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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - POWER

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Intellect, 155:based on its reaction to the light, and on its power to register and record the information withIntellect, 157:what Meister Eckhart himself says: "There is one power in the soul: intellect, of prime importanceIntellect, 170:thing, which unites in itself the greatest power and the profoundest meaning. Hildegarde vonIntellect, 185:upon the Rare Path... Having acquired full power over the mental states and faculties within, heIntellect, 186:Divine Being, through their own free, inherent power." - Evans-Wentz, W. Y., Tibet's Great Yogi,Intellect, 187:the problem of Ignorance and his utmost will-power was brought forth to bear upon a successfulIntellect, 188:no enlightenment, which is the highest spiritual power in our possession. The intellect... isIntellect, 193:the following words: "Intellect is the highest power of the soul and therewith the soul grasps theIntellect, 193:soul grasps the divine good. Free will is the power of relishing the divine good which intellectIntellect, 200:We possess a great deal of knowledge, mental power, and capacities, which have never been drawnIntellect, 201:greatly enriched his life; his usefulness and power will be enormously increased and his sphere ofIntellect, 210:but the race has progressed and grown in mental power and strength within the past three thousandIntellect, 215:effort to meditate, and later - much later - the power to contemplate makes itself felt. This is aIntellect, 228:of those who live in the Eternal. There is a power that maketh all things new; it lives and movesIntellect, 231:has opened within itself receptivity to power which played upon its unfulfilments, arousing secretIntellect, 231:secret passions and ambitions beyond his power to cope with. The meditation 'I am God' mightIntellect, 232:must be established before we can carry the power." - Comfort, Will Levington, Letters. Intellect, 240:live in a world of energies and of forces. The power of public opinion (emotional as it usually is,Intellect, 244:of a vivid and over-stimulated imagination. The power of the creative imagination is only justIntellect, 246:cannot break; there is the desire for fame and power; there is ambition. They are not yet the soulIntellect, 266:and come into touch with one another through the power of a unified realization. This integratingMagicof truth for which he stands, and the student's power to discriminate between truth, partial truth,Magicin form and environment commensurate with its power. These three suggestions will merit a closeMagic, 4:My nature I become manifest, through the magical power of the Soul." Gita IV.6. [5] The statisticalMagic, 24:of life, in terms of quality, of group will or power, group coordination or love-wisdom, and ofMagic, 28:and tangible, yet possessing some mysterious power (lying concealed within it) which producesMagic, 35:we are dealing with an atom of substance and its power to preserve its identity and form, and carryMagic, 41:participate in the plans of a life which has the power to include within its radius ofMagic, 54:all disciples, initiates and masters, plus the power of persistence. Magic, 56:the "onlookers and observers". They possess the power of spiritual insight or perception as well asMagic, 89:itself and reorienting itself so that its power can be redirected into the world of men. ContactMagic, 90:of nature. Dominion over all forms, and the power to act as transmitters of that spiritual energyMagic, 98:light in the head form one unit, the creative power of the solar Angel can express itself in theMagic, 102:be trusted with certain knowledges and Words of Power and the manipulation of those forces whichMagic, 104:through the medium of the form. Thus the power of the three Rays of divine Manifestation may beMagic, 107:by the ability of the aspirant to bring down "power from on high", and to hold that energy steadyMagic, 107:a reaction of the physical body. The magnetic power of the light in the head, and the radiant forceMagic, 108:the will and the knowledge of certain words of Power he can enter into samadhi and be withdrawnMagic, 110:both head and heart must function with equal power. In time and space, however, and during theMagic, 111:or the mystic path having the stronger drawing power. Polarization, deciding the emotional, mentalMagic, 115:action connected with the human Hierarchy is the power of love to drive onward, - call itMagic, 117:of the personality and in service learns the power of love in its occult significance. He spendsMagic, 119:of that life of love and know it as demonstrated power. Just as the personality deals with theMagic, 119:deals with the active life of love shown in power through the synthesis of the few into the one.Magic, 126:of the magical work. Only the soul has power to work in all three worlds at once, and yet remainMagic, 126:workers in black magic possess not an equal power? I answer, no. They can work in the three worlds,Magic, 127:Rule IV. First, sound, the formula, or word of power which the soul communicates and so starts theMagic, 127:than the set phrase composing the word of power. Herein lies the problem - to sound these two notesMagic, 127:two. This entails the closest attention and the power to perform two activities simultaneously,Magic, 134:The reality of the unseen worlds. The terrific power of thought. The need for scientific knowledgeMagic, 140:does not come to those who strive for place and power nor for those who have their eyes only onMagic, 140:who place the personal self and its position and power before the good of the group. It comesMagic, 142:will it be possible for the Word to make its power felt on the physical plane. Only when the manyMagic, 144:finally makes his thought form live through the power of his own assurance, spiritual understandingMagic, 145:light, both blending to reveal a beauty and a power, an active liberating force, a wisdom and aMagic, 145:that lighted life moved on to a dread point of power, of force creative, concerning which we say:Magic, 159:the form is "driven" from its creator by the power of the expulsive breath. This is a symbolicMagic, 160:plane of mind, for it will lack that motivating power of desire which is necessary to carry itMagic, 162:which are the joy of the soul - wisdom, love and power to serve. Peace, assurance and rightMagic, 168:motive, and is beginning to count and make its power felt, and he is losing sight of his ownMagic, 171:is depending upon them. Ambition, love of power, and the self-sufficiency which characterizes manyMagic, 180:for this development. Later will come the power to materialize thought-forms. People will come intoMagic, 182:by feeding their ambitions by promises of power, but giving them information and leading them toMagic, 194:of them. These are: 1. That of Will, strength or power, through the medium of the head center. ThisMagic, 200:technique of the Will. The development of the power to employ time. The arousing of the KundaliniMagic, 214:analogy to this can be seen in the often noticed power of the human eye as it controls other humanMagic, 215:it. Through the controlling magnetic power of the spiritual eye, the soul [216] rebuilds the astralMagic, 216:of the divine plan which is the motivating power of the occult Hierarchy. [219] Magic, 219:The dual forces on the plane (whereon the vital power must be sought) are seen; the two paths faceMagic, 219:only for those who are beginning to utilize the power of the mind in the magical work of creation.Magic, 220:energies into forms and activities through the power of his mind impulses, and the focusedMagic, 220:of the two paths. The plane whereon the vital power is sought. [221] The plane of the vibratingMagic, 229:quality which is called in this rule "the vital power". Just as the eye is the instrument of choiceMagic, 230:develops its [230] own sign language, so a vital power is felt in the aspirant. This eventuallyMagic, 230:the way a steady progression. We are told that power is grown or developed in silence, and only heMagic, 230:two paths leads to the development of the vital power. This vital power demonstrates its firstMagic, 230:the development of the vital power. This vital power demonstrates its first activity in enablingMagic, 230:here be noted that in the steadily developing power of choice, and the loyally fought battle of theMagic, 232:habits and his karma. He has gained the vital power and stands forth an Elder Brother. Such is theMagic, 235:occupied with group work, is the motivating power back of all magical phenomena. This magical workMagic, 237:own individual life, feel they are losing their power and the battle between the forces of matterMagic, 238:as in the human kingdom. But in the human, its power is increased potently through the powers ofMagic, 238:through anticipation of those we foresee, the power of fear is enormously aggravated by theMagic, 239:and [239] phobias. This thought form grows in power as we pay attention to it, for "energy followsMagic, 239:on the threshold", just as ambition and love of power, backed by frantic desire andMagic, 240:imprisoner of souls, is beginning to lose its power, for the race is on the verge of understandingMagic, 248:man in the spiritual body. From that point of power, outside of form, from the central sphere ofMagic, 252:He gradually coordinates his forces so that power to be these things in external reality begins toMagic, 252:technique he finds a transmuting, transforming power at work upon the energies which constitute hisMagic, 260:this group integrity and to develop the power to recognize all such workers everywhere under anyMagic, 261:with the attention focused in the head: "May the Power of the one Life pour through the group ofMagic, 268:way on to the left hand path and so increase the power of matter and its hold over sentient souls.Magic, 268:added that anything that tends to increase the power of matter and add to the potent energy ofMagic, 289:of energy electric pass upward to the Place of Power. Let the forces of the head and heart and allMagic, 311:is not the planetary Logos, but a being of great power on the involutionary arc, who holds the sameMagic, 312:for instance, of Sodom and Gomorrah. Their power is rapidly declining and it should be rememberedMagic, 313:be remembered that they would have no [313] power at all were there not in humanity itself certainMagic, 314:This means a tide of unifying life of such power that one cannot now vision it, but which - in aMagic, 315:upon their own type of astral body, and its power to attract others who are sufficiently developedMagic, 318:negative impotent man or woman, who has not the power to hurt because possessing so little
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