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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - POWER

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Psychology2, 379:demonstrates in a two-fold manner as mental power and personality force. It is found at a certainPsychology2, 382:the disciple who is conscious of personality power, owing to the fact that his mind is beginning toPsychology2, 382:is making its presence felt, and the expressed power of the man (within his environment) is equallyPsychology2, 387:ray disciple through the development of the "power to inspire" adds to his innate qualities certainPsychology2, 388:nature and, as earlier noted, brings in soul power in full tide. In the world of phenomenalPsychology2, 388:forms, and, through the Technique of Fusion, the power to imagine or to use imaginative thoughtPsychology2, 388:power to imagine or to use imaginative thought power (in conjunction with the faculty to visualize,Psychology2, 389:of creation" as an expression of that love. The power which inspires him and which makes himPsychology2, 390:some form or another, and later still into the power to create groups or organizations which willPsychology2, 395:of force and focal points of energy which act as power and light stations within that Whole - allPsychology2, 400:This involves the higher sensitivity, power to respond intuitional, intellectual ability toPsychology2, 402:the fate of humanity in its grasp and it has the power (rightly developed and employed) to save thePsychology2, 408:history of infancy wherein one can see the power to move and respond to the sensory apparatus, andPsychology2, 408:and respond to the sensory apparatus, and the power to express desire, most clearly demonstrated.Psychology2, 409:itself as a high voltage ambition, as a sense of power , as desire for personality influence or asPsychology2, 409:for personality influence or as true spiritual power and force. In every case, [410] however,Psychology2, 412:integration wherein [412] there is the will-to-power, with self-consciousness directed to thePsychology2, 414:become less and less useful as men achieve the power to control and to govern their stars and soPsychology2, 418:There is, therefore, no self-consciousness, no power of centralized control and no capacity toPsychology2, 420:the undesirable side or expression of the same power of abstraction which enables the mystic to seePsychology2, 423:can emerge in recognition and become power in expression. Recognition of individual goals and groupPsychology2, 423:and vocational training. Cultivation of the power to recognize and meet surrounding need, thusPsychology2, 428:when surmounted, overcome and solved. That the power to produce the needed integration and to end aPsychology2, 429:and the concept of the subjective worlds; the power of choice, with its implications of why andPsychology2, 429:balanced and motivated by the recognition of the power of right choice and the significance of thePsychology2, 437:enter into human life, bringing hope and joy and power and freedom. Psychology2, 437:own problems among which are these: A sense of power, which makes the man, temporarily at least,Psychology2, 438:of values will then be adjusted and his sense of power rightly oriented. A tendency toPsychology2, 438:of integration and a sense of well-being or power and capacity) into a fanatic, at any rate for aPsychology2, 441:the subconscious aspect of his nature, as his power to grasp the superconscious grows in capacity.Psychology2, 442:Egoic energy - Ray 1. The energy of will or power. Personality energy - Ray 4. The energy ofPsychology2, 443:Physical energy - Ray 1. The energy of will or power. Here we have a fivefold field of energy inPsychology2, 444:will, therefore, have a man who is ambitious for power, but with right motive, because he is trulyPsychology2, 450:of discontent, and of the centralization of power in wrong and selfish hands. They are anxious forPsychology2, 453:stimulation is based upon the reaction (or the power to receive and register) of the lower naturePsychology2, 455:through the right use of the creative power of thought. As a reflector of the higher worlds ofPsychology2, 457:to assume control of the personality. A sense of power supervenes. Success feeds the stimulationPsychology2, 460:arise in the mental nature of man and from his power to create in mental substance. There is onePsychology2, 461:They are obsessed with their own wisdom, their power and their creative capacity. They pass rapidlyPsychology2, 464:men are interested only academically in the power of thought, or whether, through a touch ofPsychology2, 498:in the life through the dynamic expulsive power of new and paramount, engrossing interests. I wouldPsychology2, 498:in Their work, is to bring in consciously the power of the soul. This power then pours through thePsychology2, 498:bring in consciously the power of the soul. This power then pours through the personality life,Psychology2, 503:his control of the imagination, and his power of verbal expression. [504] Where advanced aspirantsPsychology2, 512:etheric body at the general etheric center of power. This can be seen happening in its initialPsychology2, 513:of the New Group of World Servers. The healing power of such realizations is immense. CertainPsychology2, 516:a group in any land, which can evidence enough power to engross the mass attention. This can alsoPsychology2, 521:to the rays. This is as follows: Ray one - Power or Will - Head center. Ray two - Love-Wisdom -Psychology2, 541:trouble to which so many people of influence and power so frequently succumb. The heart becomesPsychology2, 546:astral plane Reacting to the magnetic attractive power of the higher centers, the interior life ofPsychology2, 553:up the spine and is the seat of personality power. According to the use made of that power andPsychology2, 553:power. According to the use made of that power and according to the direction of the force sentPsychology2, 554:to the heart center. The heart center has a power all its own to produce what is called "occultPsychology2, 554:of brain trouble and nervous disorders, its power is mostly seen in its [555] pronouncedPsychology2, 555:vision and the revelation of the light and of power. This center controls the pineal gland andPsychology2, 557:your attention is that the human being has the power to be inclusive in many directions, just as aPsychology2, 558:He is intelligently aware of his power and of a few of his powers; he is a functioning personalityPsychology2, 563:of the intellect and a change in the motivating power. The same idea can be traced in connectionPsychology2, 565:animal propensities and capacities as their power to become inclusive goes forward; they begin toPsychology2, 565:impinges upon the solar plexus center. This power of impression is Not controlled; there is noPsychology2, 567:The difference [567] between this usage of the power of clairvoyant and clairaudient demonstrationPsychology2, 567:money for the demonstration of psychometrical power. We then call this the science of psychometry.Psychology2, 567:the science of psychometry. Yet it is the same power, turned towards the lower kingdoms as isPsychology2, 568:This wish life takes form in proportion to the power of the unexpressed wish or the mental abilityPsychology2, 570:and some quite substantial according to the power of thought) which concern the wish life of thePsychology2, 575:stage of Mysticism. The revelation of light and power. This is the stage of Occultism. All thesePsychology2, 576:must be done in order to enhance the magnetic power of the love aspect of the hierarchical effortPsychology2, 576:as that would mean increased - because proven - power. As you know, on the astral and mental planesPsychology2, 577:the world and the kingdom of the Christ, of the power of Antichrist and the power of Christ. ThisPsychology2, 577:the Christ, of the power of Antichrist and the power of Christ. This produced a great climax inPsychology2, 587:first, he does not truly desire the loss of the power which the use of the powers confers, andPsychology2, 588:and his due responsibilities with every power he has, permitting himself no backward thought. LetPsychology2, 593:and congestion is permitted and no lack of power - physical, psychic, mental and spiritual - is toPsychology2, 596:in himself the "sense of contact" and the power of intuitive perception. A few persons, here andPsychology2, 596:of the energies ever higher in the body by the power of the directed will. Many of the difficultiesPsychology2, 597:driven out of the physical body by the directing power of the mystic's thought. Christ, for him, isPsychology2, 601:in astral matter, its development through the power of emotion (masquerading as devotion) and thePsychology2, 604:of the Plan of God. He will know that the power to personalize aspiration must be transformed intoPsychology2, 604:aspiration must be transformed into the power to depersonalize oneself, prior to world service andPsychology2, 606:of Disciples and Mystics Revelation of Light and Power and Attendant Difficulties The problems withPsychology2, 607:of the mind and a definite influx of power. These difficulties only come to the man in whom thePsychology2, 607:beginning to be active and awake. The problem of power, sensed by the aspirant and seekingPsychology2, 607:life, falls into two categories: The sense of power which comes through the effort to do definitePsychology2, 607:difficulty with the thyroid gland. The sense of power which takes the form of ambition, and of anPsychology2, 608:forms. This is physiological and not a psychic power and is quite different to clairvoyance. TherePsychology2, 608:just as the registering of the energy of power (coming from the mind in its will aspect or from thePsychology2, 610:ray people will register the inflow of force and power with facility and will discover that theirPsychology2, 610:light that is in them remains undirected and the power that is flowing through them remains unusedPsychology2, 611:directions. This whole subject of light and power is of so vast a nature and is relatively soPsychology2, 613:make them wise directors of the light and the power which is pouring into and through them all thePsychology2, 613:will be apparent to you that the revelation of power is obviously part of the expression of thePsychology2, 614:mystical vision and the revelation of light and power - have a relation to and a connection withPsychology2, 614:sensitivity, mystical duality, and dominating power - these are the three major problems of thePsychology2, 614:duality to the ajna center and the problem of power to the highest head center. In the aspirant orPsychology2, 621:difficulty as the groups grow in strength and power. Just in so far as they are objective and notPsychology2, 622:out of the sixth ray energy and the growing power and activity of the seventh ray. The energy whichPsychology2, 624:his to live. One of the reasons guaranteeing the power of the Hierarchy and its freedom from anyPsychology2, 632:because they see their chance to arrive at power and prominence, and sometimes because life,Psychology2, 636:as a musician plays upon his instrument, and the power of the press, of the radio, and of thePsychology2, 642:for world betterment, and constitutes an unused power which has never yet been organized into a
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