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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - POWER

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Rays, 624:Their leaders have permitted the ideal of power (which is a great spiritual responsibility) to leadRays, 627:will largely be the result of the increasing power of women in the land and their increasingRays, 627:is governed by the energy or Ray of Will or Power, whilst the soul of the country is conditioned byRays, 629:development, with a consequent assumption of power, a growing incentive to love and a shoulderingRays, 630:- 1, 3, 5, 7 - which are governed by Will or Power. The American civilization, with all its clamorRays, 631:ray of Great Britain, the first Ray of Will or Power; the will aspect of divinity works out on theRays, 632:men have passed away or been forced out of power by an awakening people. In these three greatRays, 632:Great Britain - right human government - Will or Power In the USA. - right human relations -Rays, 634:great wealth and their being in positions of power. They are claiming a land to which they have noRays, 636:original admittance of Russia - a totalitarian power, as was Germany - to their councils. Now theyRays, 641:both along the line of the first Ray of Will or Power, plus two other rays, the sixth Ray ofRays, 642:We are dealing, therefore, with Ray I. - Will or Power, active in connection with the 5thRays, 643:- Ray I The Energy of the Will-to-Good. Power. This initiation has always been called in theRays, 643:the Initiation of Revelation; this signifies the power to wield light as [644] the carrier of lifeRays, 644:shines forth and with the force of its revealing power, new loyalties arise, new goals are seen,Rays, 644:by the Master's response to the first Ray of Power or of the Will-to-Good, experienced in itsRays, 645:factually demonstrated. The first Ray of Will or Power is distinguished by the highest known divineRays, 646:is along the line of the first Ray of Will or Power, and that is a ray which is as yet a long wayRays, 646:possible by the pouring-in of the energy and power of the third aspect of the first Ray of Power orRays, 646:power of the third aspect of the first Ray of Power or Will. This is the lowest aspect, andRays, 647:of the second aspect of the first Ray of Will or Power, and it is for this that the Hierarchy isRays, 651:man to reach the height of financial gain or power. Having achieved that goal, it frequentlyRays, 654:the first great divine aspect, that of Will or Power, into expression throughout the solar system.Rays, 655:has culminated in that tremendous expression of power - the atomic bomb. Now, the potency of thatRays, 675:of ascent out of water in response to a Word of Power from on high. The Aryan approach to this sameRays, 679:in the street") begin definitely to think, the power of the demagogic approach will haveRays, 680:but is based on personal ambitions, love of power and on interpretations of the writings of LeninRays, 681:Palestine, as well as the demonstration of the power of money to purchase governments. TheseRays, 681:divided into people of evil intention and great power and their victims, plus the negativeRays, 688:Initiation V. The first Ray of Will or Power. At this initiation the disciple appreciates for theRays, 714:aspect, that of the Will and the right use of Power. This first aspect of divinity is necessarilyRays, 714:closely associated with the first Ray of Power or Will. I shall, however, only consider the rayRays, 716:a problem to the Hierarchy, but if this power - impersonal and potent - should fall into the handsRays, 717:this "divine intention." It is this reservoir of power which embodies some of the Purpose andRays, 738:for many years to come. May light and love and power shine upon your ways, and may you in due timeRays, 742:place," because the plan of love and light and power still lacks positive and worldwideRays, 746:and enlightened public opinion will bring it to power; towards that spiritual event, mankind isRays, 753:will) to withdraw some measure of its protecting power (though not all of it, fortunately forRays, 758:evil dwells," and the working out through the Power of God, let loose on earth through theRays, 759:up in the clarion words: "Let light and love and power restore the Plan on Earth." Always theRays, 759:by its Members with constancy, exactitude and power. It will serve to integrate the two greatRays, 762:Upon the road of weary man he becomes a Lord of Power - power gained through work accomplished,Rays, 762:road of weary man he becomes a Lord of Power - power gained through work accomplished, powerRays, 762:Power - power gained through work accomplished, power reached through conscious will. Through theReappearance, 6:destiny) to transmit energy or divine power. This is necessarily a deep mystery and wasReappearance, 13:the valley of the shadow by the One of awful power Who stands upon the mountain top, breathing outReappearance, 29:all things possible. It was also to the magnetic power of the will that Christ referred when HeReappearance, 31:door where evil dwells. Let Light and Love and Power restore the Plan on Earth. Its extraordinaryReappearance, 34:that, behind all outer seeming, the motivating power of the universe is love; the truth that aReappearance, 40:full manifestation, motivated by divine will or power). Then the Buddha and the Christ willReappearance, 50:Nations has emerged into factual and actual power, the welfare of the world will then be assured.Reappearance, 65:embodying divine love and wielding divine power, directing His Church and establishing the KingdomReappearance, 71:will of God. That will is often regarded as a power by means of which things are done, situationsReappearance, 71:is overcome and desire dies, then the attractive power of the soul becomes dominant, and theReappearance, 72:form and group purpose. Then the attractive power of the Hierarchy and of the Masters groups ofReappearance, 73:use it. The right to use certain great Words of Power or "Stanzas of Direction" is never lightlyReappearance, 73:of tension is, symbolically, a storehouse of power. Today the energies which will be uniquelyReappearance, 81:each year carries us closer to the center of power, the major effect of which will be to induceReappearance, 82:into the hearts of men... Let Light and Love and Power restore the Plan on Earth." In those threeReappearance, 82:Earth." In those three words - light, love and power - the energies of His three Associates (theReappearance, 82:(the great Triangle of Force which stands in power behind Him) are described: the energy of theReappearance, 82:the energy of the Avatar of Synthesis: Power, implementing both light and love. At the center ofReappearance, 83:over-shadowing. Over the masses, light, love and power are being poured forth and the growth of theReappearance, 85:This life can be known as light, love and power within and above the head of the disciple of theReappearance, 89:proceeds, and individual men and women achieve power and expression, their use of energy isReappearance, 95:implementing; the workers are there and the power to work is adequate to the need. Above all else,Reappearance, 112:the appropriateness of the true definition. The power of the hierarchical spiritual impact, focusedReappearance, 120:our activities by its just and restraining power. The Law of Rebirth embodies the practicalReappearance, 126:Today Aquarius, the fifth age, is coming into power. In Gemini, its symbolical sign of the twoReappearance, 131:by himself directing its energies through the power of the Christ within. He will then find thatReappearance, 134:of "lighted [134] substance" to "the attractive power of love." I have here given a clue to theReappearance, 134:and of illumination, then the attractive power of the soul, whose nature is love and understanding,Reappearance, 146:thinking people. No one of any true reasoning power or with any true belief in a God of loveReappearance, 151:the midst of disaster; it is addressed to that power outside themselves which they feel can andReappearance, 152:other two groups, giving it right direction and power. All these three groups are, consciously orReappearance, 154:lying behind all invocation is based upon the power of thought, particularly in its telepathicReappearance, 157:Humanity will, therefore, invoke the spiritual power of the Kingdom of God, the Hierarchy; theReappearance, 161:man may be to the source of spiritual light and power, the more difficult is his problem, for humanReappearance, 163:- and, by His coming, demonstrate His divine power, prove convincingly the authority and theReappearance, 163:of the Christ will not be to demonstrate power but to make public the already existent Kingdom ofReappearance, 175:angling [175] of the nations for position and power, and for the possession of the naturalReappearance, 177:exist in sufficient numbers to make their power felt - if they will. There are millions ofReappearance, 186:a channel through which the light, love and power of the Kingdom of God can reach the more exotericReappearance, 188:women, the cry goes up, "Let light and love and power and death fulfil the purpose of the ComingSoul, 24:it acts. On the one hand we have an informing power or spirit using the structure of the physicalSoul, 27:the Lord, the Highest Self. "Illuminated by the power that dwells in all the senses, yet free fromSoul, 28:of the soul and of a motivating intelligent power. For it, man is but dust of the ground and intoSoul, 34:of telegraph lines of our nerves to the central power house of our brain, and are then transformedSoul, 46:differentiation of tissues, and has anti-toxic power, preventing poisoning and increasingSoul, 62:incorporeal substance having the marvelous power of cohering and dissipating matter, of combiningSoul, 67:etc. [67] "The ether is endowed with creative power in space and on earth... The ether of space,Soul, 68:In the heart of matter, giving it form and power, is something not material, possessed of its ownSoul, 77:as its vehicle. In matter resides the vital power; in the vital dwells sensitive power, and to theSoul, 77:the vital power; in the vital dwells sensitive power, and to the sensitive power is united theSoul, 77:dwells sensitive power, and to the sensitive power is united the rational. The sensitive soul isSoul, 81:the materialistic theory demands a formative 'power,' which forms the body and with it the soul.Soul, 82:= Atman This is to say - the Brahman, the power which presents itself to us materialized in allSoul, 82:again all worlds, this eternal infinite divine power is identical with the atman, with that which,Soul, 84:force which lies at the root of macrocosmic power of the manifestations of soul, mind, and theSoul, 89:that "both sensation and movement have their power in the medulla of the brain. This therefore is
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