the Logos was committed the great Word of Power which produced our solar system, that Word whichInitiation, 151:whereby creation was made possible. The Words of Power of all degrees have a triple sequence.Initiation, 151:but unconsciously, or perforce, and through the power of the initiated vibrations build theInitiation, 151:Logos, and thus on down the scale. The Words of Power, or the permutations of the AUM, exist inInitiation, 152:possible nor desirable to enumerate the Words of Power, but certain general indications may beInitiation, 154:and the A, or Shiva note, is pealing forth in power, and is practically the only note heard. By theInitiation, 155:dealt with the significance of the Words of Power in a brief manner. We might now sum up certain ofInitiation, 155:to him much anent the creative process and the power of speech. 1. All the Words of Power areInitiation, 155:and the power of speech. 1. All the Words of Power are rooted in the Great Word committed to theInitiation, 156:dawn of manifestation. [156] 2. All the Words of Power are permutations or expansions of the threeInitiation, 156:and of seasons; it supposes a knowledge of the power of sound, and of the effects produced [157]Initiation, 160:and a stern self-control and courage, the power to further the purposes of the Ego, who is aInitiation, 161:initiate wields complete control, through the power of sound, over the substance of the five planesInitiation, 162:of the initiate somewhat of the energy and power of the "One about whom Naught may be Said;' or theInitiation, 166:by having cultivated within themselves the power to visualize again that which has once been seen.Initiation, 172:revealed to him stage by stage. He can now wield power, and becomes a center of energy in a greatlyInitiation, 172:consciously powerful on the mental plane, his power for good is a hundredfold increased. At theInitiation, 193:who seek initiation because of the added power to help and bless that it confers, will find aInitiation, 194:They are the one who send forth a cry for added power to aid, which penetrates to the ear of thoseInitiation, 198:Initiation cannot do so until he has learnt the power of speech and the power of silence. This hasInitiation, 198:until he has learnt the power of speech and the power of silence. This has a deeper and a widerInitiation, 218:force; the ceaseless destructive and formative power; the synthesis of the many forms of electricalInitiation, 219:of merit and the karma of demerit. It is the power that controls all things, the resultant of moralInitiation, 219:the force of the systemic Kumaras. Kundalini The power of Life. one of the forces of nature. It isInitiation, 219:of Life. one of the forces of nature. It is a power known only to those who practice concentrationInitiation, 221:sense a mantram (or that psychic faculty or power that conveys perception or thought) is the olderInitiation, 221:without let or hindrance. It is built by the power of the lower mind, of the highest type of astralInitiation, 224:as follows: Rays of Aspect: The Ray of Will, or Power. The Ray of Love-Wisdom. The Ray of ActivityIntellect, 16:to the unseen world spoke with words of power and gave forth messages which have moulded theIntellect, 17:aspects of living, and all of our mental power has been concentrated upon the control andIntellect, 17:realities have been more uniformly held, mental power has been used in concentration and meditationIntellect, 28:yes, but knowledge for what? Is its goal power? Again yes, but power to what end? Is its goalIntellect, 28:for what? Is its goal power? Again yes, but power to what end? Is its goal social adjustment? TheIntellect, 28:education aims not at mere knowledge or mere power of any kind, but at knowledge and power put toIntellect, 28:or mere power of any kind, but at knowledge and power put to right uses is clearly recognized byIntellect, 82:their source of energy, and their motivating power. This science of union involves the discipliningIntellect, 84:and of emotion. But in the soul, this same power shows forth as pure perception, and infallibleIntellect, 95:achieved, plus the use of the intellect and the power to think through to knowledge andIntellect, 100:step, therefore, is mind control. This means the power to make the mind do as you want, to think asIntellect, 106:in Meditation Concentration is, therefore, the power to focus the consciousness on a given subjectIntellect, 106:it is the method of accurate perception, and the power to visualize correctly, being the qualityIntellect, 106:to utilize what has been called the "expulsive power of a new affection." To be profoundlyIntellect, 107:servant and not our master, and to cultivate the power of concentration preparatory to trueIntellect, 110:to flit from one object to another and the power of one-pointedness make the development ofIntellect, 111:it again, in the ordinary course, to the second power, called judgment, which considers it and onceIntellect, 111:it and once more passes it on to the third power, reckoning or reason..." "A man, moreover, mustIntellect, 115:of manifestation and to put into their hands the power to work with soul-energy; to enable peopleIntellect, 116:their meditation so as to train them in their power to get behind the form of the words and so toIntellect, 128:the Latin numen, meaning supernatural divine power. It stands for "the specific non-rationalIntellect, 136:the individual and he becomes the vehicle of a power greater than himself. 'Remain steadfastly inIntellect, 141:to another (that is, concentration) and the power of one-pointedness (that is, meditation) make theIntellect, 141:performed we are told that "this threefold power of attention, meditation and contemplation is moreIntellect, 144:really characteristic quality. It develops the power of apprehending the Absolute, Pure Being, theIntellect, 144:expansion of consciousness, with its dual power of knowing by communion the temporal and eternal,
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