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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - POWER

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Psychology2, 129:service should be rendered, and into a love of power which hinders true service instead of intoPsychology2, 129:from the grip of the world illusion and from the power of phenomenal existence. [130] We havePsychology2, 133:reorientation which is real and expressive and a power to change conditions (through creativePsychology2, 134:the Hall of Wisdom. The man becomes aware of his power and capacity, and, having pledged himself toPsychology2, 136:server this necessary vision and the sense of power which will enable him to cooperate, it findsPsychology2, 141:new ideas associated with the Plan, and by the power of their attractive love, they gather togetherPsychology2, 142:do the servers on this ray work. Today their power is becoming dominant. Psychology2, 143:in order to find its hidden idea, its motivating power, and to this end they work with ideas,Psychology2, 145:in action. This is the ray that is coming into power. None of these ray participants in thePsychology2, 145:bend every energy. He must speak those Words of Power which are a group word, and embody the groupPsychology2, 145:A striking instance of the use of such a Word of Power being enunciated by a group has lately beenPsychology2, 148:of the true man, and to demonstrate the power of the second [149] aspect, the Christ consciousness,Psychology2, 149:[149] aspect, the Christ consciousness, and the power of divinity. It "rejects the undesirable inPsychology2, 150:only after the third initiation, in which the power of the Spirit is, for the first time,Psychology2, 157:that two things are needed; purification and the power to choose aright, which is rightPsychology2, 161:in the disciple's life, as well as the power to decentralize. These words indicate the urge toPsychology2, 168:the Weaver sits; they grow in volume and in power. A window breaks and, though the Weaver criesPsychology2, 170:he heard a Word. It spoke with clarity and power: 'Look, deep within, around on every hand. ThePsychology2, 171:stood. One room was full of light and life and power, of stillness which was purpose and a beautyPsychology2, 174:ages before a fast closed door. He speaks with power the Word which opens wide the Gate of Life. HePsychology2, 176:mean nothing. Do they signify to us the power of the soul to separate vibrations into differingPsychology2, 180:can be swung into a synthetic recognition of power and of opportunity. It is for this end that thePsychology2, 185:kind or another, according to the nature and power of whatever type of energy may be dominating thePsychology2, 193:group Keep en rapport with the inner sources of power; Never lose sight of the group objective,Psychology2, 193:or manifestation of force, applied under the power of thought by a thinker or group of thinkers.Psychology2, 206:are steadily increasing in number and gaining in power as our educational processes and ourPsychology2, 211:types are, as is well known, those of will or power, of love-wisdom and of active intelligence. ThePsychology2, 211:number, individualized along the line of power or will at that time. There was a very large influxPsychology2, 211:days and they were practically all of the power-will type. It might be stated that 80% of those whoPsychology2, 217:united or at-oned, be the point of most intense power, and which will serve the developed LivesPsychology2, 219:of the nature of divinity. Expansion is a vital power and prerogative of Deity. Therefore let usPsychology2, 221:to work, intensifying it and giving it magnetic power. It is the high result of desire, which isPsychology2, 223:surprise those who suffer from the misuse of the power to discriminate, to analyze and toPsychology2, 234:into higher divine qualities. The attractive power of God's instinctual nature, with its capacityPsychology2, 242:from many sources - such is the wonder of the power behind the present world adjustments! ThisPsychology2, 244:aspirant must, as time elapses, develop the power to see the whole and not only the part, and toPsychology2, 248:hidden world of beauty. The cultivation of this power to enter, hold and transmit is dependent uponPsychology2, 248:willingness to bear the pain of revelation. The power to hold on to the high point of consciousnessPsychology2, 249:and imagination - he will develop in himself the power to respond to this fourth rule of soulPsychology2, 251:discrimination, differentiation, and the power to distinguish are divine attributes. When theyPsychology2, 251:constant use of the faculty to analyze, and the power to discriminate. The fact that in time andPsychology2, 254:have brought us to the sixth law or rule, the power - innate, inherent, and spiritually instinctualPsychology2, 254:kingdoms in varying degree. Whether it is the power of the tiny seed, deeply hidden in the darkPsychology2, 254:to emerge into the light, or whether it is the power of a human being to rise from death in matterPsychology2, 255:of consciousness in nature and the growth of the power to recognize ideas and to push forwardPsychology2, 255:They call Their disciples to be active. The power of ideas is only today beginning to bePsychology2, 260:condition their surroundings by the beauty, the power, or the influence of their lives, and arePsychology2, 261:understanding and by means of their "self-willed power," frequently wrought havoc in variousPsychology2, 263:free, but "determines" through the exercise of power, selfishly applied and utilized forPsychology2, 264:equipment. This is aided by his urge to power and the proper [265] environing conditions. The abovePsychology2, 265:He cannot bring through or radiate out his inner power because he is blocked at every point by hisPsychology2, 265:sense of destiny. Such a man has sufficient will power to subject his lower nature to such aPsychology2, 265:are urged forward to their destiny by a sense of power, by self-love, by exalted ambition, by aPsychology2, 278:coming new religion must be built. Stations of power exist and have been founded through the workPsychology2, 278:of the various World Saviors. These stations of power must be contacted by humanity as timePsychology2, 280:upon earth of a station of light and of power which will make possible the externalizing of thePsychology2, 280:four minor Rays of Attribute which produce the power to make the needed approach. Through thePsychology2, 281:of wisdom and of love, plus that "materializing power" which will enable Him to found a divinePsychology2, 282:Avatar Who will found the station of light and power upon the physical plane is dependent upon thePsychology2, 292:ruler, or a Master in relation to his group. The power to create. In the lower types, this isPsychology2, 292:eventuates in the "marriage in the Heavens." The power to create forms, or the artistic impulse. ItPsychology2, 293:Shakespeare. [293] Ray Five In unevolved Man The power to develop thought. The spirit ofPsychology2, 295:consciousness aspect) - First Ray of Will or Power. The Ray of the Personality (the matter aspect)Psychology2, 305:arousing into activity of the central focus of power at the heart of each of the chakras or ethericPsychology2, 314:focal points of energy, which are of sufficient power to attract and hold coherently together thePsychology2, 325:effectively. [325] An expression of the creative power of the soul which is ready to transmutePsychology2, 326:bringing to every event an intelligent power to extract from the happenings to which they arePsychology2, 337:as a great or intrepid individual, demonstrating power and purpose in a world which he exploits forPsychology2, 338:to bear upon those objectives all the force and power of an integrated functioning person. TherePsychology2, 343:a functioning, active personality; Swept by the power of their own dominant, integrated,Psychology2, 346:the early and unconscious stages as the coherent power of the life principle to hold the formsPsychology2, 346:In the later and conscious stages, it shows its power by applying these methods of control andPsychology2, 347:says, becoming "manifest through the magical power of the soul". [348] Enters into a phase ofPsychology2, 349:man will be conscious of integrated activity and power, because he Has developed and integrated hisPsychology2, 349:to the whole, in order to evoke its integrating power. His motive, however, being purely selfishPsychology2, 351:of the Personality Ray One "The love of power must dominate. There must also be repudiation ofPsychology2, 351:be repudiation of those forms which wield no power. The word goes forth from soul to form; 'StandPsychology2, 352:not, yet still is clearly heard: 'I move to power. I am the One. We are a Unity in power. And allPsychology2, 352:move to power. I am the One. We are a Unity in power. And all is for the power and glory of thePsychology2, 352:One. We are a Unity in power. And all is for the power and glory of the One.' " Such is the patternPsychology2, 353:cannot remain satisfied with the gaining of power in a personality sense and in a material world.Psychology2, 353:in a personality sense and in a material world. Power selfishly used exhausts its user and evokes aPsychology2, 353:used exhausts its user and evokes a display of power antagonistic to him; he is thereby destroyed,Psychology2, 354:shocks." Slowly and laboriously, using every power of his aligned personality and, in his realizedPsychology2, 354:and, in his realized desperation, calling in the power of his soul, he proceeds one-pointedly toPsychology2, 354:man at the center," a focal point of immobile power. He is conscious of his power, gained whilstPsychology2, 354:point of immobile power. He is conscious of his power, gained whilst functioning as a selfishPsychology2, 355:love must dominate, not love of being loved. The power to draw unto oneself must dominate, but intoPsychology2, 355:must dominate, but into the worlds of form that power must some day fail to penetrate. This is thePsychology2, 355:life or activity in form, love and the power of abstraction. It is these last two qualities ofPsychology2, 355:to attract his interest. The pull or attractive power of the One at the center (Who is his truePsychology2, 356:his ray type, and to use them with efficacy and power. His meditation has produced the neededPsychology2, 363:all forms to an ultimate perfection through the power of the indwelling life, with which it becomesPsychology2, 368:a center of inclusiveness. These are Words of Power, when used by a disciple, and must be employedPsychology2, 369:of life, revealing all the radiance of God, His power and magnetism; revealing all there is ofPsychology2, 375:form for God? Where shall I send my thought, my power the word that I can speak? 'I, at the center,Psychology2, 375:some rules, some magical controls, some Words of Power, some forces which I can direct. What shallPsychology2, 375:is not easy of accomplishment, yet I love power. I love to see the forms emerge, created by myPsychology2, 376:that it will mean a tremendous inflow of power, of energy from both the aligned points, from bothPsychology2, 377:the Plan, for this has ever to be the motivating power of the seventh ray disciple. He works on
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